Social Engagement Through Gaming Can Bring You Happiness. Here’s All That You Need To Know

With everyone having a busy schedule, you hardly get time to connect with your friends and family, let alone forge new relationships. With the pandemic playing spoilsport and restricting your mobility, it’s tough to find new and innovative ways to keep yourself engaged. All this adds to your stress, and you need a way out to have some good old-fashioned fun.

Social Engagement Through Gaming Can Bring You Happiness

An easy way to keep stress away would be online gaming. You can play these games whenever you want and choose your family or an online friend who stays miles away as an opponent.

Think of the conventional ludo game. The online version of this popular board game not only allows you to play with anyone across the world, but you can also challenge them at the ludo championship and win cash.

Online gaming helps you to engage socially and make you happy. Read on to find out how.

Reasons Why Gaming Can Make You Happy

Gaming brings down stress levels, and you’ll find greater happiness compared to those who don’t indulge in gaming. Here are some reasons why:

Awaken the Child in You

You must have heard the phrase, ‘awaken the child in you.’ Remember how happy and carefree you were as a child. Gaming helps bring back that childhood joy, giving you relief from the mechanical life you are leading as an adult.

When you play online gaming, you are in a different world, and the thrill you experience as a child is back. There are stunning 3D graphics that help you race, play chess, or any game you’ve always wanted to play. You feel like you’re competing with your school friends, and this reduces boredom.

Forget Your Responsibilities For a While

Adulthood is all about responsibilities, whether it’s completing your projects on time, paying for your child’s tuitions, repaying EMIs, and the list is endless. All this pressure leads to stress that directly affects your mental and physical health.

Everything you do is part of a plan, and you lead a routine life. Gaming allows you to forget the plan for a while and do something which will not add to your net worth but make you happier. The only plan here is to have fun.

Improves Creativity and Imagination

The one major fallout of adult life is you forget your creativity. All you think about is keeping your job and paying your bills. Watching movies or games shows is also passive entertainment.

Gaming stimulates your creativity. You start thinking about how you can defend your opponent and come up with strategies. You try different strategies until you win against your opponent.

Build Friendships With Gamers

Being at parties can sometimes be boring because all the discussions become very repetitive and lead to negativity later on. When you talk about online gaming, it’s an interesting topic, and you might meet a fellow gamer too. You can even form a group of new friends who are gamers.

Since your group is based on gaming and the discussions focus on gaming, you will cut out all the negative vibes from your life. It will just be like your school days with child-like enthusiasm and excitement.

Work Fun Balance

If you are competing at work and have an equally stressful personal life, you lose the work-life balance. As a gamer, you have quality ‘me time’ where you can look forward to some fun when you get back from work. Have a dedicated ‘fun zone’ in your house and watch your stress disappear.

This will also improve your productivity at work since you’ll be stress-free.

Get Your Reflexes Working

When you are in a high-pressure job, your reflexes start to slow down because most jobs don’t need a quick hand and eye coordination. Gaming takes care of this. You need to have quick reflexes to outsmart the opponent.

Whether it is the enemy trying to take your life or you’re trying to collect treasure, your hand and eye coordination need to be perfect. As you play on a regular basis, your reflexes also start improving. Not only does it help you with your daily activities, but your intelligence also improves.

Happier Family Members

The biggest complaint most family members have is you don’t spend enough time with them. With gaming, you can include your family so that all of you have quality ‘us time.’ When your family destresses with you, everyone feels happier.

Have some fun competitions with your spouse or children and look forward to ‘family time’ every evening. When your relationship with family members improve, you will feel fresh and energetic. When you get back from work, you will have a ‘happy family’ greet you!

Enjoyable Physical Activity

When it comes to exercise, it’s all about pain and boring routines for getting into the perfect shape. There are online games where you need to be quick on your feet too. This might not burn the calories as a gym, but it’s better than burning no calories at all.

When you enjoy physical activity and do it on a regular basis through gaming, the results show on your mental health as well. So go online and look for some ‘action-oriented video game’ to lead a healthier lifestyle.

Waiting Will be Fun

Waiting in the queue is something that is a regular part of your life, whether it’s at the movie theatre or the doctor’s clinic. These queues are boring, and you feel frustrated, leading to higher stress levels. You wish you could do something during this time.

You can actually do a lot on your mobile phone. Just download your favorite game and start playing. The endless hours will seem like a few seconds when you don’t have to look at your watch every couple of seconds.

You will look forward to these queues as opportunities to improve your gaming scores. While other people in the waiting room feel depressed about their ‘possible fate,’ you will be in a much better mood.

Live A Happier Life With Gaming

Life as an adult has always been stressful, and with the pandemic things have got worse. Thankfully, you have online gaming to not only take care of your happiness but that of your family too.

You can play these games any time and turn stressful ‘waiting periods’ into exciting gaming times. Negative discussions about other people turn into positive discussions about the latest games. When you are happy with life, you perform better at work.

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