How to Fix Lower Ping?

Fix Lower Ping: If your game is idling for each online game, then maybe you should check your ping. If you experience slowness when playing online, then your ping may be too high.

The ping (Packet Internet Groper) measures the speed of your internet connection as well as the response time between a computer and an internet network.

How to Fix Lower Ping?
How to Fix Lower Ping?

How to Fix Lower Ping?

In this tutorial, we explain how to measure the ping and lower it to improve the fluidity of gameplays.

What is ping?

Many people think that a fast and responsive Internet connection relies only on good upload and download speed, but it’s not just that.

Indeed, it is also necessary to take into account the ping, which is the response time between a PC and a server, it is expressed in milliseconds.

Many online games tell you your ping as well as that of other players or servers. If yours is around 150 ms (or more), then you are almost certainly having trouble playing online. Obviously, you want as short a delay as possible.

Measure the pingYou can test the speed of your Internet connection thanks to the very popular free program . Any ping less than 20 ms is considered optimal and if it exceeds 150 ms then it causes a significant response time.

It does not matter that your gaming PC is fast since a high ping will still slow down the execution of commands, which is a real disadvantage for online games.

Lower the ping

Be aware that there are several techniques to lower and improve your ping. The first and easiest is to close all running programs and windows on your computer. Also make sure there are no active downloads in the background, these could affect ping.

Also, it may be that another person in your house is running, at the same time, a bandwidth-intensive program (streaming Netflix in 4K …). Indeed, the more there are connected devices that actively use the bandwidth, the higher your ping will be.

If the ping still does not decrease, then try placing your notebook closer to your router, or better yet, connect it directly to your router (via Ethernet cable) or a plug CPL . This will allow you to enjoy better internet speed.

If the previous techniques do not improve your ping, then we suggest you buy a new router.

Otherwise, get in touch with your Internet service provider, they will be able to detect and resolve any problem related to your ping and your connection speed.

APN PosteMobile: Configuration for 4G Smartphones, Tablets and Routers

PosteMobile is the operator of Poste Italiane. It often offers affordable offers and that is why many rely on their rates. These are often rates that also include internet data and that is why we created this page for the configuration of the APN.

APN PosteMobile: Configuration for 4G Smartphones, Tablets and Routers
APN PosteMobile: Configuration for 4G Smartphones, Tablets and Routers

APN PosteMobile: Configuration for 4G Smartphones, Tablets and Routers

It is in fact essential to correctly configure the APN in order to surf the internet with smartphones and tablets. We therefore leave you with all the information necessary to configure the APN for PosteMobile.

Automatic configuration

Every time you insert a PosteMobile SIM into a new smartphone (or tablet) it should automatically configure itself to work properly and then surf the internet. If not, it is still possible to manually configure the PosteMobile APN.

Before going to change the APN, however, always check that there are no other reasons why you are unable to connect, perhaps even by testing the SIM in another smartphone.

Android manual configuration

Another way to configure the PosteMobile APN  on an Android smartphone or tablet is to do it manually. On Android the menus are different from model to model but we will try to give you a general smattering. Go to Settings> Network and Internet> Mobile Network> Access Point Names.

Alternatively you can search in the settings (if there is a search lens) for the term APN or Access point names.

Once in this menu you can create a new APN by pressing the + or the three dots at the top right. Here are the items to use:

  • Name: PosteMobile (or whatever you want)
  • APN:
  • APN type: default

For MMS create a new APN with these entries:

  • Name: PosteMobile (or whatever you want)
  • APN:
  • Homepage:
  • Proxy:
  • Door: 80
  • APN type: mms

The SIM will connect to the internet as soon as you save this item and select it in the relative menu. To save the APN you usually have to press on the three dots and then press Save, but it can change from smartphone to smartphone.

Manual iPhone / iPad configuration

The steps on iOS, i.e. on iPhone or iPad are absolutely similar. You can go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options> Cellular Data Network and add a new APN using the following items:

  • Cellular data / APN : Kena Mobile (or whatever you want)
  • MMS / APN :

Manual 4G router configuration

In this case the only item that really interests you is that of the APN which in the case of PosteMobile is , all tiny.

How to Block an Application from Accessing the Android Internet?

Block an Application from Accessing the Android Internet: On an Android smartphone, each application running in the background always uses Internet data without your permission.

If you use an unlimited data plan, no problem arises because you have no data restrictions, but if your data usage plan is limited, your data will be wasted due to data usage back -plan. Therefore, blocking an application from accessing the Internet will be a good idea.

How to Block an Application from Accessing the Android Internet?

I have already described the Internet deactivation process for all applications on Android 4.3, 4.4 and 5.1 and for specific applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, etc. But this method only works with the previous version of Android OS.

If you are using the latest Android version such as Android Nougat 7.0 or Android Oreo 8.1 and Android Pie 9.0+, you will not get the exact settings as they were available in the previous version.

Block Internet on Android Pie 9.0, Oreo 8.1 and Nougat

In previous versions of Android, we had the “Restrict background data” settings. But after the Android Marshmallow update, the functionality was removed and replaced with the “Background Data” option, and the location of the option was changed again in Android Nougat.

So, for Android, Nougat users can also try the following methods, as it works for them as well. You can block Internet access on Android Oreo 8.1 or Android Pie 9.0 in two ways:

  • Block the Internet for a specific application.
  • Block the Internet from all applications.

Block the Internet to a specific application:

If you want to turn off the Internet for just one application, this trick will work. First of all, you need to go to “Settings” of the Android phone, and click on the Settings option to select the “Network and Internet” option. Once you have accessed the network and the Internet, press the “Data usage” option.

Now tap on the Mobile Data Usage option, and you will see a list of all installed apps. Scroll down the page and tap the app you want to block to access the Internet. Now that you are in the “Use of application data” option , tap on the “Background data” toggle button.

This will prevent the application from using Internet data until it is run as a background service. But when you use the app, it can access the Internet.

Block an application from accessing the Internet Android Nougat, Oreo and Pie.

The above method works for a specific application. This means that if you want to limit the Internet to all applications, you must turn off the background data for each application, one at a time.

The above method will therefore take longer and longer to activate and deactivate Internet data. Here is another simple process that allows you to block the Internet from all applications in one step.

If you need to block internet data for all running background services. Go to (1) Settings >> (2) Network and Internet >> (3) Data usage . In the data usage settings , press the ” Data screen ” option , then press the Data screen toggle button to deactivate Internet data in all applications.

After deactivating the Internet for all applications, when you have to reactivate the data, follow the same steps and press the activation button on the data saver to activate the unlocking. All applications in the background begin to access the Internet without any restrictions.

Disable Internet access to all Android applications: Old Android phone

I recharged a 1 GB 3g data plan on my prepaid cell phone idea no. And we only use this data to browse the Internet with UC Browser and all my 3G data used within 10 days. I don’t know where my data went.

After a few days, I noticed that when I open mobile data on my Android smartphone, many applications display the notifications that appear in the notification bar.

I checked and found that many unwanted apps were running in the background. So these applications use data in the background. This is a big problem with the Android smartphone, because when we open mobile data, the applications (software update, Google Play Store, Google Play services, Whatsapp, Antivirus, Google+, Hike, Facebook and others) use the content in the background every time. update itself without your knowledge. you can’t control it,

If you are using an Android phone with an older Android operating system, such as Jellybean 4.3, Kitkat 4.4, Lollipop 5.1, then the Android Oreo or Android Pie steps will not help you due to many interface changes graph and settings. When you have an Android Lollipop 5.1 or earlier smartphone, you can try the following method to restrict background data without root:

Restrict background data

  • First, go to Smartphone settings and tap on the Data usage option.
  • Press the menu option key on your smartphone or press at the top of the right 3-dot menu button. A menu opens. Check the Restrict background data box.
  • Press OK to verify. Now you can check that the background data restriction notification appears in the notification bar. You can re-enable background data by opening the notification bar and tapping on restricted background data.

Block a single application on an old Android phone without root

Follow the step below to block Internet access to an Android app without registering your Android phone:

  • Open the smartphone settings and in the settings find the data usage option and open it.
  • In Data usage, select a Sim by pressing the SIM Name tab. Select here the only SIM card on which the mobile data is running.
  • Now scroll through the list and tap to open any application. For example, if you want to stop INTERNET access to WhatsApp, choose WhatsApp from the list.
  • Now, under “Show application settings”, check the box “Limit background data”.

You have now been successfully disabled and blocked Internet access to the application of your choice. The app will not be able to access your 2G, 3G & 4G LTE Internet SIM data until you open the app yourself.

Note: This tip only blocks the Internet for the application when it is running in the background and until you open it yourself. And when you open the application, only then He will use the Internet. You can also re-enable background data usage by following the same process to enable Internet access.

It’s very useful for me because I want to use this data only for surfing. All applications running in the background cannot use this data without my permission.

It is useful for WhatsApp or Hike users because they are running WhatsApp or Hike in the background if they do not want to display their last displayed status. When you open WhatsApp or Hike after, all messages start to arrive.

Here Are 7 Ways to Get Income from the Internet

Income from the Internet: One of the advantages of the rapid internet world is that it is easy for people to get money from the internet. There is already plenty of evidence that people who were just ordinary can get extraordinary income from the internet. Of course you also want it right?

Here Are 7 Ways to Get Income from the Internet
Here Are 7 Ways to Get Income from the Internet

7 Ways to Get Income from the Internet

If you are someone who also wants to get money from the internet, don’t worry because Caris Signal will explain various ways to get income from the internet. How to? Listen directly to the following explanation.

1. Buy and Sell Online

The first way to earn income from the internet is by selling online. This method is the easiest way that anyone can do. You can sell certain items online, both on social media and in online stores.

If you don’t have items to sell, you can sell other people’s things. It can be done by dropship, reseller, or you resell items that you have already purchased. For example, you want to sell children’s clothes.

You do not produce children’s clothes. You can search for children’s clothing distributors or search for children’s clothing manufacturers and then sell them on the internet.

Not a few people are successful because of selling on the internet. Even those who didn’t understand the internet world.

2. Credit and Money Grantor Applications

If the first method is not suitable, you can get income from the internet using the second method. What method is that? Namely playing with the application of pulses and money.

Not a few applications and services on the internet that offer users a rewards, in the form of credit or cash. Usually, to get this free credit or money, you have to complete certain tasks.

For example, you are told to watch certain videos, try various free applications, fill out surveys, share certain links , and others.

This method is more practical, easy, and can be done by anyone. Capital to do it is also relatively not difficult. You only need a smartphone and an internet connection. Then you install certain applications that can provide credit or money.

The thing to remember, you have to be careful of fake applications that offer lure of money or toll free. Not a bit of a problem because the application that fanfare offers prizes but the fact is not paid.

You can read the list of free credit-generating applications and money from Cryptoharian to choose the application that truly gives you a gift.

3. Blogging

One other way to get income from the internet is by creating a blog. You can start a blog with a theme that you like but the theme is sought after by many people. What purpose? So that the blog has many visitors.

Blogs with lots of visitors allow you to advertise. These advertisements can be anything. Can advertise other people’s products or advertise their own products. Or if you can open a service, you can also open a service on the blog.

In addition, you can also register your blog with a Google Adsense partnership. Not a few people who are successful from the Google Adsense partnership program by relying on blogs only.

4. Youtube

An easy way to get income from the internet is playing on Youtube. The current term is to become a YouTuber or content creator.

Just like blogs, Youtube can be a place to make money on the internet. The difference is that blogs are more concerned with text while Youtube focuses on audio and visual content.

Just like a blog too, you can get income from Youtube by registering yourself with the Google Adsense partnership program. It’s just to meet these requirements, you must have a YouTube channel with certain conditions, such as videos with a lot of views (at least 4000 hours of watch time) and 1,000 subscribers.

You can also use Youtube as a promotional media. For example if you have a service company, for example home cleaning services, you can create a Youtube channel that focuses on home cleaning. You can share tips on cleaning the house while promoting your services.

Not a few people are successful with Youtube. In fact, famous celebrities who often appear on the screen play play Youtube. Not a few anyway, people from successful areas of Youtube.

5. Become an Influencer

Another way to get income from the internet is by becoming an influencer or celebrity. It’s just to do this, you need to build your own branding on social media. You can use Instagram as your branding then build your audience . Your alias must have many followers.

In addition to influencers, there is also a so-called buzzer . Its function is the same as Influencers, it’s just that the buzzer is a buzzer alias artisan enliven an issue or a campaign. Being a buzzer is easier. Usually buzzers don’t need as many followers as Influencers.

6. Affiliation

Another way to get money from the internet is by joining affiliate programs from certain companies. This program usually offers you to share affiliate links.

If an affiliate link is shared and there are people who take action from that link, you will get a commission. Actions in this case for example shop online from your link.

7. Selling Services

Another way to get money from the internet is by selling certain services related to the internet world. For example, if you are an expert in design, you can offer design services. If you are good at writing, you can offer article writing services.

If you are a web developer, of course you can offer website creation services or applications.
Well, those are some ways you can do to get income from the internet. Approximately which method suits you?

How to See WiFi Password Saved in Android Device

This guide explains how to display / view the WiFi password saved in Android. Yes, if you’re looking for a way to display the WiFi password on Android, this article is useful for you. 

How to See WiFi Password Saved in an Android Device
How to See WiFi Password Saved in an Android Device

Sometimes you get Wi-Fi connectivity to your nearest cafe or WiFi network. You might forget the WiFi password and you need to connect your other device. In this case, you need to know the WiFi password.

If you have a WiFi connection connected on your Windows PC, you can easily find the WiFi password. But, with an Android device, this becomes difficult, because Android does not have the option Display password to find the saved WiFi password.

Some methods require root access to view the saved WiFi password. But if you have an unrooted device, don’t panic. I’m going to share how to see the wifi password saved in an Android phone without root.

How to display / view the WiFi password saved in Android without root?

The method to display the registered password for any WiFi is very easy. You will not need any computer or professional knowledge for this purpose. You just need your Android device, that’s it. I explained the steps to see the Wi-Fi password saved in Android without root.

    1. First, you need to download and install the ES File Explorer app on your phone.
    2. Now open the app and swipe from left to right to open the option.
    3. Click on Local then Device in the navigation menu.
    4. After that click on the system from the folders.
    5. Then open the folder etc.
    6. Now open the wifi folder.
    7. Then click on a file named wpa_supplicant.conf.
    8. Now open this file in ES Text Viewer.
    9. That’s all. You will get the details of all WiFi networks connected with SSID and password.

Note – This method does not work with all Android devices. If it doesn’t work with your device, you need to root your phone. There are so many apps available that can help you see the Wi-Fi password saved in Android.

Final words:

So, friends, this was the easiest guide to see / see the WiFi password saved in Android without root. Is this article useful to you?


How To Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

Have you recently encountered the dns probe finished no internet error when browsing and refreshing the page did not resolve the issue? Then you have arrived at the right page, where we will show you the solutions to solve the problem. 

How To Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error
How To Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

How To Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

There can be many reasons for the problem, for example, your Internet connection may be a problem, or perhaps a system problem. No matter what the causes are, we are going to show you some methods that will eventually fix the problem.

So, without further discussion, let’s explain the possible solutions to get out of the situation when the DNS check is complete without the Internet appearing.

1. Solve the problem using the command prompt

  • First, open the search bar and type cmd, then right-click on the command prompt, then click run as administrator. This will open the command prompt.
  • Then try the following command one by one and see which one works best for you.

Ipconfig / Release
Ipconfig / All
Ipconfig / Flushdns
Ipconfig / Renew
Netsh Int Ip Set Dns
Netsh Winsock Reset

  • Now restart your computer and see if the above commands solve the problem or not? If the DNS detection problem has ended, the Internet still does not persist on your screen, go to the next solution, presented below.

2. Updating the driver software to resolve the problem

  1. Press Windows + R keys simultaneously to open the Run dialog box and enter devmgmt.msc . Then click on the “OK” button and the Device Manager will open on your screen.
  2. After that, find the option “ Network Adapters ” and click on it.
  3. Now right-click on the network card running on your computer and select ” Update Driver Software ” from the options.
  4. Click on the “Browse my computer for driver software” option.
  5. Then select the option ” Let me choose the best driver for my computer “.
  6. Simply select the compatible driver software and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process.
  7. Once the process is complete, try to surf the Internet again and your DNS probe problem is over, no Internet access will be resolved.

3. Change your TCP / IP4 proxy to Fix DNS testing no internet solution

    • Right-click on the Windows logo located in the left corner of your screen and select “Network Connections”.
    • On the next tab, you must right-click on the active Internet connection and select the “Properties” option.
    • A dialog box opens and you need to find and press the option “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP / IPv4)”.
    • After that, use the following DNS to alternate the address.Preferred DNS server:
      Alternative DNS server:
    • That’s all! You have successfully resolved the problem. Now enjoy fast navigation without any interruptions.

If you want to complete the images step by step, follow this link.


So these are the best possible solutions that you can use when the dns_probe_finished_no_internet error appears. We hope this article helps you solve the dns probe finished no internet issue.


How to Delete Trend Searches on Google

Nowadays, using a search engine to find answers to your questions is almost a must: these services, in fact, are able to “answer” to almost all the questions asked by users, directing them to relevant websites and full of useful information.

How to Delete Trend Searches on Google
How to Delete Trend Searches on Google

For some time, however, consider the automatic suggestions of search engines a nuisance, or better, a potential risk to your privacy, and therefore you are wondering how to delete a trend search made through the browser, so as not to do it again appear among the search suggestions.

Intent on finding an answer to your question, you have therefore opened Google (just to stay on the subject!) And you’ve come right here, on my website. Things are just this way, am I right? Then know that you are in the right place, at the right time: in fact, in the following, I will show you how to delete the searches made through the browser, disabling, where possible, also the suggestions sent by the search engine.

Getting this result is not difficult at all, I guarantee it. If you give me a few minutes of your time, I will show you that you do not need special skills or technical knowledge, but only a small “smattering” of the right tools to use: I am sure that, at the end of reading this guide, you will be able to reach the goal you set yourself, in four and four. Good reading and good work!

How to delete trend searches on Google

If you are reading this guide to understand how to delete a trend search you have made through the Google search engine, then know that you are in the right section of this tutorial: in fact, below, I will explain how to get the result you want, be it from computer, which from browser for Android and iOS / iPadOS. Trust me, it’s really a lot simpler than you can imagine!


If you are using the computer and wish to delete a trend search made through the Google website , connected to it and click on the text field in the center, in order to view the entire chronology of the searches carried out. To cancel a specific search, click on the Remove entry , placed in its correspondence.

If you think it appropriate, you can cancel the searches made through Google in one go, eliminating the automatic compilation data and the cookies saved in the browser that you usually use: in general, what you need to do is press the key combination Ctrl / cmd + Shift + Delete and, after specifying your intention to delete the form data, press the Delete button to confirm your willingness to proceed.

For more precise information on the subject, I refer you to reading my tutorial on how to delete browsing data from the browser.

Furthermore, on Safari for Mac , you can make the suggestions for trendy searches not appear at all: to be able to do so, start the browser in question, click on the Safari menu > Preferences (top left) and, later, Go to the Search tab . Finally, remove the check mark from the Include search engine suggestions and Include Safari suggestions checkboxes . Happy?

If, on the other hand, you are interested in deleting the searches made through your Google account (and, consequently, from all the devices through which you use it), connected to this website and, after logging in with your Gmail account , if necessary, identify the search of your interest from the proposed list.

When you have found it, click on the button (⋮) corresponding to it and choose the item Delete from the menu displayed on the screen. If you want to completely delete the entire search activity, click instead on the button (⋮) located to the right of the Search bar in your activity , choose the Delete activity option from the proposed menu and, after selecting the time interval for the which to delete the searches ( Last hour , Last day , From the beginning or Custom interval ), click on the button Delete, to confirm the willingness to proceed and no longer display suggestions based on past research.

If you are interested in deleting the search data automatically, at regular intervals of 3 or 18 months , always from the same panel, select the item Set automatic deletion and, having made your choice, click on the Next and OK buttons .


The steps to be taken to delete the trend searches made through Google on Android are not very different from what we saw earlier: after connecting to the home page of the service , you tap on the bar in the center of the page to view the searches carried out recently and, after identifying the one you wish to delete, press on the X placed in its correspondence and confirm the will to proceed, by tapping on the Delete button .

Alternatively, if you are interested in deleting all the searches made through Google Chrome for Android in one shot, you can inhibit the display of the automatic browser suggestions: to be able to do so, tap the button (⋮) located at the top right and touch the Settings item located in the menu that appears.

Now, tap on the items Privacy and Clear browsing data and, after selecting the time interval for which to delete the information, make sure to put the check mark next to the item Cookies and site data and press the Clear data button , to proceed. For more information on the steps just described, you can refer to my guide on how to clear Google Chrome’s history .

If, on the other hand, you think it is advisable to delete all the searches made through your Google account, you can follow the information I gave you in the paragraph dedicated to the computer : the steps to be taken are almost identical.

iOS / iPadOS

If you use an iPhone or an iPad , know that you can easily delete the searches made through Google, also deactivating the suggestions related to the trend ones, in a very simple way.

To delete one or more made on Google via iOS or iPadOS , first start the browser you usually use to surf the Internet (eg Safari) and, after connecting to the Google homepage , tap on the search bar located at center of the page to view the latest research carried out. Once you find the one you want to delete, tap the X in its correspondence and then the Delete button .

To cancel, on the other hand, all the searches carried out on Google made via Safari, went into the settings of the operating system, by pressing the gear- shaped button located on the Home screen, you tap on the Safari and Delete websites and chronology entries and, later , tap the entry Clear data and history , to confirm the will to proceed.

If, instead, you want to prevent Safari from showing tips related to the research trend (and not), always from the panel Settings> Safari , moves to OFF levers corresponding to the entries Tips search and suggestions Safari .

Finally, you can delete your search activity from the entire Google account (and therefore from all devices synchronized with it) also via iOS / iPadOS, following the same steps shown in the computer section .

How to delete trend searches on Android

Most Android terminals , as you certainly know, integrate Google Assistant , the artificial intelligence system developed by “Big G” and designed to perform various types of operations, including searches, using only the voice.

Google Assistant, by default, “stores” information related to searches (and all other operations) made over time, so as to offer the user suggestions about the most recent actions.

However, if you wish, you can make Android “forget” the Assistant activity (including, of course, trend searches) carried out in a given period of time: to do so, start the Google app placed in the drawer of the device, you tap on the item Other (bottom right) and choose the Settings option from the menu that is proposed to you.

Next, you tap on the Google Assistant item , then on the option Your assistant’s data and, later, on the assistant’s Activity button , in order to open the Google Assistant management page within a browser screen of system.

Now, if you are interested in just deleting a specific search (or activity), individualize in the proposed list, tap the corresponding button (⋮) , tap the Delete item in the menu that is proposed to you and, to conclude, tap on the Delete button . To cancel the Assistant activity carried out on a specific day, you must instead touch the icon in the shape of a basket corresponding to the day chosen.

Finally, if you are interested in deleting all the Google Assistant activity (including trend searches and related suggestions), tap the button (⋮) located in the Search in your activity text field (located at the top), select the item Delete activity for from the menu displayed on the screen, choose the time period on which to act (in this case, from the beginning ) and, finally, tap the Delete button , located at the bottom.

If you wish, you can have Google automatically delete Assistant searches and suggestions based on your activities, at regular intervals of 3 months or 18 months : to be able to do so, tap the button (⋮) located in the Search text area again in your activity , select the entry Keep activity for , located in the panel displayed on the screen, then put a check mark next to your choice and press the Next and Confirm buttons , to conclude.

Note : unfortunately, it is not possible to completely disable the display of Assistant suggestions, at least not without losing access to almost all of the voice assistant’s functions. If, nevertheless, you want to disable the display of Google suggestions for all the devices linked to your account, connected to this Web page , move the lever corresponding to the item Web Activities and App to OFF and, to confirm the will to proceed, presses the Suspend button displayed on the next screen.

How to delete trend searches on the iPhone

How do you say? Would you like to make sure that the trend searches you have made through the Siri voice assistant no longer appear among the iPhone suggestions ? All right, all you have to do is ask.

To do this, go to the settings of the “iPhone by”, touching the gear- shaped button located on the home screen of the device, tap on the item Siri and Search and then tap on the History of Siri and Dictation option . Finally, tap the button Delete Siri and Dictation history and confirm the will to proceed by pressing the Delete button .

If you think it appropriate, you can make Siri’s (and trendy search’s) suggestions no longer appear in the Safari search area, in Spotlight or in the lock screen: to do so, always from the Siri section and Search of iOS settings, move the Spotlight , Search, or screen lock levers to OFF .

Finally, to deactivate the specific suggestions of Siri in a specific app, tap on the name of the app you are interested in and move the Siri Show tips lever to OFF . Easy, isn’t it?

IPTV on Samsung Smart TV – Installation and Configuration Guide for 2019

The IPTV is the system that broadcasts digital television programs via the Internet. One of the great advantages of IPTV is that multimedia content will be stored on the server side of the transmission. This allows you to access the media whenever you want.

IPTV on Samsung Smart TV - Installation and Configuration Guide for 2019
IPTV on Samsung Smart TV – Installation and Configuration Guide for 2019

In addition, a single IPTV subscription can be accessed by multiple users, which is possible with traditional cable television. Most IPTV content is compressed using MPEG2 or an MPEG4 codec. IPTV can be accessed on various platforms such as Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, Linux and many others.

In addition, it is also accessible on streaming devices and game consoles such as FireStick, Roku, Xbox and PlayStation. If you have an IPTV subscription and wish to configure IPTV on your Samsung Smart TV, this guide is for you. Read below to learn how to install IPTV on Samsung Smart TV.

How to configure IPTV on Samsung Smart TV?

Since there are many IPTV applications available, installing and configuring IPTV on Smart TV is very simple. Here we used the Smart IPV application for IPTV setup for Samsung Smart TV. You can choose the application of your choice IPTV .

Step 1: First, you will need to make sure your Samsung Smart TV is connected to your wifi or via an Ethernet cable to your router, then make sure you have set up a Samsung account via the TV and you are connected.

Step 2: Once you are ready, you have to press the home button on the remote control to display the small menu bar and the bottom of the screen, then scroll to the left and start the search.

Step 3: Turn on your Samsung Smart TV and connect it to the Internet.

Step 4: Then press the home button on your Samsung Smart TV remote.

Step 5: Go to the search bar and type Smart IPTV.

Step 6: Now you can see the Smart IPTV and its similar applications, select the Smart IPTV app.

Step 7: Click Install to download and install the Smart TV app.

Step 8: Once the application is installed, you need to configure to be able to watch IPTV channels on your Samsung Smart TV. Now launch the IPTV application.

Step 9: Write down the Mac address of your TV displayed on your TV.

Step 10: On your smartphone / PC, visit the URL ‘ ‘.

Step 11: Enter the MAC address of your TV in the appropriate field. Enter the IPTV M3U URL (Intelligent IPTV Playlist URL) in the URL box. Once you’re done, click the Send button

Step 12: Wait a few seconds until you receive a pop-up message added by a URL at the bottom of your screen.

Step 13: Return to the IPTV app on Samsung Smart TV and press the exit button on your Samsung remote to exit the app.

Step 14: Now go to the apps section and launch the Smart IPTV app again.

Step 15: All IPTV channels will be charged, it will take a few minutes to display all the IPTV channels on your screen.

That’s all! You are now ready to listen to your favorite IPTV channel for your Samsung Smart TV.

Final Words

Samsung Smart TV is used by many people around the world. It is therefore great to be able to configure the IPTV on your TV. Many IPTV applications are available, but Smart IPTV is the most popular and reliable application used on many platforms. I hope this guide will help you install and configure. Load the M3U file and enjoy streaming your favorite media.

How to install IPTV on Xbox One and Xbox 360?

IPTV broadcasts live and on-demand TV programs and videos. It delivers the multimedia content to subscribers via Internet Protocol technology via a broadband connection or the Internet.

How to install IPTV on Xbox One and Xbox 360?
How to install IPTV on Xbox One and Xbox 360?

IPTV allows two or more simultaneous access to its content. In addition, the streaming media content will be saved on the transmission side of the server. This allows users to access their favorite media when they need it.

IPTV is available for all major platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and many more. Similarly, you can also access IPTV on Xbox One and Xbox 360 gaming consoles. Accessing media through these high-performance devices will allow you to deliver high-resolution content without any delays.

In this article, we’ll explain how to download and install Popcorn Time for Xbox One and Xbox 360 consoles.

How to install and configure IPTV on Xbox One and Xbox 360?

There are many ways to install IPTV on Xbox 360, among which the most versatile method is to install Kodi Media Player on Xbox. By installing Kodi, you can watch all IPTV channels easily, directly on your Xbox console. Follow the steps below to watch IPTV channels on Xbox One.

Step 1: First connect the Xbox console to your TV.

Step 2: Go to the Xbox Live store and download the Kodi Media Player.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, launch the application and click on the TV menu.

Step 4: A pop-up window appears on the screen. Select OK to continue.

Step 5: Click the Enter browser.

Step 6: Scroll through the list and select the PVR IPTV Simple Client .

Step 7: Then select Install to begin the installation process.

Step 8: In a few minutes, the IPTV client will be installed on your Kodi.

Step 9: When the installation is complete, right-click on the client and go to the Information menu.

Step 10: Then press the Configure option .

Step 11: Select the M3U PlayList URL from the General menu.

Step 12: Now enter the M3U URL that you received from the IPTV provider and press OK .

Step 13: Wait for the “Loaded Channels” notification.

Step 14: That’s all. The process of installing IPTV on Xbox is complete. You can now stream your favorite IPTV channels directly to your Xbox One and Xbox 360 game consoles .

To conclude

Kodi Media Player is the most powerful tool for streaming various content across multiple platforms. It’s also the best way to watch IPTV channels on your Xbox gaming consoles . After you install IPTV on Xbox, you can stream all your favorite movies, live shows, videos, and more on your Xbox-connected devices.

The device can handle high resolution streaming content without any difficulty. This way you can stream high quality IPTV channels with this method.

Thank you for reading this article. For other queries, you can leave a comment in the comment section below.

How to improve your Wifi connection?

improve your Wifi connection: Do you have problems with wireless internet connection? The speed of your connection is unable to reach the numbers you promised your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? We have the solution for you!

How to improve your Wifi connection?
How to improve your Wifi connection?

How to improve your Wifi connection?

In this article, you will discover some tips to optimize your home Wifi network without spending a fortune. Let’s go!

Check the speed of your internet connection

This step is important. To make sure the problem does not come from your devices, test the speed of your connection with a tool like SpeedTest. If you find that the displayed rate is less than what your operator promises, contact the service provider for the reason.

If the problem recurs frequently, it may be better to change your ISP and benefit from a more attractive offer.

Optimize the location of your router

The Wifi of your home can be capricious and gaps of a few centimeters can sometimes make the difference. To capture a good signal, you must put the router in an open and well ventilated space! Place it in the middle of the housing and on a high floor to ensure the best coverage in all rooms.

Reduce obstacles between the computer and the access point

The obstacles blocking or blurring the waves of WiFi networks are numerous. To increase the power of the Wifi, it is necessary to limit the interference on the network:

Metal, armored glass and concrete have a high potential for interference.
Water, brick and marble also reduce signal strength. They have an average interference potential.

Finally, know that wood and synthetic materials (such as plastics) have a potential for interference, albeit small, but existing.

Limit the number of connected devices

The router has a limited bandwidth: if you transfer large files over the internet or if many devices are simultaneously connected to the internet , the quality of Wifi will deteriorate.

To avoid such problems, we recommend that you create an access list with the MAC addresses of the authorized devices. A MAC address is used to positively identify each of the network devices.

Privilege recent devices

If you have an old router, consider changing it to a newer model. You can opt for a model that uses the 802.11ac standard and, if possible, has MU-MIMO technology. This technology allows for optimal bandwidth distribution when many devices are connected to the router.

Secure your connection

Use the WPA key (or WPA2 or WPA-PSK) to improve the quality of your internet connection and prevent malicious people from entering your Wifi network.

By applying these simple and effective solutions, you will certainly gain transfer speed and enjoy a more stable and efficient WIFI connection.