5 Horrible Hero Dota 2 During Late Game

Dota 2 is a complex MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game with 5 players between teams in one game. DOTA 2 game is widely played by many people because the graphics and gameplay are very interesting. In Dota 2 there are 116 heroes, all of which you can use for free.

5 Horrible Hero Dota 2 during late game
5 Horrible Hero Dota 2 during late game

In DOTA 2 also teamwork is the main key to win a match. No matter if you lose at the beginning (early) game, with teamwork you can turn things around in the late game using5 heroes who overpower during the late game. Here are 5 Dota 2 Horrible Heroes during Late Game.

5 Horrible Hero Dota 2 during late game

1. Specter

Specter is an agility-capable hero, focused on attacking one target, very strong in attacking and defensive. If you don’t know about this hero yet. I can say that this hero is very weak in early games and easy to use even though skill 1 of the specter can penetrate barrier objects such as trees and hills.

But leaving the game to late game against Specter is a big mistake. There is a saying that if there is a specter in the team then the team will win the game in the late game. That was proven during DOTA 2’s biggest competition, The International 8 .

The third and second Specter Skill as a passive skill allows the specter to reduce damage and can reverse the damage to an enemy who attacks it by 30% damage. The ultimate skill of this specter that can win war in late games.

This skill can make the enemy war chaotic chaos, the specter will issue every shadow on the enemy is located. Specters can move with these ultites to other shadows, and it is very effective in making the enemy confused.

2. Chaos Knight

Hero strength on this one is arguably a hero with complex skills. How could this hero be overpowered in a late game because of his death skills.

Skill 1 CK (Abbreviation of Chaos Knight) can issue stun damage with a stun duration of 1-2 seconds and damage 150-275. Skill 2 CK can pull the enemy closer to him, and the armor of the drawn enemy will decrease by 1-7 depending on the skill level.

Skill 3 CK receives critical hit as well as lifesteal . Ultimate Skill can emit a powerful illusion, the illusion damage is 100%, but receives 260% damage, a little weak but the damage is full.

This hero is very hard especially the late game, this hero can be used as a tank or carry. Because this hero has thick blood strength. If you’re in a war, this hero releases his illusion, so it’s certain the enemy will retreat to the base.

3. Phantom Lancer

This agility hero has the illusion ability that is very fickle. This hero is very frightening because of his illusory ability which can make the opponent confused. This hero will not let enemies escape easily. Skil 1 can throw the spear at the same time cast a shadow towards the opponent and slow down the opponent’s movements. Skil 3 can release running speed to chase your opponent.

Especially in the latest DOTA 2 patch, Phantom Lancer talent at level 25 can get Doppleganger with just a 4 second cooldown, this ability can make the enemy overwhelmed and confused. No wonder this hero is the most widely used role carry during large tournaments.

4. Medusa

This hero is a range agility hero, with the ability to shoot brutally (passive skill 1). Three arrows will be thrown at once to kill the enemy enemy. This hero also has a skill that allows him to become a tank (skill 3) to make a shield instead if he gets damaged where medusa will be reduced by 60% of the damage received.

No need to worry about running out of mana, skill 2 medusa helps to steal mana enemies instantly and inflict quite a lot of damage in the early game.

Medusa will be a frightening hero in the late game, great damage with three arrows at once and difficult to kill and ultimate skills that can make enemies paralyzed in a few seconds will make Medusa able to win against 5 enemy heroes at once. Moreover, the attack distance from Medusa is far enough and very effective to kill all enemies.

5. Sniper

This range type agility hero is very frustrating when you are an opponent. This hero has the farthest attack range among all the other DOTA 2 hero ranges. Sniper will be able to easily attack enemies from a distance and obtain a safe attacking position from the opponent’s attack.

Sniper will be very scary in late game, he will get painful damage + far attack range. If the war, the enemy does not overcome the sniper hero first will be certain to 100% the enemy will lose the war.

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