How to Download Songs with Bot Telegram

Download Songs with Bot Telegram: Music has become a loyal friend for many people in Indonesia. In an all-digital era like this, getting music is not as difficult as it used to be, which for someone who wants to get music must download it via a download link that is complicated and not necessarily downloaded.

How to Download Songs with Bot Telegram
How to Download Songs with Bot Telegram

But now to get the music that we like, we don’t need to bother looking for a music provider website whose contents are all advertisements. We can use messenger applications such as telegram, to download our favorite music.

How to Download Songs with Bot Telegram

Telegram can be said as a chat application that has neat features, which are not possessed by other chat applications. One is the bot telegram, there are lots of bots with a variety of functions that can help our daily lives. For example, game bots on telegram that provide simple games for us, there are also bots for downloading stickers, etc.

This time we will discuss bots that help download songs from YouTube. So the video on YouTube will be taken only audio, and stored in an audio file (light-sized) and can be played on your music player.

Immediately enter into the discussion below.

  1. Open the telegram application on each of your smartphones.
  2. After you are on the telegram homepage, you click the search icon in the upper right corner.
  3. After that you guys type “ytaudiobot” in the search field. If so, a bot option will appear below it. Select @YTaudiobot as I selected.
  4. If so, then the initial display of the channel/bot will be as below. Then you tap “start/restart”.
  5. After that many messages will appear from the bot. This means that the bot is ready to use. But for now, first minimize your telegram application, you need to find a youtube video that you will download as a song.
  6. Open the YouTube application on your smartphone. Search for the song to download. Then you click the “Share” icon, then you press the “copy link” icon to copy the video link.
  7. After that you open your telegram again, then paste (paste) the link that you copied from YouTube. After that, press the airplane icon to send the message containing the link to the telegram bot.
  8. If you have, a song image will appear from the link. And the download button will appear at the bottom. Tap the button “download”.
  9. After you click the download icon, the bot will send the audio file of the song. You just have to tap the existing audio icon, then wait until the download is complete.
  10. If so, to move it to the music device on your cellphone, you click on the “icon of the dot” next to the music file, then select the “Save to music” menu.

You can check by logging into your music application. The song should have appeared in the playlist menu of the music player application on your smartphone. To find music references you can search for it via youtube only. There are tons of high-quality official music videos on YouTube.

For file size, don’t worry about it being too big because M4A format music has the same MB file size as MP3 music files in general. That is all the discussion this time. If there is something you want to add, you can send it in the comments column below. Thanks.

How to Avoid Fraud Mode on WhatsApp

Fraud Mode on WhatsApp: No one wants to stumble over unpleasant experiences. Moreover, being a victim of unsettling online fraud. However, fraud cases that utilize platforms both social media and instant messaging like WhatsApp are life.

The Directorate of Cyber ​​Crime, a work unit under the Indonesian Police Criminal Investigation Agency (Bareskrim Polri), announced that throughout 2019, there were 1,617 reports related to cybercrime. Whether it happens on the marketplace, social media, e-mail, or other online platforms.

How to Avoid Fraud Mode on WhatsApp
How to Avoid Fraud Mode on WhatsApp

How to Avoid Fraud Mode on WhatsApp

Online fraud or scam cases can be messages obtained from third parties such as spam, hoaxes, and phishing. In practice, fraudsters try various modus operandi to encourage victims to take certain actions.

So, how is it best to avoid the various modes of online fraud that occur on WhatsApp? The following basic security tips ( security 101 ) from WhatsApp can prevent cyber criminal cheating. As we continue to be vigilant in the real world, we must also do the same in the digital world.

Recognize Fraud Mode Online

Fraudsters can appear with various faces. They can pretend to be friends or close relatives. Then claimed to really need money by using an unknown number. With the reason being hit by a disaster such as having just been robbed, imprisoned, or even hospitalized, they can fabricate excuses and convince us to send some money.

If you don’t want to be a victim, first, pay attention to the language the imposter tries to imitate. The conversation style used may be different. Like the language chosen, how to explain the situation and other small things that make us doubt.

Don’t forget to ask for additional information from a trusted source. After learning that this is a mode of fraud if it happens on WhatsApp, then simply block by opening chat > click contact or group name > click Report or Block contact.

Have you ever received a message stating that you are lucky to be a prize winner suddenly? If so, there is a possibility you are being targeted for fraud. Usually, fraudsters claim to be the company/brand that ensures that we win a big prize.

Or just offer a job that we never registered before. Their main purpose is to try to obtain our personal information or cheat to ask for money.

If you receive a message and are not sure if it is classified as a fraud mode, stop and review the message carefully. The following are some of the characteristics or contents of messages that should be avoided:

  • Contains spelling or grammatical errors;
  • Ask to tap on the link;
  • Request to share your personal information (such as credit card numbers and bank accounts, date of birth, password);
  • Ask to forward a message;
  • Ask to click the link to “activate” the new feature;
  • Stating that you have to pay to use WhatsApp. Even though WhatsApp won’t ask for rewards because WhatsApp itself can’t access or read messages thanks to the always-on end-to-end encryption)

If you receive a message from an unknown number, delete it immediately and report the message. Do not click on links or provide any personal information even in return for prizes.

An indicator might be displayed when a link contains a combination of characters that are considered unusual. Fraudsters may use this combination of characters to trick you into tapping links that will likely open legitimate websites but will actually lead you to dangerous sites.

When receiving the link, carefully review the message content. If the link is marked as a suspicious link, you can tap on the link and a pop-up message will be displayed – highlighting unusual characters in the link. Then can choose to open the link or return to chat.

Adjust Settings

Still worried about being swindled by con artists? WhatsApp has made some basic controls that can be adjusted to help protect yourself. As follows:

  • Control who can see information by setting the last seen, Profile Photos, and or Status in the privacy settings.
  • Control who can add to groups by opening Settings / Settings in the application. Then tap Account>Privacy> Groups and choose one of the following three options: “My Contacts Except,” “My Contacts,” or “Everyone.”
  • It provides an additional layer of security by turning on Two-Step Verification. How? To activate it, open “Settings” then select “Account” and select “Two-Step Verification“. This is the best way to protect personal data.

As a user, you must always be vigilant when receiving messages from unauthorized parties who are not in contact. Understanding suspicious signs when interacting with unknown numbers is a good place to start cultivating a sense of responsibility as a citizen.

If you have mastered this simple step, you will be more resistant to online fraud or other malicious attacks from cybercriminals.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms from the Instagram App

Facebook Messenger Rooms: Instagram is immediately integrated with the Messenger Rooms feature on Facebook and can accommodate more than 50 participants.

Instagram has now been integrated with video calls on Facebook Messenger Rooms. Announced directly by Instagram, the feature can be directly accessed through the application and accommodates up to 50 participants in one video call.

How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms from the Instagram App
How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms from the Instagram App

How to Use Facebook Messenger Rooms from the Instagram App

“An easy way to video chat with 50 favorite people? Yes, please start today, you can create Messenger Rooms on Instagram and invite anyone to join,” Instagram wrote on its upload on Twitter.

This new feature will support group calls of up to 50 people, far more than WhatsApp. This feature is based on integration with Facebook’s Messenger Rooms themselves. To set up Messenger Rooms on Instagram and invite people to join you, here are the steps you need to take.

1. Open Instagram and open the Direct Message feature in the upper right corner
2. Then open the camera icon in the upper right corner
3. Select the “Create a Room” menu at the top of the screen that has a blue symbol
4. Then, you can send a link to friends on Instagram by marking it with a thick blue symbol next to their name
5. Click Send at the bottom of the screen
6. Then click Join Room and you will be taken out of Instagram to Messenger Rooms.

This method requires you to install the Facebook Messenger application on your mobile. Because, this is not just Instagram video chat, but rather the integration to start Facebook Messenger Room. Meanwhile, Instagram hasn’t confirmed when this feature will be released globally.

How to Add Contacts on WhatsApp using QR code

WhatsApp Beta has gained new features to share or add contacts using QR codes. Here’s how to use it! The QR codes are a practical way to share various information through an image that can be scanned with the camera of a mobile phone.

How to Add Contacts on WhatsApp using QR code
How to Add Contacts on WhatsApp using QR code

And who has now adopted this feature was WhatsApp to facilitate the way that contacts are shared and added to the service.

For now, this new function is only present for those who use the Beta version of the application for Android and iOS (iPhone system). Next, here’s how to share your number or add a contact on WhatsApp using a QR code.

According to information from WABetainfo, a website specializing in news and analyzing WhatsApp features, this new function is still being released gradually to users and may not appear to everyone.

How to share or add someone via QR code on WhatsApp

The process to add or share the contact via QR code is very simple and quick to be performed. First, here’s how to share your number this way:

1. Make sure your WhatsApp Beta is updated to the latest version.

2. Open WhatsApp normally and tap the button represented by “three dots”;

3. Enter “Settings” and tap on the “QR code” icon, which appears next to your name;

4. On the new screen, you can already see your QR code and can share it in other places like your social networks or via other applications.

As for scanning a QR code on WhatsApp, the process is practically the same as seen above, changing only the last steps, since the function used will be “Scan code”. Check step by step:

1. Make sure your WhatsApp Beta is updated to the latest version.

2. Open WhatsApp normally and tap the button represented by “three dots”;

3. Enter “Settings” and tap on the “QR code” icon, which appears next to your name;

4. Now, tap on “Scan code” and “Ok”;

5. Point the camera at the desired code and, after it has been scanned, tap “Add”;

6. Finish the process of adding your contact and you will already be on the conversation screen with him.

In addition to these options demonstrated above, for security reasons, you can also generate a new QR code on WhatsApp at any time by canceling the previous one, something useful if your number is being shared improperly. To do this, just use the option “Reset QR code” as shown in the image below.

Ready! Now, you already know how to use the new WhatsApp function to share your number or add someone using a QR code.

How To Get Free Instagram Subscribers

Free Instagram Subscribers in 2020 may be needed for those who need great attention and fast popularity. When they have few disciples, only a few people will notice them and they cannot be famous.

On the other hand, when they have a lot of followers literally, they will be more confident in thinking that they have already been famous and they will be known and followed by more people.

How To Get Free Instagram Subscribers
How To Get Free Instagram Subscribers

Instagram Subscribers Free

Free Instagram Subscribers No survey verification can be used as a measure of someone’s popularity and celebrity. They are trying to find their best to find ways to get Instagram followers. Some could be free Instagram followers while others could be paid Instagram subscribers.

Use Instagram hashtags

Free Instagram Subscribers can only be obtained by adding hashtags as captions to your photos. You can add some hashtags at the end of your photos but you should keep in mind that you should not make your hashtags for more than 15.

This is because when the hashtags you have are very long, they will be considered as spam and no one will get more followers. These hashtags could be like # Subscribers for Subscribers # Subscribers and many more.

These hashtags are quite influential for beginners on Instagram, as they will win either bot followers or true Instagram followers. You could say that one of the followers of Instagram does not hack any survey without downloading. It is completely safe to use.

Free Instagram Subscribers with Boostgram

How to get 1000 Instagram followers for free no sanding? Yes, you can have more than 1000 additional subscribers by choosing Boostgram. Boostgram is a useful application that will help you advertise your account in order to attract potential followers when you prefer to have subscribers for your business.

The ones that will get the advertising are the ones that don’t really match the requirements of the followers you are looking for, but those who know that you need to get more free Instagram followers. For the corporate account, this free app for hackers 2020 works well for owners.

This is because they will advertise the product to those who have a related interest. So, you will get the Potential Subscribers to buy or engage with your products.

Use Social Rocket for Instagram

Social Rocket for Instagram is another app people can use to get 1,000 free Instagram followers.

This Free Instagram Subscribers 2020 app can make it easier for people to find something to improve their Instagram account traffic. Social Rocket for Instagram will not only give you subscribers but you will also get daily reports on who likes most of your photos, who left comments on most of your photos, and many more.

When you have a lot of followers and want to know who followed you, this app can also work this way. In fact, this app works for a free trial but if you want to subscribe, there would be three different options that you can choose from.

Install Real Followers poor Instagram

As you might think, when you want to get Free Instagram Subscribers, you can try to find Instagram followers quickly using Real Followers for Instagram. When other similar apps claim to be the best app to help you out, this unique app works beyond the norm.

This app works by showing you who to follow and you will also get free Instagram Subscribers while when you have not been followed by people, you will get the report on all the people who did this on your Instagram account.

Sometimes people would be curious to know who are the people you followed and who are the ones who only want you to follow, but they don’t follow you. Everything can be tracked using this app too.

Free Instagram Subscribers No Survey Or Download

Another app to get free Instagram 2020 followers is called Instagram Followers App. It will work similarly with similar apps that will provide you with free subscribers. You will be able to earn more and develop more followers without spending money on it. So you will get that fame you could be looking for in no time.

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How to use Free Instagram Subscriber Generator?

When people want to try using the Instagram Subscriber generator, they may wonder how their system will work. When they think it’s complicated enough, they don’t want to waste their time choosing this online generator. Here their working system could be to exclude the use of hashtags because it is not even an application.

  1. First of all, you need to download one of these apps on your mobile phone and install it immediately.
  2. Second, you need to log in by entering the email address you use for Instagram or by logging in via other social media such as Facebook or Twitter. When you don’t want to save your password, you don’t need to check the password recall button.
  3. You will be asked to watch some online advertisements such as new games, a new movie, or other types of social media to install. When you finish watching these ads, you will get points that you can earn. Sometimes the ads are unlimited, so you can earn a lot of points every day.
  4. You can redeem the points you have earned with followers. Some applications need 5 points to be redeemed with a follower. You can just repeat these 4 steps in order to get more followers every day.

Finally, there are so many ways that people can do to get free Instagram followers. As long as you want to get Instagram Subscribers for Free, you can just use hashtags or try installing one of these apps to get Free Instagram Subscribers 2020.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

WhatsApp Cache: There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the applications we use the most on our mobile phones every day. Through the famous messaging app, we can receive hundreds of text messages and dozens of photos, memes, videos, etc. every day.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors
WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

This can cause us to find the app slower than usual when downloading or receiving photos, or even with problems. or videos. If this happens to you, we’ll show you how to clear the WhatsApp cache and why we should do it.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

An application cache is a space in which applications themselves store or store temporary files that they must create or re-access on many occasions. In this way, its creation or access is faster and, as a result, user comfort is much better and not as much system resources are consumed.

Why we should clear the application cache

Although its function and purpose is to store this type of file for best performance, on certain occasions it may happen that a large accumulation of files in this cache can cause some problems in the operation of the application.

When our mobile phone application is blocked at certain times or starts very slow, the first thing we usually do is check for an update or uninstall and reinstall the application directly. In most cases, however, we were able to resolve these issues by clearing the cache.

In the case of a famous messaging application, the same thing happens, clearing the WhatsApp cache can solve this type of problem without having to uninstall and reinstall the application, in addition to freeing up the resulting space.

Also in this case, the uninstall and installation process may cause you to lose certain messages that are not part of the daily application backup.

We should not confuse all the files that are stored in our phone’s memory by default, automatically after opening or receiving on WhatsApp with the temporary files of the application itself. The first ones are usually stored in the mobile phone’s own gallery, in certain albums, or on the device’s memory card, if we have one.

We can easily delete these files simply by going to the path where they are stored, selecting them and sending them directly to the Trash.

However, to clear the WhatsApp cache, we need to perform other very different steps, as shown below.

How to clear the WhatsApp cache

Depending on the version of the robot that we have installed on the mobile or customization layer of the manufacturer, it is possible that the options may vary slightly, but these are the steps to clear the WhatsApp cache:

  • We enter the Settings system.
  • Double-click the Applications option.
  • From the list of applications installed on the device, we search for and mark WhatsApp.
  • Next, we touch the storage option.
  • And once it stays there, all we have left is to click the Empty Cache button.

In a few moments, all the space occupied by these temporary files stored in the WhatsApp cache will be emptied and we will be able to check how the application works properly again, without stopping, blocking and full performance.

In the Apple environment, things change because in iOS it is not possible to empty the WhatsApp cache, as is the case in Android. If we enter the system configuration and then the data and storage, we find two options, data usage and storage usage.

In the first option, we see the number of messages sent and received, the bytes sent and received in the messages and chat files or statuses, as well as the amount of data consumed during the call. However, you cannot clear the WhatsApp cache.

In the Storage Usage section, we can select the WhatsApp chat and see the messages sent to that person, the amount of space our messages and the files they share with them, and if we click Manage, we can empty the chat from the messaging application. But beware, everything we have chosen will be removed and we will lose it, so we should not remove anything from it.

Therefore, because there is no WhatsApp cache in iOS, if we have problems with the application because it slows down or gets caught, we will have to do so, update it if any version is available, or make a copy of the security and continue uninstalling and installing it.

How to Share Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp

Sharing Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp is possible, but the procedure may seem a little cumbersome. In any case, it is good to specify one thing immediately: WhatsApp does not currently support Facebook Avatars.

This means that the personalized sticker package created with the avatar model you created on Facebook is not yet present on WhatsApp. In the list of stickers that you can then use on WhatsApp, you will not find Facebook Avatars at the moment.

How to Share Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp
How to Share Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp

How to Share Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp

Considering that Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram are all under the company Facebook Inc. it is also possible that in the future the Avatars are available almost everywhere. So how do you share Facebook Avatars on WhatsApp? Here is the procedure to follow at the moment.

First, you need to try to access the Avatars section of Facebook. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Open the Facebook home, search for a post, and open the comments section. Here look for your Avatar sticker package and click on Edit Avatar
  2. Alternatively, go to Facebook settings. From the home is the last button at the top right, the one with the three horizontal lines. A screen opens with many panes that take you to the main sections of the app, there should be one dedicated to Avatars. If there is not scroll down and look for the More … button, press us and in the list that shows you, there should be the Avatars button.

Now you should be in front of the summary screen of your Avatar, the same that allows you to edit them. Now you have to press the button in the middle between the three at the top right, the one that indicates the stickers.

You find it indicated by the red arrow in the screenshot below. Pressing it will open the complete list of stickers made following the avatar you previously created.

Now look in the list of stickers for what you would like to share on WhatsApp. Once you have decided which adhesive to use, hold your finger on it. A two-choice sharing menu will appear at the bottom. The first, Send with Messenger, allows you to share the sticker on Facebook Messenger. We don’t care.

The second is the one that will allow us to share it on WhatsApp. Press down. At this point, the sharing menu of your smartphone will open. Look for the WhatsApp icon or, if you have one of the quick choices, that of a contact of yours with whom you exchange messages frequently. Press down.

If all goes well, the WhatsApp interface will open and allow you to make the latest changes to the message. WhatsApp will treat the chosen sticker as an image. It will then be possible to add a caption to it, add text to it, scribble on it and so on. When you are ready, press the send button and it will be published in the chat of your choice.

The sticker of your Avatar will be published as an image with a black background. And for the moment it cannot be done otherwise! As we said at the beginning, it is a rather cumbersome and very impractical procedure. The most practical thing would be if Facebook integrated the functionality into all its applications, but it cannot be excluded that it will happen in the future.

Facebook Avatar on Instagram, Telegram and other apps

Most of the procedures indicated also apply to applications such as Instagram or Telegram. Follow the usual steps indicated, and when you have arrived at the sharing menu instead of choosing WhatsApp select Telegram, Instagram or another app.

With Instagram, for example, it will be possible to create a post (as well as a story) and even edit it or apply filters before publishing it.

How to Create Collages on Instagram Stories

Collages on Instagram Stories: Inside the App Store, there are thousands of applications that allow you to create photo collages in a simple and quick way to share through Instagram Stories.  However, the thing that most could annoy any user is certainly the obligation to further occupy the device memory for a service that is used less intensively.

How to Create Collages on Instagram Stories
How to Create Collages on Instagram Stories

In this guide, we will learn how to “bypass” the download of third-party applications and create a photo collage directly on Instagram.

There are actually two different ways to do it and both are integrated within the official app of the aforementioned social network. One of the two resumes the functions are already seen with the “Layout” app, which seems destined to disappear from the stores, while the other is based on simple use of copy/paste.

Obviously, in both cases, we recommend that you install the latest version of the app, updating it from your digital store.

Collages on Instagram stories with Layout

The “Layout” app was presented by Instagram first as a service in its own right, then turned into an integrated function of the main software. So how can you use it and start creating collages in the Stories? Let’s see it immediately.

  • Open the Instagram app
  • On the home page, swipe your finger to the right to enter the story screen
  • Move to the “LAYOUT” section by swiping with your finger to the left, starting from the “NORMAL” item, under the shutter button.
  • Above the shutter button, choose the amount of photos to add to the collage and your preferred style.

At this point, all you need to do is start taking photos and enrich your content. We also remind you that, by clicking on the button at the bottom left, it will be possible to choose the images from the gallery, while clicking the one at the bottom right, you can turn the camera upside down.

Once the collage has been completed, it will obviously be possible to publish it on social media in the form of history, or download it for use on other platforms. To do this, just click on the download icon at the top.

Collage Instagram stories with copy/paste

Unfortunately, at least for the moment, it seems that the following procedure does not lead to any result on devices equipped with the Android operating system and for this reason we will illustrate everything on iOS. Each step will be absolutely simple and everything will be based on “copy/paste” actions.

  • Open the Instagram application
  • Access the Stories creation screen by swiping your finger to the right starting from the home page
  • Take a photo (preferably single color)
  • Exit the app and open the photo gallery
  • Choose the first image to insert in the collage
  • Click on the share button at the bottom left and then on “Copy”
  • Go back to the Instagram Stories creation screen
  • Click on “Add sticker” at the bottom left

The above procedure will add a single image to the story, but simply repeat the internal process to enrich everything with as many photos as possible.

Most Used Abbreviations in RRSS, WhatsApp or Instagram

Abbreviations in RRSS, WhatsApp or Instagram: Every day, our friends, family, colleagues, etc. We use our phone, computer or tablet to write. We write faster and with fewer words each time. 

This has caused abbreviations to become more and more common in our written dictionary with messaging apps like WhatsApp or Skype, and sometimes we don’t know what these abbreviations mean. It is also common to see the use of these abbreviations on social networks, such as Instagram or Facebook, that we use frequently on a daily basis.

Most Used Abbreviations in RRSS, WhatsApp or Instagram
Most Used Abbreviations in RRSS, WhatsApp or Instagram

Social networks have become a part of our day because we can access them directly from our palm thanks to the connections of our mobile phones. In addition, we have the opportunity to send direct messages other than publishing and commenting on these applications.

It is undoubtedly created by the Millennials belt, that is, digital natives, have been created in recent years. Undoubtedly, these abbreviations are a new way to report that it is best to recognize them as soon as possible so that they do not have to think about what they mean or search for their meaning, and that they are coming to stay.

We will then review the most common abbreviations. I must say that they all came from English, an increasingly common language. Do not be left behind and find out what each of them means.


More and more frequently used this abbreviation, ” loud laugh  as a means expressing “laugh out loud” means. We use this acronym when we think of something really funny. It is very common worldwide, but we can only use it in the form of speech.


This statement may seem a little rough. The translation given to him “laugh my ass off” drYes, we noticed that we forget the frequently included F, LMFAO, but basically the F in the English abbreviation represents the famous phrase “curse/curse”; Translation.


“Rolling Down on the Ground”, If we want to go further, we can use the following statement:
“Rolling on the floor is laughing.” We will state that we cannot stop laughing with this.


Here we can talk about a commonly used abbreviation among young people like “Best Friend Forever” when friendship borders cross and friends occupy 24 hours a day.


We are in astonishment, but not really astonishment, he would like to say “What the hell” astonishment (But what the hell? What the hell?). If it is often used instead of a rough word, you can imagine which one it is.

in a short time

We have almost no time to write, but if we put this abbreviation  as quickly as possible ” (as soon as possible) we mean it. You stick to one thing and it’s clear with this acronym.


This is likely to be known since it is still widely used on Twitter today. It is known as “Trend Topic” . This abbreviation is used to know which terms or words are currently comments or retweets on the social network Twitter. It is a way to see which topics are discussed in RSS.


It is a tradition that the best accounts of the week are recommended on Twitter. “Follow the translations on Friday”. For this reason, Hashtag used on Fridays.


By the way (by the way). This abbreviation is used when we want to add something we initially forgot or when we want to clarify some issues.


“Oh my God” (Oh my God, oh my God) is a very popular phrase to express confusion Some prefer to translate the name of God to avoid using God’s name in vain. But come on, if something surprises you, here’s your statement.


“Too Much Information”, too much information. With this we mention that the information we receive seems important to us or they tell us a lot in a short time.


The abbreviation for “Fuck My Life” in Spanish ADV or “Asco De Vida” is also very well known. It’s not really a good abbreviation, but it’s used a lot.


The acronym “Not safe for work” means “Not safe for work”. This is mostly used by post, as it is a warning, so you know it is not safe to see the information at work. Of course, something that your boss shouldn’t want you to watch while you’re working.


What does “Face to Face” or “Cara a Cara” mean in Spanish? With this abbreviation, we want to say that the best thing is that the speech remains personal.


If we see someone saying this, it means we’ll say “No Problem” or “No Problem” in Spanish. It is often used to indicate that what you are telling us looks true and we agree.


When we write this in a conversation, we say “Got To Go”, “I must go”. In this mode, we will state that we are in a hurry, without having to make too many explanations.


Undoubtedly, this is one of the abbreviations we have seen most recently on social networks, but without any real meaning. Basically, when someone writes a post on Facebook, we can say that as an author who wrote WARD or WARDIOLA as a comment, they mean they want to save it for later access. Don’t miss what people think of this acronym.


UAE is widely used in social networks to express love and affection for others. What these abbreviations mean means “Before Others”, which has been translated into Spanish. There is no doubt that this phrase is used by couples to say how important that person is in a few words.


If we see this comment on social networks, don’t worry. Translated into Spanish, this means “not to worry”, so something is not important to worry about that person.


When we post this abbreviation on one of our social networks, it means that this person does not exist. It literally means “Come Back Now”, which is translated into Spanish by “I’ll Be Back Now” in English.


What we see in the comments of Facebook or Instagram XOXO, what these abbreviations mean is that the person who wrote the message sends lots of kisses and hugs to the message recipient. It is a compassionate and easy way to say goodbye to someone or to express it.


This is not an abbreviation for this, but it is widely used in social networks to say that you are in love with someone who is a real loser. When someone writes this on their social networks, they want to state that the person they are talking to is a love at first sight.


This abbreviation can often be seen on Instagram or in some comments alongside some accounts. This means “Fan Club”, they are the people who follow this account, because they are fans of that character.


This abbreviation can be found on social networks but was used as a result of the LOL game. In this game, it means “superpower”, what it means is that the character is the dominant, champion. When it comes to social networks, if we see this abbreviation, it means you’re a good player depending on the content.


Another abbreviation we can find on social networks is TTG. This means “I want you” and is used to express that you want to be with someone or in a more violent sense depending on the content you are on.

K and M

This is not a very abbreviation, but a number. Of course, we found these letters next to a few numbers in social networks. We’re talking about thousands of people in the case of K and in the case of millions of M. For example, 1K 1000 becomes 1M 1 million.


As you can see, emoji are not enough, but if we want to be up to date and know what our friends, children or grandchildren mean, we should also know the meaning of these abbreviations.

Since we don’t waste time, we already write an entire sentence by writing 3 or 4 letters. And what do you think? Do you miss good writing with all this?

How to Make a Scheduled Posting on Facebook

Scheduled Posting on Facebook: One of the Facebook features that are widely used to build a business is the Group feature and the Fanpage feature. Lots of features from fan pages and groups that can help your business.

One of them is the “schedule posting” feature.

How to Make a Scheduled Posting on Facebook
How to Make a Scheduled Posting on Facebook

How to Make a Scheduled Posting on Facebook

There are times when you are busy running a business, this makes you not have time to post your product promotions on Facebook.

Posts that contain promos are usually best done at certain hours. For example, if you sell snacks, the most effective time to post your products is at Break time. But there are times when you are busy at that hour. This is the function of the post scheduling feature.

With this feature, you can easily control when your posts will be published.

Benefits of scheduling posts

Here are some benefits that you can get by scheduling your posts.

  1. By scheduling posts, you will be more disciplined in posting content.
  2. By scheduling posts, you can promote consistently every day, because you can schedule them in advance.
  3. Your work will be effective and efficient because you only need to take the time once, you can schedule posts for the next few days.

Make scheduled posts on Facebook groups

To schedule posts on Facebook groups, you can easily do this from your Facebook application. Here the main requirement is that you are the group admin.

For how, see the explanation below.

1. Enter your Facebook application, then enter the group that you have.

2. After being in your group as below. Write status, as usual, you write status.

3. To schedule a post, you tap the “Schedule” button

4. Activate scheduled posts by slice on the right navigation button next to the words “Schedule posts”. If it is activated, you can only adjust the day and time. For example, you want to set the day, tap the column “Today”. The calendar will appear, there choose the date you want.

5. If you have determined the date and time, you can continue writing the post, or you can directly tap “SCHEDULE” to schedule the post.

6. Done.

Your posts will not be posted immediately but will be sent according to the schedule that was set earlier.

At this point, you don’t seem to be posting, so if you doubt whether the post is scheduled or not, it’s only natural.

To see if your post is scheduled, you can follow the steps below. You tap the admin icon to see the features and settings that can only be accessed by the admin, there select the “Scheduled Post” menu. After that you will see all the scheduled posts that you made.

Meanwhile, if you need to change the date or edit the post, you can do it by going to your scheduled post list as above, then tap “dot three in the upper right corner” of the post. After that select the menu that you need.

Make scheduled posts on the fanpage

To make scheduled posts on fanpages you can actually do it on the official Facebook page manager application. This application is a “Facebook pages manager” that you can download here

But here we are going to a third party application, the application we will use is called buffer, the application can be installed from here

Why use buffer? That’s because the application is more general and can be used for a lot of social media so that the overall is better and more complete.

Immediately, here’s how.

1. Install and open the buffer application. Here select “Facebook”. Then select “Add page/group”.

2. Select the fanpages page that you want to connect to the buffer.

3. If you have already taken to the yard as below. Here you can start making posts that you want to schedule. Tap the pencil icon to start posting.

4. Write your post then tap the “share” button. After that select “Custom Schedule”.

5. Next, you will be asked to choose a date, select the date you want, then tap “Set Time”. After that you will be asked to choose the time, if you have, tap “OK”.

6. After that the post will go to the queue list below. That means the post was successfully scheduled.

7. Completed.

To add some other posts, you can tap the pencil icon and repeat the steps above.

Scheduling posts on Facebook can only be done on the fanpage and on the Facebook group.

You cannot make scheduled posts on your profile.

That’s how to make scheduled posting on Facebook. If you have something to ask, please write in the comments column.