How To Install Joypad On Apple TV

Apple produces a little bit of everything nowadays, even very powerful TV boxes that have their own operating system. Apple TV is the product we are talking about, and it is also capable of opening video games inside it. But it’s not as comfortable as it seems!

How to Install Joypad on Apple TV

Let’s face it: playing with Apple TV is possible and it’s nice especially if we want to have some title that is usually on the phone directly on the big screen of our television. The problem, however, arises from the fact that playing with the remote control is very difficult.

How to Install Joypad on Apple TV

Certain games require a much higher pressure speed than a simple remote control, invented to conveniently choose a television channel.

For this reason it is ideal to use a Joypad to play any title in a suitable way. You don’t need a Joypad made especially for our Apple TV device, even if there is one in particular and the is the SteelSeries Nimbus. All you need is a Joypad that can work via Bluetooth and has an MFI certification.

Keep in mind that you can also try with a controller without certification, but Apple TV is unlikely to accept that Joypad.

Before you start connecting your Joypad to Apple TV, keep in mind thatnot all games are compatible with a controller, although you can open them on Apple TV.

Checking if they can use the Joypad is easy: just open the page in the store and read carefully. If the wording indicating an optional controller is included, you can use the Joypad.

Set up the controller with the Apple TV

Open the settings and go to “Remote controls and devices” -> Then go to “Bluetooth”.

It is likely that all you will find is just your remote control. This means that you have to activate the reception of your Joypad.

You can do this by pressing a dedicated button, which you can find almost everywhere: this can be in the battery compartment, on the back, and so on.

Check the instructions if you are not sure where the dedicated button is for this purpose.

After a few seconds, you will see your Joypad appear in the list.

Select it and confirm your connection.

Now you have a ready-to-use controller for all your favorite Apple TV games!

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