LastPass Free Vs Premium: Which Is The Right Choice?

LastPass Free vs Premium: With multiple platforms requiring different passwords, it would be very difficult for a person to remember all of their passwords. To make it easier to remember passwords, Lastpass was launched a few years ago. The versatile tool allows you to save multiple passwords and offer free and premium plans. LastPass Free vs Premium

LastPass Free vs Premium: Which is the Right Choice?

Both have their own pros and cons, but which one might be the right choice for you? I know it may seem a little difficult to choose between Free vs Premium Lastpass, but we have made it much easier for you. Here. we compared them so you can find out what works best for you.

LastPass Free vs Premium: a comparative study

Here we have listed the features of the Free Lastpass plan and the Premium plan. While security and interface are the same in both plans, the only thing that makes the difference is some of the additional features you get in the Lastpass premium plan.

What does LastPass have to offer in its free plan?

The LastPass Premium has a lot of different features to offer. Let’s see some of the best and most common ones here.

1. Single User

As a free Lastpass user, you cannot share access to your account with anyone. It also doesn’t allow you to share files with more than one person at a time.

2. Accessible on all devices

The free LastPass plan allows you to access their services on almost any device, including Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

With this feature, items that you have stored on one device automatically appear on the others as well. All you need to have is just your login credentials.

3. Save and complete the password

One of the most common features you’ll find in almost all password managers. With this feature, you don’t have to enter a password, but the tool itself populates passwords on different platforms for your convenience.

4. Secure Notes

With this feature, you can make digital backups and save your important documents such as credit cards and passport information.

5. Lastpass Authenticator

The LastPass authenticator allows you to add an extra level of security to your Lastpass accounts. When this feature is enabled, it will always ask for a one-click verification before being able to access your account.

6. Password Generator

This feature allows you to create custom passwords for each unique platform where you look forward to creating an account.

What does LastPass have to offer in its Premium plan?

So far we have discussed the features that you get in the free Lastpass plan, but what is special or the most amazing thing about the premium LastPass plan? What makes it different from the Lastpass free plan? Let’s see some of the reasons here.

1. Emergency Access

Thanks to this functionality, you can give access to several people at the same time so that they can make available the important information stored in case of misfortune.

2. One to several shares

The LastPass Premium allows you to share a single file with more than one person at a time. The functionality also allows you to give them access to your storage vault.

3 GB of free storage

The LastPass Premium also has storage safe. You can use the vault to store different types of files and documents.

4. Multi-level security features

With robust technology and impressive security features, they have taken account security to a new level. Their security features even allow you to set a fingerprint lock for your account.

5. Additional plugins and access to third-party services

LastPass Premium users have access to some additional plugins and third party services to get the most out of them. They have a separate section designed specifically to give you access to these additional tools.

Which might be the right option for you?

LastPass Free is a perfect option in case you are comfortable with the free features they offer in their free plan. In case you are looking for a lot more and want to get the most out of LastPass services, you should definitely opt for their Premium plan.

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