System Requirements for Hot Lava to Play on PC

You can easily play with a 4gb ram pentium computer, whose system requirements for hot lava are not very high. Don’t touch the place.

Hot Lava System Requirements to Play on PC
Hot Lava System Requirements to Play on PC

System Requirements for Hot Lava to Play on PC

Hot Lava recommended system requirements

  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Operating System: Windows 7
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 10 GB available space

Hot Lava maximum system requirements

  • Requires 64-bit processor and operating system
  • Operating System: Windows 10
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 11
  • Storage: 15 GB available space


  • Together: Explore challenging worlds in multiplayer mode, with up to eight players where everyone can enter and exit whenever they want.
  • Move: Run, jump, climb, shake, help and slide on first-person camera in lava-filled worlds. It takes determination and skill to master.
  • Explore: Detailed circles filled with childhood nostalgia.
  • Race: Use the shortcuts and skills to find the fastest way and beat your friends in personal leaderboards.
  • Avoid: Hazardous obstacles such as lava, toxic waste, bottomless pits and crushers. There is danger in every corner.
  • Build: It comes with a Level Building Kit for Unity. Share your works on Steam Workshop.

You need the Core i5-750S 2.4GHz or Phenom II X4 965 processor combined with the recommended GeForce GT 740 v2 EVGA FTW 2GB Edition to Hot Lava system requirements. With this hardware, you will get an image around 60FPS on 1080p screen in high graphic settings.

RAM requirements are at least 8 GB of memory. The system memory for Min is 4 GB. Another thing to consider is the DirectX capability of your GPU. Hot Lava needs a GPU capable of running DirectX 11.

How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends

Savage in Mobile Legends: How come it’s analog? Surely this sentence is very often heard by Mobile Legends game players. Unlike playing on a PC that has to sit in a ‘ gaming ‘ chair and prepare supporting gear, Mobile Legends can be played anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has developed into the most popular mobile game at the moment in Indonesia. This is a MOBA ( multiplayer online battle arena ) a mobile device that was developed and published by Moonton.

How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends
How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends

How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends

This game that can be played on the Android and iOS platforms has successfully captured the attention since 2016. This game can be played by 10 people who are divided into 2 teams, and the length of the game ranges from 15-20 minutes.

That’s why we often hear the term mabar (playing together) when a group wants to make an agreement to play together. The main objective is to destroy the opponent’s base. If the main base of one team is destroyed then the team that destroys it will be the winner.

Mobile Legends Hero Characters

Each player can choose the hero they champion in each round of the game, the hero can be purchased with a diamond top up or by using battle points and tickets. From the characteristics of the hero is divided into several types, namely:

Marksman: This type of hero has a strong attack power so it has a role as the main attacker in the game.

Tank: has a large HP and Armor base so it can take large damage from opponents to protect the team, especially the marksman.

Mage: has a skill with damage that is so large that it can do quick kill to the enemy hero.

Support: have skills that are useful for protecting the team and helping the team when fighting.

Assassins: generally have skills that can kill and lock against opponents, usually the target of assassin heroes are marksman and mage because the blood possessed by marksman and mage is very minimal and limited.

Tips on Getting Savage

Well, that’s a glimpse of the basic things that you will encounter in the Mobile Legends game. This time we will discuss tips on how to get savage. What is that? Savage is a title given to a player if he can kill consecutive enemies 5 times in a battle.

Savage can be obtained in every game mode in Mobile Legends. To get the Savage title, of course you must be good at using the hero that is used. Let’s just go to the tips!

Choose heroes with big damage like Karina, Irithel, Fanny and other heroes compact with a teammate, this includes important tips for getting savage because we won’t get savage without the help of our friend for example when you have killed 4 enemies and left 1 enemy then your friend can’t be invited to work together, you could be trashed by a friend you and you don’t get savage.

Speed ​​up the level, because your level in battle is very influential in damage, if your level is higher and the gear is finished and your enemy is still below your level, then you will be easier to kill him.

Keep in mind that in savage you must be able to survive as long as possible in team battles (5 vs 5). You must also be able to kill five enemy heroes by waiting for the enemy blood to die or in any way.

But the safest way to get savage is to wait until the enemy issues his ultimate skill. After that, then you enter into a team battle to kill one by one enemy with the skills we have.

3 Ways to Download PPSSPP Game Files

Download PPSSPP Game: PPSSPP is a portable Playstation emulator or commonly referred to as PSP. PPSSPP can run almost all games specifically made for Sony’s console. In PPSSPP, it is divided into 2 types, namely ordinary PPSSPP and PPSSPP Gold.

Both types of PPSSPP are already available in the Playstore application but for PPSSPP the gold type is paid. But if you want to enjoy it for free, you can search for it on the Internet.

3 Ways to Download PPSSPP Game Files
3 Ways to Download PPSSPP Game Files

Well, this article will provide several ways to download PPSSPP games for free in 3 ways. The methods below will be very easy, because you don’t need to do complicated things. You only need a browser and internet quota to download the game.

3 Ways to Download PPSSPP Game Files

Although to download PPSSPP game files now is very easy and only requires a browser and internet network, but you also need to pay attention to these requirements. One condition that must be met is that our computer must have at least 2 GB of RAM.

Games that can be played in PPSSPP are games that have CSO or ISO extensions. The two things are actually the same, and the difference is that CSO is a compressed version of ISO.

On the internet there are many links that can download PPSSPP games that are lightweight or high compressed. However, if we play, our computer screen will be black. That way we won’t be able to play the game smoothly.

Therefore, we should download the PPSSPP game which has an ISO format and avoid game files with CSO format. That way the size also won’t need to be compressed again. And here is how to download PPSSPP game files.

1. How to Download PPSSPP Game Files via RomesMode

Following are the steps to download PPSSPP game files using Romesmode:

1. Type in the google search engine with the link Then press Enter. Then you will see the main page of the Romesmode website.

2. Scroll down a little until you find the PSP icon, and click the PSP icon.

3. Then various games will be available in the PPSSPP. And click on one of the games that you want to download. In this example, I will download the Naruto Shippuden game.

4. Next, we can download the game file. The trick is to click the More Options button. And later will appear several options for downloading. Then click Download Now.

2. How to Download PPSSPP Game Files via CoolROM

Below are some steps to download PPSSPP games using CoolROM:

1. To use the CoolROM website, you must first enter the following link

2. On the first page of the website, look at the right side of the page. Click the button that says PPSSPP.

3. Then click the Alternative download link button.

4. You will be redirected to the new Google Chrome window and click the Download Your File button.

3. How to Download PPSSPP Game Files via Rom Hustler

The steps to download the PPSSPP game file through Rom Hustler are as follows:

1. First, you must go to the rom hustler website first by using this link

2. Look for PSP on the game console list. Click the PSP button if you have found it.

3. Then various PSP games will appear that you can download. Here I download the GTA game.

4. Next is the download stage. Click the button Click here to download this rom.

Thus the article that explains how to download PPSSPP games on a PC that you must know. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you.

Tips on Using Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends remains in the hearts of its fans. One important character in Mobile Legends is Hero Fanny. He is the most agile assassin hero. With his Steel Cable, Hero Fanny can enter and exit the team fight easily and finish off dying enemies.

Tips on Using Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends
Tips on Using Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends

Tips on Using Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends

Not only that, Hero Fanny can also kill enemies who will escape quickly using Steel Cable and then use Tornado Strike or Cut Throat with extreme damage.

Play Hero Fanny

Many players who want to learn how to play Fanny but instead often become a feeder because they do not know how to master this one hero. My advice, do not immediately use this hero in classic mode let alone ranked. Start in custom mode or at least versus AI.

I just regretted that I immediately played Fanny in a match up (ranked) until finally I became a feeder many times until being insulted throughout the game. Especially if one throws the rope into the turret, he often dies like a fool and makes up this make hero again.

1. H current memorized the position of the wall

To move quickly, Fanny relies heavily on the walls and turrets that exist throughout the map. Study the map structure wherever it is and try to remember its position so you can easily land a Steel Cable without having to move the camera first.

And try if you want to remove the cable must fit into the wall so that the cable miss and if your cable does not hit the wall, then your energy will be the victim.

2. Must often farm

This is very important for this hero assassin, because fanny really needs the name buff, because the buff itself will affect your energy when you want to use cable. Farming itself can be interpreted by killing monsters in the forest.

3. Master the Skill of Steel Cable Well

Fanny’s main strength lies in his Steel Cable skill. With that skill, Fanny can use it either to attack opponents or move quickly.

To attack an opponent, you can use a combination of skills 2-3-1-2. First use skill 2 to attack, then use ultimate skill, then skill 1, and use skill 2 again to escape.

4. Use the Right Item for Fanny

Just like other heroes, Fanny will also be more leverage if you use the right items.

The following are some items that must be purchased when you use Fanny:

-Tooth of Greed

-Blade of Despair

-Wind Chaser

-Blade Armor

-Bloodthirsty King

Athens Shield

Thus you can play Hero Fanny on Mobile Legends. If you feel any issue, comment us in the comment box.

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

Play Chess Rush: In this article, we want to give you some tips and tricks on playing Chess Rush. Now for those of you who are actively playing this game, see the reviews until they run out.

Chess Rush is one game with Auto-Battler mode released by Tencent. Chess Rush is not much different from some other games that carry a similar mode. Because in this game you will still be required to make special strategies to defeat each of your opponents.

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush
Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

In order to win this game easily, We have some interesting tips and tricks you know. Want to know what are the tips and tricks that you can use in the game Chess Rush? Let’s go deeper, guys!

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

1. Placement of Formations

The first thing you need to consider is the placement of positions or formations. You need to realize that the placement of positions or formations is very important, as people say that position will determine achievement.

Therefore try to make a formation that you think is good and can be relied upon to help you achieve victory after victory.

2. Discard Any Unneeded Heroes

Next is selling a hero that you no longer need. If you no longer need a hero (usually the initial hero), then it’s better to sell it and get back which Crystal you spent.

Selling a hero that you no longer need, will certainly help you to level up or buy a new hero that is better for the next wave (long rally).

3. Maximize The Number of Heroes

Try to maximize the number of heroes you can use because that way you will get a little advantage over your opponents (opponents who have fewer heroes).

Keep in mind that for each level you will need a lot of XP, and make sure you keep Crystal Mana. Because 5 Crystal Mana can add 5 XP.

4. Create a Hero Synergy

By synergizing multiple heroes of course you will get an advantage in the form of additional stats. This will later be displayed on the left side of the screen while in battle mode.

Make sure you have some synergy heroes from various races or classes so that you will have more strength to resist when receiving an opponent’s attack or finish off your opponent when attacking.

5. How To Get Extra Crystal And Mana Bonus

Last is how to get which mana Crystal and which extra Crystal bonus.

There are several easy ways to get Crystal where, such as completing stages, selling heroes that are no longer needed, and winning stages. These three methods are the ones you can use to get mana crystals.

Then how do you get the Crystal bonus? The method is quite easy, you only need to save the Crystal where each stage. For example, if you have 1 – 10 crystals, you will get 1 extra mana. But if you have 11-20 mana crystals, of course, you will get 2 mana crystals. And this will also apply multiples of up to 4 Crystal mana.

The Final Words

Now those are some tips and tricks to play Chess Rush that can be good at sharing with you. If you have other tips about the Chess Rush game, please share in the comments column, guys!

The Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4

PlayStation 4 has become the platform with the highest number of video game releases in recent years, given its undeniable commercial success. In addition to the well-known triple-A versions, including the independent ones, one aspect that has been very successful in recent years is that of free to play, that is, those games that do not require a payment just download and get started.

The Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4
The Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4

They are free titles belonging to all genres, such as shooters, action adventures, MOBA, MMO and even sports titles, which include purchases within the game but whose entrance door is free for all console users.

The large catalog of video games that we can find for PS4 is thanks to the interest of video game developers for the Sony platform since millions of units are sold every day all over the world.

Within the  PlayStation Store website we can find many PS4 games, many of which are paid and others in Free2Play mode, or we can get them for free.

Below, we show a complete list of free PS4 games of different genres such as action, adventure, shooter, role-playing games, strategy, sports, etc.

Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4

With a fairly large list, only a few of them deserve to be in the following list of the best free games. Battle Royale, MOBA, strategy or combat are just some of the genres that players can choose to spend their free time without spending money if they wish. Here is a list of the best free PS4 video games.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Battle Royale has established itself as one of the revolutions of the current generation and the most recent, Apex Legends, has been a huge success since its release. Developed by the well-known Respawn Ent study.

A series of legendary characters with powerful abilities come together to achieve fame and fortune within the borders of the Frontier. The cast of legends continually expands as players unite tactically to discover great innovations in the Battle Royale genre.

Despite being a completely online game, Apex Legends does not require a subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is usually required to play online. Currently, PS Plus owners can download a free game package that adds a number of items that allow you to customize specific weapons and legends with PlayStation-inspired equipment.

Play Apex Legends



Fortnite is arguably the most popular game in the past year. A video game belonging to the Battle Royale genre, which was developed by Epic Games and is one of the free PS4 games or titles that we can get from the PlayStation Store.

Fortnite has up to 100 players and we can try to win individually, in pairs or by forming a team of maximum 4 players.

In all cases, the goal is to become the last survivor and finish the rest of the players. During the battle, players must search for weapons to gain an advantage over their opponents, although it also includes the fortress element.

Goal to destroy to get resources and be able to use them to build and improve your strength based on your strategy. You can download Fortnite for free for PS4 from the same link on the PlayStation Store.

Play Fortnite

Destiny 2

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

The creators of the legendary Halo saga decided a few years ago to create an ambitious multiplayer shooter with role-playing elements that had difficulty convincing players, but which over the years has perfected its formula to offer an action game very complete and with exquisite gameplay, which also offers a free version for everyone to check their excellent proposal.

Play Destiny2



Known by many players as an alternative to Overwatch, Paladins is a free-to-play shooter game that takes place in a vibrant fantasy world with a varied cast of champions, such as humans, goblins driving mechs, mystical elves or dragons with their backpack self-propelled. Each type of champion has its own combination of skills on the battlefield.

Play Paladins

World of Tanks

World of Tanks
World of Tanks

World of Tanks is another of the free PS4 games that couldn’t be missing from this list. This is a gaming experience with epic multiplayer battles, 15v15, with tanks from different eras. It has different game modes, over 450 vehicles from 8 nations designed in HD, over 80 maps, tanks and exclusive maps for consoles.

A title in which you will have to make the most of your strategy and your steady hand to fight against all your enemies surrounded by incredible scenarios.

World of Tank or also known as WoT is a game developed by Wargaming and is the first company game to be released with the Free2Play model.

Play World of Tanks



A third-person shooter video game based on cooperation and support with other players that takes place in a futuristic world in search of certain answers about our past. Allows you to play in multiplayer mode with up to four players.

With over 30 types of wireframes with unique abilities, players must explore and fight fearlessly in this winning proposition on PS4.

Warframe has earned the reputation of one of the most complete free-to-play games that can be found without spending money, offering a fun and exciting proposal of third-person action in which we not only use firearms, but also all the types of swords in a game now huge, and with a lot to discover.

Play Warframe



Neverwinter is one of the best MMOs you can enjoy on consoles, in this case, for PlayStation 4. Set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, in Neverwinter we will immerse ourselves in a huge online role-playing game full of content.

One of the great advantages of Neverwinter compared to other competitors of the genre is that its constant content updates, expansions, are free. Although it has micropayments, these will not be necessary to enjoy huge hours of fun in the world of dice and paper from start to finish.

Play Neverwinter

DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online
DC Universe Online

Not everything is medieval fantasy universes in the MMO genre, and there are also proposals like DC Universe Online, a role-playing game based on the universe of superheroes and criminals of DC Comics.

Create your characters with a great variety of superpowers and fight side by side or against great characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman or Joker, in all types of adventures set in the emblematic places of comics, such as Gotham, Metropolis or Atlantis.

Play DC Universe Online

This is the list of Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4. If you know more games, tell us in the comment box.

Call of Duty | Warzone: How to Find and Open Bunkers

In this guide, we will explain how to find and open the mysterious hidden bunkers throughout the Call of Duty: Warzone map.  Since very little Infinity Ward has released a new patch 1.21 Call of Duty: Warzone and with her many innovations have come.

Call of Duty | Warzone: How to Find and Open Bunkers
Call of Duty | Warzone: How to Find and Open Bunkers

Call of Duty | Warzone: How to Find and Open Bunkers

Most of the new content has been carefully documented in the patch notes, but apparently some little secrets have also been added.  With the new patch it is finally possible to open the mysterious bunkers that you can find throughout the Warzone map and in this guide we will explain how to do it.

The cave of wonders

Finding ways to open a bunker in the midst of a ruthless Battle Royale like Warzone might sound strange, but we guarantee it is worth it. Inside these vaults you will find a lot of supply boxes and many of them will even be legendary.

With all this loot you will have enough weapons to best equip a team of four players, not to mention the money you will accumulate.

With all that extra money you can safely buy any item sold by the buying stations and still continue to own a nice sum. Also, if you’re really lucky, you may even find the key to another bunker inside the crates.

Finding the key – Call of Duty: Warzone, how to find and open bunkers

Before trying to open a bunker, you will need to find one of the rare hidden red access keys for the Warzone map. These keys are extremely rare and can only be found inside legendary equipment cases.

For the uninitiated, these speakers are characterized by bright orange color and inside they contain the most useful loot of the game.

These chests do not have a fixed position and can spawn in place of any normal equipment chest. To maximize your chances of finding one, we recommend that you go to places where there are normally many objects, such as prison, and hope for the best.

We remind you that, even if you find a legendary chest, the percentage of obtaining the access card is very low and consequently it is not said that during a game you are lucky enough to get one.

In search of riches – Call of Duty: Warzone, how to find and open bunkers

After you have managed to find an access key, all you have to do is try to open a bunker and collect the best Warzone loot. These places are well hidden, but they can be distinguished by the presence of a large metal door and a numeric keypad with which you can interact. To open these vaults, simply approach the keypad while holding the access card and interacting with it.

There are 12 bunkers hidden in the Warzone map and it is not easy to find them all. For this reason, we will describe below the place where they are located and then we will also show you their position on the map.

  • 00: This bunker is located on the west side of the coast south of Verdansk and to find it you will have to go down the hill towards the sea as if it were trying to go off the map.
  • 01: To find this bunker you will have to go north of the kart track and check the left side of the main road.
  • 02: If you continue to go north from the kart track for too long, you can reach the hidden bunker near the landfill.
  • 03: This bunker is located next to the number 02, but to reach it you will have to find a trap door and drop into it.
  • 04: The number 04 is located southeast of the dam, above the billboard written in Russian.
  • 05: This bunker is located on the east side of Crash Site
  • 06: Bunker 06 is hidden on the northeastern border of the map, roughly between Quarry and Lumber.
  • 07: Northeast of the stadium you will find a hidden trap door that will take you to this bunker.
  • 08: Going down the stairs on the opposite side to bunker 07 you can find the number 08.
  • 09: Northeast of the prison, on the right side of the bridge hill, you will find access to one of the game’s most visible bunkers.
  • 10: This bunker is located south of Tavorsk Park.
  • 11: Finally the last bunker is located in the upper northwest of the military base.

On the hunt for treasures

Thanks to our guide, you now know how to find and open the mysterious hidden bunkers throughout the Warzone map. Now all you have to do is go hunting for treasure in these gold mines. Our article ends here, but if you are a hardened Warzone player looking for some advice.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you are interested in keeping up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more.

Deep Rock Galactic Review: Unmissable Cooperative Shooter

We cover in this review Deep Rock Galactic, the cooperative sci-fi shooter recently released from early access. The cooperative sci-fi Deep Rock Galactic is finally released in its version 1.0, after about 2 years in early access. With this update the boys of Ghost Ship Games have only further refined what was already a small gem very appreciated by the players.

Deep Rock Galactic Review: Unmissable Cooperative Shooter
Deep Rock Galactic Review: Unmissable Cooperative Shooter

Deep Rock Galactic Review: Unmissable Cooperative Shooter

The basic concept of the game is simple, a team of maximum 4 dwarves, obviously miners, who make his way between mines procedurally rich in minerals, and dangerous enemies.

Behind this apparent simplicity, however, there is a very immersive atmosphere, and above all, one of the funniest cooperative titles of recent years. Let’s find out in this review.

Simply dwarfs

The gameplay can be summarized simply by taking all the elements always present in the common imagination about dwarfs and adding some firearms and technological gagdet.

We drink beer (a lot), break rocks with pickaxes, and make rough comments while fighting with the enemies who stand between us and our only goal: profit.

Briefly summarizing the context of the game, our team of dwarves is hired by a company not too interested in the safety of the employees, who will send us on a mission to the galaxy for the sole purpose of recovering precious minerals. After having sent the minerals to the spacecraft, in fact, this will leave after 5 minutes, with or without us.

Our dwarves can be of four different classes: Gunner, Borer, Scout and Engineer. Playing with 3 other dwarfs will no doubt have the best experience, with each class helping the rest of the team in exploration and combat.

There will be those who make their way by lighting the way, who will mine by creating paths, who will cover their backs with others with turrets and defenses, and who will create practical escape routes.

Each dwarf has his trusty pickaxe at his disposal, with which, of course, besides undermining precious stones, he can destroy any element of the procedurally generated maps.

Each class then has a main weapon and a secondary weapon to face the various enemies, and different gadgets with which to simplify the exploration. For example, there are 3 flares, useful for illuminating the cave, and which recharge themselves very quickly.

Resources fill the inventory fairly quickly, and to empty it they leave themselves to a robot, MULE, who will always follow our team of dwarves.

Of course, you can also play alone (in this case we will be accompanied by a sort of drone, Bosco), but you can immediately see that the game was not designed for this. The missions are certainly less fun, and are likely to result in the repetitive soon.

Character progression and personalization – Deep Rock Galactic Review

A space base will act as the central hub of the game, from which we can accept missions, customize the character, and of course, stop for a beer. The missions are all fairly simple in the objective, which is almost always to undermine a certain quantity of minerals. However, some missions are more focused on PvE, asking us to eliminate particularly powerful enemies.

You can choose the difficulty of each mission by adjusting the ” danger level “, which will influence the final gains. From the pause menu you can also access a complete guide for novice players.

Through terminals in the main hub we can really customize our character thoroughly. For each class we have a tree with many skills to unlock, both active and passive. With other terminals we can customize the armor, accessories and face of our nano.

Through other terminals, we can then customize the pickaxe, weapons, and Bosco. All the items needed to customize can be purchased (with game credits, not microtransactions ) from the store always in the hub.

A game for (almost) all PCs – Deep Rock Galactic Review

Not everyone owns a PC dedicated to gaming, and especially when cooperative gaming matters so much, accessibility in terms of hardware requirements can help a lot in the diffusion of the title.

Just in this Deep Rock Galactic succeeds perfectly, which with a very simple graphic style, can easily run even on PC with the fairly modest hardware equipment.

Apart from some sporadic scenarios, the graphic style of the game is still appreciable, even if it lacks a bit of identity. The absence of natural light, and the dim lighting of our front torch, however, help to create a truly suggestive atmosphere in the caves.

To accompany it all we have a soundtrack Synth again not too characterized, but that does its duty anyway. Despite the simplicity of the graphics, we often find ourselves really admiring the beauty of the maps, which we remember being procedurally generated.

To increase even more the chances of being able to play easily in cooperative with friends there is also the cross-platform with the Xbox One version, which however requires a little clarification. On PC, the title is available both on Steam and on the Microsoft Store, in the Xbox Play Anywhere version.

This means that it will be enough to buy the title from the Microsoft Store to be able to play it both on our Xbox and on PC, also keeping all the progress.

Crossplay with the Xbox is only available with the Microsoft Store version, and not with the Steam version. In addition, Steam players will not even be able to play alongside PC players who own the Microsoft Store version.

It is certainly a shame for those who prefer to always buy on Steam, which in addition to offering more advantageous prices, is undoubtedly a platform of much higher quality than the still immature one of the Microsoft store. For this time, however, it might be better to make an exception.

A cooperative game not to be missed

Concluding this review, Deep Rock Galactic was really a positive surprise, which highlights that as it should happen for every title in early access, the developers of Ghost Ship Games have actually given a lot of listening to the community.

The game is appreciable alone, but it really shines in a cooperative, imposing itself as one of the best co-op games released in recent years, which will be able to give countless hours of fun.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

A Device that carries the heavy burden of improving one of the gaming mice most loved by PC gamers. Not a simple deal but, as you will discover in the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review, this time too the mission is accomplished for the Californian company.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse
Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Dark Core RGB PROCorsair’s gaming mouse designed primarily for FPS players, while maintaining all the advantages of the previous model is further improved with greater lighting areas, improved connections and lowered latencies.

In a nutshell, we are facing a series of upgrades that give us hope. If you want to know how this historic Corsair mouse has behaved, you just have to read the Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review.

As mentioned, some changes have been made to the previous model. The mouse in question is in the medium-high market segment. Obviously it is not a mouse for everyone and is designed for gaming. It gives its best in FPS titles, but can also be used for other titles. But let’s see some technical details of this gaming mouse.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO: the technical specifications

  • PPE: 18,000
  • Sensor: PAW3392
  • Sensor type: optical
  • Mouse backlighting: 9 RGB zones
  • Storable profiles: 3
  • Button type: Omron
  • Programmable keys: 8
  • Connectivity: Cable, Wireless and Bluetooth
  • Key durability: 50 million clicks
  • Grip: Palm
  • Weight: 128 grams
  • Cable: 1.8 meters in braided fiber
  • Report Rate: 1000Hz / 2000Hz
  • Battery Type: Lithium-Polymer

New sensor and other news Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

In this gaming mouse we find the PAW3392 sensor model slightly improved compared to the predecessor.

Thanks to this sensor, we could customize our choice of PPE, with a 1a1 selection up to 18,000 PPE. Maximum sensor speed that we have tested for scruple but which obviously makes it impossible to play, at least at the screen resolutions available today.

Any movement at this speed would cause the view, or the pointer, to pop up at a speed that probably Flash would not be able to follow. However this great achievement in terms of “speed” is an indication of the excellent sensitivity and precision of the new sensor.

Obviously, to set the PPE with the precision of one unit at a time, you need to rely on the excellent software provided by CorsairIn reality iCUE is necessary for 90% of mouse customizations and once you have learned to use it, you can hardly do without it.

It is also true, however, that in this version of Dar Core even more it is mandatory to use such software, as the default presets fail to meet the needs of the player whether he is a casual gamer or a purist.

The software will also be needed to switch from the polling frequency of 1000Hz to that of 2,000Hz, to obtain an input lag less than an additional millisecond.

Another key part controlled by iCUE is the lighting of the mouse, the Corsair software allows to assign a different color to all 9 of the new RGB zones.

There are also 9 programmable keys and among the novelties we find the use of the new Omron mechanical and minimum latency switches, which Corsair guarantees for 50 million pressures.

Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse
Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO Review: Gaming Mouse

Design and materials Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

The design of this new product fully reflects that of the previous version. The big news is in the cable connector, which finally meets USB Type-C technology. In the package we find the charging cable, in braided fiber, 1.8 meters long and a second option for the right side handle.

The handles like the back are covered with a rubberized and textured fabric. The non-slip rubber material that we also find in the scroll wheel.

In the remaining parts we find a series of more or less shiny plastics that give greater authority to the whole. In terms of size, we find ourselves in front of a mouse of rather generous dimensions and with a rather important weight.

Here is the probable reason why interchangeable weights have not been implemented. Even if the most demanding players could miss the latter.

As mentioned, we have two possibilities of grip. The first makes the part of the right mouse more ergonomic and classic, the second instead gives the possibility of having a support on the little finger exactly as it happens for the thumb.

Obviously you will decide which position is most convenient for you, but the possibility of choice is very appreciable.

To “switch” from one spoiler to another, just run the chosen fin along with the mouse sled which, thanks to the magnets mounted inside it, will be easily and quickly housed.

The mouse offers an excellent palm grip strictly for right-handed use. The rubber wheel does not give rise to possible slips.

The top of Dark Core RGB PRO has two buttons right above the left click button which can be programmed within iCUE to execute various commands, but control DPI by default.

The central button under the wheel instead controls the switch between the various profiles, whether they are preset or not. Too bad for the lack of a “sniper” button, a fast profile with low DPI.

As far as battery life is concerned, much will depend on the chosen use. Obviously if you leave the LEDs on ( 16 hours of autonomy LEDs on or 36 hours on LEDs off ) the duration will be shorter.

Software | Corsair Dark Core RGB PRO review

Dark Core RGB PRO could work even without software but, clearly speaking, you would exploit less than half of its possibilities. The personalization settings are truly infinite, in fact you can program your profiles in multiple ways.

Thanks to iCUE you can set the polling frequency to 2,000 MHz, assign colors to the various zones, control the target speed 1 DPI at a time on all the X and Y axes even in different ways.

In addition, you can use the various presets available which are also preset for competitive, or less famous, video games.

As you can see from the image just above, you can choose a series of actions that can fully customize your trusted playmate. A very important action to perform is that of “Surface Calibration”. By starting this test, the optical sensor will adapt to your mat. Action not to be underestimated as by default the Dark Core RGB PRO is set to work on some Corsair mats.

The firmware can be updated when needed and it is also possible to clear the built-in memory from the device. Memory capable of storing up to three profiles even without the obligation to use iCUE in the future.

Who should buy this gaming mouse?

Dark Core RGB PRO is a mouse as beautiful as it is complex to manage. If you are looking for a gaming mouse that once connected is ready for use, you have done something wrong.

This mouse offers an immense series of customizations that will make more precise players happy, but without a good dose of knowledge of the management software, you will have a “castrated” product.

The tracking on Dark Core RGB PRO is excellent and the Pixart PAW3392 sensor has been implemented correctly. The new generation Dark Core is comfortable to use also via cable but perhaps it gives the best of itself free from any constraints.

The improvements of this product are not very many compared to the previous version but are still important and welcome. We also remember that the mouse can be purchased at a price almost equal to the previous model.

In a nutshell, if you have to buy a new mouse with the features listed in this review of Dark Core RGB PRO it is the purchase for you … but if you are in possession of the previous version, net of little wear of the same, do not I would opt for this new version immediately!

To conclude, we can say that Dark Core RGB PRO is an excellent gaming mouse that offers vast customization and the ability to play wirelessly just like wired. Before buying it, however, take into account that the use of the management software is not an accessory but a fundamental one.

How to Play with the Xbox One Controller on iPad and iPhone

Xbox One Controller on iPad and iPhone: A few days ago I was talking about how to connect a PS4 controller to an iOS device and use it to play compatible titles. Today it’s time to talk about a similar topic, although this time with the command of another popular console. Along the following lines, I will explain how to connect an Xbox One controller to an iPad or iPhone.

How to Play with the Xbox One Controller on iPad and iPhone
How to Play with the Xbox One Controller on iPad and iPhone

How to Play with the Xbox One Controller on iPad and iPhone

Actually the process is not very different from the other controller. The main difference is how the controller is put into pairing mode, although it is also important to consider which Xbox One controller you have since there are two versions: one compatible and the other not.

Is my Xbox One controller compatible with iOS?

Microsoft released two different Xbox, One controller models, to the market. One of them has Bluetooth connectivity and the other uses another wireless system that is not compatible with iOS devices.

Checking if your controller is the Bluetooth version is very easy. Basically you should look at the controller, more specifically notice how the Xbox button is placed on the front of the controller.

In case it is surrounded by the same plastic as the rest of the buttons on the front, it will be compatible with iOS. On the other hand, if the button is surrounded by the same plastic as the upper triggers, it will not be compatible.

How to connect the controller to the iOS device

If your controller has Bluetooth connectivity, you can now continue with the process of connecting to the iOS device. To do this you must do the following:

  1. Open Settings on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch and tap on Bluetooth.
  2. Activate the Bluetooth option switch in case it was not.
  3. Turn on the console controller by pressing the Xbox button until you see the white light.
  4. Press and hold the pairing button on the controller (the one at the top, next to the triggers). Release it when the white light blinks very fast.
  5. As soon as it enters pairing mode, the iOS device should locate and display it in the Other devices section of the Bluetooth settings.
  6. Tap on it (it will appear as Xbox Wireless Controller) to complete the connection.

Once these steps have been taken, the pairing will be finished and both the controller and the iOS device will be ready to “understand each other”.

From this moment on, you can play any game that is compatible with the console controls with the Xbox controller. Currently, the list of titles is not very big, but as the launch of iOS 13, iPadOS and, above all, Apple Arcade (the Netflix-style game subscription service) approaches, we are sure to see a flood of games update to be compatible.