How Video Advertising On Instagram Can Work Wonders & Why It’s So Easy To Do

Video Advertising On Instagram: The use of social media for connecting with your friends is a no-brainer, but what about using it to build a brand connect? Whether it is for a B2B industry or a B2C, social media has slowly grown into an active marketing channel. And with the rising number of users on various platforms, businesses need to leverage each one carefully.

How Video Advertising On Instagram Can Work Wonders

How Video Advertising On Instagram Can Work Wonders

If you are considering which platform you should be on, consider Instagram. Not only is it the fastest growing social media platform, but it also has 400+ million active users, and an estimated 80 million photos are shared each day! While this considerable audience activity is ripe for businesses, getting attention from the audience when it is amassed with content is critical to success.

So instead of just posting pictures on it, why not explore Instagram video advertising, which is one of the hottest trends in the market? According to a report from Brand Networks, video ad impressions have almost doubled, and tend to do a lot better than photo ads.

Here’s a guide to walk you through why you need to be using video advertising on Instagram and how it can work wonders for your business:

Instantly Gets the User Attention

Users usually tend to scroll through their feeds on Instagram, and static images may not get the right amount of attention. Videos, on the other hand, get noticed and compel the users to stop.

So make the most by creating a video ad that instantly gets noticed by the user. Focus on the key aspects that you would like to highlight through your ad and make sure that that’s what the user sees in the first two to three seconds. Once the right amount of interest is generated, users may even stay longer to watch the entire ad.

For videos that are more than a minute, Instagram has also created a platform for long-form mobile-friendly video streaming, called IGTV. IGTV app is available as a standalone or can be used with the Instagram app, and allows users to share stories or video content that can be several minutes long. This allows your short video ad to act as a precursor to the longer video, and get the interested audience to view the more detailed version.

Help the User to Identify With a Problem

Video advertising tends to do better at helping the user to identify with a problem since it provides an avenue for you to share a story. Identifying a particular issue that your potential audience faces and creating a video ad around it will help to create a reliable brand recall. Use the right captions, and the messaging can have an even better effect!

Instagram video ad may be short, but provides a great opportunity to connect with the audience. Leverage this opportunity by getting the user’s focus from the get-go, and watch the conversions happen much faster and easier.

Use Video Ads to Bypass the Ad Blocker

Most smartphones and browsers nowadays have an ad blocker, as users get annoyed with the many pop-ups and ads. However, that doesn’t mean advertising is wholly lost.

Instagram video ads are compelling as they do not look or feel like an ad. Instead, they seem more like a regular post. This results in a more intrusive experience rather than the typical video ad, which makes Instagram’s in-feed video ad much more impactful!

Instagram Video Ads Tend to be Shorter but Have a Huge Impact

The average attention span of the new generation is down significantly. Microsoft’s study showed that the average attention span is not more than 8 seconds, and most video ads that tend to be lengthy lose their user’s interest in the middle of the video. Although there is no pre-requite to how long a video ad should be, the simpler and shorter it is, the better are its chances of performance.

So to get the highest impact, keep your ad immersive and hard-hitting, but short and simple. Focus on the key message, and do not try to dilute it. Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg stated that six-second video ads show a higher brand metric, and it definitely helps to get higher video retention than a regular video ad.

Video Ads Have a Higher Conversion Rate

Instagram is slowly shifting to becoming more video-focused, and this has been met with a great response. Instagram’s video views have risen by 150% in the last six months, and advertisers are taking it a lot more seriously.

So make the most of this engagement by using the right Call-to-action to gain a higher conversion ratio. Make sure you have a goal on what you wish the ad to achieve. This could be compelling your audience to come to your website, a landing page, or fill out a form to send you their information.

Make sure you are using the right approach and call to action to gain the correct value from the higher user interaction.

Summary: It’s excellent, and It’s Simple

Are you ready to create a video ad that can be published on Instagram? You can create fast-loading and immersive videos on Instagram Stories or blend it as an in-feed video ad depending on where you think it will get the maximum attention.

Creating a video for advertising on Instagram is simple if you use the right templates, tools, and know what works. The best way to start advertising on Instagram is by testing different video ad formats and publishing them at different times for a small budget.

Get started on creating a video for your brand, product, or services and start now because advertising on Instagram costs very little. InVideo provides innumerable options to easily create video ads using easy-to-use templates and graphics, which are unique for multiple industries. For example, if you are a law firm, start your video marketing with the easy-to-use law firm marketing ideas toolkit.

So gear up, and add video advertising on Instagram to your marketing strategy to gain results like never before!

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