How To Use Internet When You’re On Vacation

With advancements in technology, an internet connection has grown to become a basic need for most people. If you own a smart device, you cannot do without an internet connection. One of the most commonly offered free services in hotels and restaurants in open Wi-Fi services when on holiday.

How To Use Internet When You’re On Vacation

Because data roaming can be expensive, most people are forced to use these Wi-Fi services to stay in touch with their friends and loved ones back home.

How To Use Internet When You’re On Vacation

To be able to post photos of your vacation on social media in real-time, it is important to learn how to use open free Wi-Fi services safely.

Data loss and identity theft are some of the most common issues faced by people who fail to secure their networks on an open Wi-Fi connection. Using your phone to transact on open Wi-Fi networks can put your info at the risk of being intercepted by hackers.

To ensure this does not happen, it is important to take the necessary steps to protect yourself when using open networks. According to Reddit, you should be using a VPN whenever you are using an open network. Here is everything you need to know about using the internet while on vacation.

How to know if you are using a secure network

The primary purpose of a Wi-Fi connection is to enable you to connect to the internet. Before you start browsing a site, always ensure you check the address bar for the HTTPS sign.

The letter ‘S’ shows that the page is secured with data encryption. Without this letter S, hackers can easily intercept the website access paths and steal your information or redirect you to a phishing site.

When using a Wi-Fi network, you may find a number of other similar networks. Never log into a network that is not password protected, unless you have a VPN service in your device. Most hackers create duplicate networks to lure unsuspecting users from which they steal their private information.

Always book your trips from secure websites

Whenever you are booking any travel services while on vacation, ensure you only do so from the service provider’s official site. Before transacting on any site, ensure that it has the ‘https’ on its URL address or a padlock icon at the beginning of the web address. This shows that the site is legitimate and uses encryption to safeguard your data from hackers.

Use Wi-Fi services protected by passwords

This is one of the most important tips to remember when on vacation. Before connecting to a public network, ensure that the Wi-Fi is password enabled. This is your safest bet to ensure all your transactions are protected and encrypted.

When using public computers for internet services and accessing your email, ensure you log out after you are done to prevent personal information access.

Turn off automatic Bluetooth connection

Bluetooth is a useful tool at home or when driving. However, it can give hackers access to your device if you connect to public networks without switching it off. Anyone near your device can easily pick up a signal and gain access to your phone.

Use passwords and passcode in your devices

Enabling the security features in your phone creates an extra layer of protection from possible hacking. Ensure all your devices are password or passcode enables when on vacation. While experienced hackers can still access your device, having a password makes it more tasking, which most hackers avoid.

Using a VPN service

When using Wi-Fi hotspots in hotels and public places, it is advisable to double down on your security by using a VPN service. A VPN, or virtual private network, creates a security layer by encrypting your internet activity, even when using an unsecured public network. With a VPN, cybercriminals cannot intercept your data since they cannot trace your connection. If you plan to use your financial information, passwords, and private data while on vacation, always ensure you invest in a VPN.

Check your accounts regularly

Before leaving the hotel for your day’s excursion, always ensure you check sensitive accounts and do it after returning. This will ensure you spot any unfamiliar activity and report it before it becomes a problem.

Ensure you log off any devices you are not taking with you, especially your laptop. Also, place your devices in the hotel safe to prevent the likelihood of having the stolen.

Whenever you are on vacation, it is essential to practice safe use of the internet. With these tips, you will be able to ensure you avoid the prying eyes of internet hackers and keep your data safe throughout your holiday.

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