How to Download Songs with Bot Telegram

Download Songs with Bot Telegram: Music has become a loyal friend for many people in Indonesia. In an all-digital era like this, getting music is not as difficult as it used to be, which for someone who wants to get music must download it via a download link that is complicated and not necessarily downloaded.

How to Download Songs with Bot Telegram
How to Download Songs with Bot Telegram

But now to get the music that we like, we don’t need to bother looking for a music provider website whose contents are all advertisements. We can use messenger applications such as telegram, to download our favorite music.

How to Download Songs with Bot Telegram

Telegram can be said as a chat application that has neat features, which are not possessed by other chat applications. One is the bot telegram, there are lots of bots with a variety of functions that can help our daily lives. For example, game bots on telegram that provide simple games for us, there are also bots for downloading stickers, etc.

This time we will discuss bots that help download songs from YouTube. So the video on YouTube will be taken only audio, and stored in an audio file (light-sized) and can be played on your music player.

Immediately enter into the discussion below.

  1. Open the telegram application on each of your smartphones.
  2. After you are on the telegram homepage, you click the search icon in the upper right corner.
  3. After that you guys type “ytaudiobot” in the search field. If so, a bot option will appear below it. Select @YTaudiobot as I selected.
  4. If so, then the initial display of the channel/bot will be as below. Then you tap “start/restart”.
  5. After that many messages will appear from the bot. This means that the bot is ready to use. But for now, first minimize your telegram application, you need to find a youtube video that you will download as a song.
  6. Open the YouTube application on your smartphone. Search for the song to download. Then you click the “Share” icon, then you press the “copy link” icon to copy the video link.
  7. After that you open your telegram again, then paste (paste) the link that you copied from YouTube. After that, press the airplane icon to send the message containing the link to the telegram bot.
  8. If you have, a song image will appear from the link. And the download button will appear at the bottom. Tap the button “download”.
  9. After you click the download icon, the bot will send the audio file of the song. You just have to tap the existing audio icon, then wait until the download is complete.
  10. If so, to move it to the music device on your cellphone, you click on the “icon of the dot” next to the music file, then select the “Save to music” menu.

You can check by logging into your music application. The song should have appeared in the playlist menu of the music player application on your smartphone. To find music references you can search for it via youtube only. There are tons of high-quality official music videos on YouTube.

For file size, don’t worry about it being too big because M4A format music has the same MB file size as MP3 music files in general. That is all the discussion this time. If there is something you want to add, you can send it in the comments column below. Thanks.

How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends

Savage in Mobile Legends: How come it’s analog? Surely this sentence is very often heard by Mobile Legends game players. Unlike playing on a PC that has to sit in a ‘ gaming ‘ chair and prepare supporting gear, Mobile Legends can be played anywhere, anytime.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has developed into the most popular mobile game at the moment in Indonesia. This is a MOBA ( multiplayer online battle arena ) a mobile device that was developed and published by Moonton.

How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends
How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends

How to Get the Title Savage in Mobile Legends

This game that can be played on the Android and iOS platforms has successfully captured the attention since 2016. This game can be played by 10 people who are divided into 2 teams, and the length of the game ranges from 15-20 minutes.

That’s why we often hear the term mabar (playing together) when a group wants to make an agreement to play together. The main objective is to destroy the opponent’s base. If the main base of one team is destroyed then the team that destroys it will be the winner.

Mobile Legends Hero Characters

Each player can choose the hero they champion in each round of the game, the hero can be purchased with a diamond top up or by using battle points and tickets. From the characteristics of the hero is divided into several types, namely:

Marksman: This type of hero has a strong attack power so it has a role as the main attacker in the game.

Tank: has a large HP and Armor base so it can take large damage from opponents to protect the team, especially the marksman.

Mage: has a skill with damage that is so large that it can do quick kill to the enemy hero.

Support: have skills that are useful for protecting the team and helping the team when fighting.

Assassins: generally have skills that can kill and lock against opponents, usually the target of assassin heroes are marksman and mage because the blood possessed by marksman and mage is very minimal and limited.

Tips on Getting Savage

Well, that’s a glimpse of the basic things that you will encounter in the Mobile Legends game. This time we will discuss tips on how to get savage. What is that? Savage is a title given to a player if he can kill consecutive enemies 5 times in a battle.

Savage can be obtained in every game mode in Mobile Legends. To get the Savage title, of course you must be good at using the hero that is used. Let’s just go to the tips!

Choose heroes with big damage like Karina, Irithel, Fanny and other heroes compact with a teammate, this includes important tips for getting savage because we won’t get savage without the help of our friend for example when you have killed 4 enemies and left 1 enemy then your friend can’t be invited to work together, you could be trashed by a friend you and you don’t get savage.

Speed ​​up the level, because your level in battle is very influential in damage, if your level is higher and the gear is finished and your enemy is still below your level, then you will be easier to kill him.

Keep in mind that in savage you must be able to survive as long as possible in team battles (5 vs 5). You must also be able to kill five enemy heroes by waiting for the enemy blood to die or in any way.

But the safest way to get savage is to wait until the enemy issues his ultimate skill. After that, then you enter into a team battle to kill one by one enemy with the skills we have.

OLED TV | Differences between OLED and LCD

Organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screens are considered the best. But, with such high prices, is it really worth buying an OLED TV? OLED televisions can offer dazzling and bright images with fluid movements, deep blacks and vivid colors while being thinner than LED-backlit LCD televisions.

OLED TV | Differences between OLED and LCD
OLED TV | Differences between OLED and LCD

OLED TV | Differences between OLED and LCD

Many of the major TV brands are developing OLED devices, including LG, Panasonic and Sony, and prices are becoming much cheaper. LG is the most prolific in this sector, the South Korean brand releases around five ranges every year. Sony and Panasonic do not release as many, but as the displays become cheaper we expect to see more and more of them.

Even the smallest brands are coming into action: Philips and Hisense both make OLED TVs. Samsung seems firmly convinced that its Quantum Dot technology will offer the best possible image quality, as it is now the only major TV manufacturer without an OLED TV.

What is OLED TV?

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode (organic light-emitting diodes – OLED). OLED is growth in LCD technology that uses organic compounds formed by pixels to create images, without the need for additional backlighting.

As a result, OLED technology allows you to use very thin screens which are also much thinner than traditional LCD and plasma screens. OLED is also referred to as organic electro-luminescence.

OLED versus LCD

OLED is similar to the LCD display in that the OLED panels can be arranged in very thin layers, allowing for a slim TV frame design and efficient energy consumption. Furthermore, just like LCD, OLED is subject to the defect of dead pixels.

On the other hand, although OLED televisions can display very colorful images and weakness of OLED compared to LCD is the emission of light. By manipulating the backlight system, LCD televisions can be designed to emit more than 30% more light than brighter OLED televisions.

This means that LCD televisions offer better performance in bright environments, while OLED televisions are more suitable for poorly lit or light controllable environments.

OLED against plasma

OLED is similar to plasma in that the pixels self-illuminate. In addition, just like plasma, deep black levels can be produced. However, like plasma, OLED is subject to burn-in.

OLED Vs. LCD and Plasma

In addition, at present, OLED displays have a shorter lifespan than LCD or plasma displays, with the blue part of the color spectrum most at risk. Also, switching to crisp, large OLED TVs has a higher cost than LCD or plasma TVs.

On the other hand, OLED televisions show the best screen images seen so far. The color is exceptional and, since the pixels can be activated and deactivated individually, OLED is the only TV technology capable of displaying absolute black.

Furthermore, since OLED TV panels can be made so thin, they can also be folded, this explains the new technology of curved screen televisions  (Note: some LCD televisions have also been made with curved screens).

What’s so special about OLED TV?

OLED televisions have single organic cells behind the screen, which produce their own light source, unlike standard LED-backlit televisions.

This has numerous advantages in terms of image quality and design.

Deep blacks: OLED TVs are able to turn off individual LEDs when they display black, rather than simply directing light far away on that part of the screen, as LCD displays do, which means they can offer very deep blacks.

Smooth movement: the movement looks good on OLED TVs, almost without blurring, even with fast-moving actions.

Ultra-thin screen: without the need for backlighting, OLED screens can be even thinner than most smartphones. Some high-end OLEDs from LG, such as the OLED W, are half the thickness of an iPhone 7.

Viewing angle: the viewing angle on OLED TVs is exceptional. Even when you look at a wide-angle, the image tends to remain solid, with precise colors and good contrast.

Power Consumption: Although OLED TVs were initially thought to consume less energy than similar-sized LED-backlit LCD devices, our data suggest they use about the same.

Should I buy an OLED TV?

Unlike 4K and HDR, which should now be seen as a key requirement for your next major TV purchase, OLED is more of a luxury option.

You will pay more for this screen technology and you won’t be guaranteed a big purchase. But there is healthy competition in this market, with Panasonic, Sony, and Philips launching OLED TVs at prices similar to LG.

This OLED arms race is sure to see an increase in quality and a drop in prices over the next year, but if you’re willing to be careful when shopping, there are affordable, good-quality screens around.

3 Ways to Download PPSSPP Game Files

Download PPSSPP Game: PPSSPP is a portable Playstation emulator or commonly referred to as PSP. PPSSPP can run almost all games specifically made for Sony’s console. In PPSSPP, it is divided into 2 types, namely ordinary PPSSPP and PPSSPP Gold.

Both types of PPSSPP are already available in the Playstore application but for PPSSPP the gold type is paid. But if you want to enjoy it for free, you can search for it on the Internet.

3 Ways to Download PPSSPP Game Files
3 Ways to Download PPSSPP Game Files

Well, this article will provide several ways to download PPSSPP games for free in 3 ways. The methods below will be very easy, because you don’t need to do complicated things. You only need a browser and internet quota to download the game.

3 Ways to Download PPSSPP Game Files

Although to download PPSSPP game files now is very easy and only requires a browser and internet network, but you also need to pay attention to these requirements. One condition that must be met is that our computer must have at least 2 GB of RAM.

Games that can be played in PPSSPP are games that have CSO or ISO extensions. The two things are actually the same, and the difference is that CSO is a compressed version of ISO.

On the internet there are many links that can download PPSSPP games that are lightweight or high compressed. However, if we play, our computer screen will be black. That way we won’t be able to play the game smoothly.

Therefore, we should download the PPSSPP game which has an ISO format and avoid game files with CSO format. That way the size also won’t need to be compressed again. And here is how to download PPSSPP game files.

1. How to Download PPSSPP Game Files via RomesMode

Following are the steps to download PPSSPP game files using Romesmode:

1. Type in the google search engine with the link Then press Enter. Then you will see the main page of the Romesmode website.

2. Scroll down a little until you find the PSP icon, and click the PSP icon.

3. Then various games will be available in the PPSSPP. And click on one of the games that you want to download. In this example, I will download the Naruto Shippuden game.

4. Next, we can download the game file. The trick is to click the More Options button. And later will appear several options for downloading. Then click Download Now.

2. How to Download PPSSPP Game Files via CoolROM

Below are some steps to download PPSSPP games using CoolROM:

1. To use the CoolROM website, you must first enter the following link

2. On the first page of the website, look at the right side of the page. Click the button that says PPSSPP.

3. Then click the Alternative download link button.

4. You will be redirected to the new Google Chrome window and click the Download Your File button.

3. How to Download PPSSPP Game Files via Rom Hustler

The steps to download the PPSSPP game file through Rom Hustler are as follows:

1. First, you must go to the rom hustler website first by using this link

2. Look for PSP on the game console list. Click the PSP button if you have found it.

3. Then various PSP games will appear that you can download. Here I download the GTA game.

4. Next is the download stage. Click the button Click here to download this rom.

Thus the article that explains how to download PPSSPP games on a PC that you must know. Hopefully, this article can be useful for you.

Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

Digital Check-up Website: The huge potential of the online market is certainly very tempting. For business people who want to start or switch to an online business, there are usually two digital assets that are often used to market their products/services, namely websites and social media.

A website is a representation and gateway for business. What they see and how they interact will determine the success or failure of a website and online business.

Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business
Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

Digital Check-up Website Tips to Increase Online Business

“Many business people are conducting campaigns with large investment values ​​and are busy being talked about, but the campaign has not yielded profitable business returns,” Ryan said.

At the end of 2019, the party is inviting entrepreneurs working in online businesses to conduct digital check-ups of the main digital assets they have, namely the website. This is so that the marketing strategy can provide maximum results in the year 2020.

What are the benchmarks of the effectiveness of a website? How to measure it? Here are tips from Ryan Gondokusumo in conducting basic digital check-ups for the website:

1. Pay attention to the speed of opening the website (website load speed)

To present a shopping experience for potential buyers, businesses need to first pay attention to the speed of loading a page. It is unfortunate when a prospective buyer has been attracted by products offered through campaigns on social media but does not make transactions because the website is slow or difficult to access.

According to GT Metrix, the ideal website opening speed is under 6.8 seconds. To maximize speed, businesses need to ensure that the file size contained in web pages is as small as possible so that it does not burden prospective buyers.

One of the tools that can be used to make measurements is the GT Metrix which can be accessed at

2. Evaluate and update website security

Make sure your website has an SSL Certificate so that your personal information, credit card transactions, data transfers and data logins are maintained. Regular backups also need to be done to maintain website security. In addition, use a password with a variety of combinations and update it regularly.

3. Website design and content that represents the business brand

It is important to have a website design and content that represents your brand. Make sure that your website reflects and conveys the message about your business clearly in a language that is easily understood by the target consumer.

4. Check the completeness of the website components

A website can be said to be optimal if it can carry out its functions properly. First of all, business people need to first decide what the website is for, whether to transact, interact, or simply collect contact leads which will then be followed up offline.

In general, a good website has the following components:

Contact leads collection tools

For products with high value such as property and motor vehicles, sometimes transactions via the website are not ideal because online transactions for such a large value are not commonly done.

For that, what businesses can do through their website is to collect contact information (contact leads) which can then be followed up offline.

Live chat feature

Internet users in Indonesia tend to prefer asking questions rather than reading. Therefore it is very important to have a live chat feature on the website.

Business people also need to pay attention to using local languages ​​in accordance with the language used by the intended target consumers.

WhatsApp contact information and e-mail address

The market in Indonesia is currently not 100% confident with transactions that are fully carried out online. Therefore, we recommend buying products with prices above IDR 500 thousand, it is necessary to choose to contact via WhatsApp and email to be able to convince potential buyers to transact.

If possible, business people can complete the call center facilities that can be contacted by prospective buyers.

Optimized access via smartphone

About 35 percent of website visitors come from smartphone applications. Oftentimes we visit a website from a smartphone application and the website design that was originally good on the computer looks messy on a smartphone device. This should be avoided and you should make your website design look good for smartphone applications too.

After you have done a basic digital check-up of the four points above, the next step is to strengthen the website. For this reason, it is necessary to discuss with the IT team and the digital content team or be able to consult with website creation services agencies.

So that the business website is more effective and accommodating for the target consumers and provides maximum results.

How to Call with Apple Watch

Call with Apple Watch: If you’ve had an Apple Watch lately, it’s possible that one of your big doubts is making a watch with a watch. This is something that virtually all smartwatches on the market can do, and an apple wouldn’t be less. In this article, we’ll tell you how you can do this by pre-activating certain settings using the iPhone.

How to Call with Apple Watch
How to Call with Apple Watch

How to Call with Apple Watch

One of the benefits of having an Apple Watch Cell version is the ability to have eSIM on this device. This reduces your reliance on the iPhone to perform certain procedures that require the Internet and to others, such as answering calls. If you have this version, you can manage these calls from anywhere with a watch.

If you have the Apple Watch WiFi version, it will require an iPhone in the vast majority of Internet and call-related procedures.

So you’ll need to have a cell phone nearby if you want to make or receive calls on your watch. It should be noted that both in this case and in the previous case, you will not have to make any previous adjustments.

Receive calls on Apple Watch

Whether you have an Apple Watch with eSIM or a normal version, the way you handle incoming calls is very intuitive and similar to any phone:

  • Reject a call by pressing the red key, which will send the call to voicemail if you have this feature active.
  • Answer the call by pressing the green button. The clock speaker will help you listen to your partner, although if you wear AirPods and are connected to a clock, they will serve as a receiver and microphone.
  • To send the call to the iPhone, touch the three dots that appear on the screen, then tap “Answer using iPhone.” At that time, the call will be paused until you answer the iPhone to which you paired the watch.
  • Answer the call with a text message by tapping the three dots and then selecting “Reply with the text message”.

Make calls with Apple Watch

There are several ways to call from a watch, no matter what version it is:

  • Bring the watch to your mouth and say “Hello Siri” followed by “call (contact name)”.
  • Hold the digital crown to call Siri and say “Call (contact name)”.
  • Open the Apple Watch menu and open the Phone appHere you can access your favorite contacts, recent calls, your contacts, the keyboard, or access to listen to voice messages.

Problems answering or making a call?

Here are solutions to the main problems you may encounter when making or sending calls on your Apple Watch:

  • If Do Not Disturb on the watch mode is activated, you will not receive calls. You can deactivate it from the control center of this app or from the Apple Watch app on iPhone.
  • Coverage issues with Apple Watch Cellular or iPhone. If you are in an area with little or no coverage, you cannot make or receive calls on any device.
  • That Apple Watch is not properly connected to the iPhone, which would affect not only these types of actions but all those that require synchronization between them. To reset the watch, go to Settings> Reset.
  • That eSIM does not work, for which you will need to contact your telephone company to resolve this issue.

In short, there are usually no problems making calls with the Apple Watch. If you didn’t know this feature, now you know you can use it and talk from your wrist, something very futuristic in movies from other decades, and that’s more than reality.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

WhatsApp Cache: There is no doubt that WhatsApp is one of the applications we use the most on our mobile phones every day. Through the famous messaging app, we can receive hundreds of text messages and dozens of photos, memes, videos, etc. every day.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors
WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

This can cause us to find the app slower than usual when downloading or receiving photos, or even with problems. or videos. If this happens to you, we’ll show you how to clear the WhatsApp cache and why we should do it.

WhatsApp Cache: How to Empty and Free Space or Fix Errors

An application cache is a space in which applications themselves store or store temporary files that they must create or re-access on many occasions. In this way, its creation or access is faster and, as a result, user comfort is much better and not as much system resources are consumed.

Why we should clear the application cache

Although its function and purpose is to store this type of file for best performance, on certain occasions it may happen that a large accumulation of files in this cache can cause some problems in the operation of the application.

When our mobile phone application is blocked at certain times or starts very slow, the first thing we usually do is check for an update or uninstall and reinstall the application directly. In most cases, however, we were able to resolve these issues by clearing the cache.

In the case of a famous messaging application, the same thing happens, clearing the WhatsApp cache can solve this type of problem without having to uninstall and reinstall the application, in addition to freeing up the resulting space.

Also in this case, the uninstall and installation process may cause you to lose certain messages that are not part of the daily application backup.

We should not confuse all the files that are stored in our phone’s memory by default, automatically after opening or receiving on WhatsApp with the temporary files of the application itself. The first ones are usually stored in the mobile phone’s own gallery, in certain albums, or on the device’s memory card, if we have one.

We can easily delete these files simply by going to the path where they are stored, selecting them and sending them directly to the Trash.

However, to clear the WhatsApp cache, we need to perform other very different steps, as shown below.

How to clear the WhatsApp cache

Depending on the version of the robot that we have installed on the mobile or customization layer of the manufacturer, it is possible that the options may vary slightly, but these are the steps to clear the WhatsApp cache:

  • We enter the Settings system.
  • Double-click the Applications option.
  • From the list of applications installed on the device, we search for and mark WhatsApp.
  • Next, we touch the storage option.
  • And once it stays there, all we have left is to click the Empty Cache button.

In a few moments, all the space occupied by these temporary files stored in the WhatsApp cache will be emptied and we will be able to check how the application works properly again, without stopping, blocking and full performance.

In the Apple environment, things change because in iOS it is not possible to empty the WhatsApp cache, as is the case in Android. If we enter the system configuration and then the data and storage, we find two options, data usage and storage usage.

In the first option, we see the number of messages sent and received, the bytes sent and received in the messages and chat files or statuses, as well as the amount of data consumed during the call. However, you cannot clear the WhatsApp cache.

In the Storage Usage section, we can select the WhatsApp chat and see the messages sent to that person, the amount of space our messages and the files they share with them, and if we click Manage, we can empty the chat from the messaging application. But beware, everything we have chosen will be removed and we will lose it, so we should not remove anything from it.

Therefore, because there is no WhatsApp cache in iOS, if we have problems with the application because it slows down or gets caught, we will have to do so, update it if any version is available, or make a copy of the security and continue uninstalling and installing it.

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

Play Chess Rush: In this article, we want to give you some tips and tricks on playing Chess Rush. Now for those of you who are actively playing this game, see the reviews until they run out.

Chess Rush is one game with Auto-Battler mode released by Tencent. Chess Rush is not much different from some other games that carry a similar mode. Because in this game you will still be required to make special strategies to defeat each of your opponents.

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush
Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

In order to win this game easily, We have some interesting tips and tricks you know. Want to know what are the tips and tricks that you can use in the game Chess Rush? Let’s go deeper, guys!

Tips and Tricks to Play Chess Rush

1. Placement of Formations

The first thing you need to consider is the placement of positions or formations. You need to realize that the placement of positions or formations is very important, as people say that position will determine achievement.

Therefore try to make a formation that you think is good and can be relied upon to help you achieve victory after victory.

2. Discard Any Unneeded Heroes

Next is selling a hero that you no longer need. If you no longer need a hero (usually the initial hero), then it’s better to sell it and get back which Crystal you spent.

Selling a hero that you no longer need, will certainly help you to level up or buy a new hero that is better for the next wave (long rally).

3. Maximize The Number of Heroes

Try to maximize the number of heroes you can use because that way you will get a little advantage over your opponents (opponents who have fewer heroes).

Keep in mind that for each level you will need a lot of XP, and make sure you keep Crystal Mana. Because 5 Crystal Mana can add 5 XP.

4. Create a Hero Synergy

By synergizing multiple heroes of course you will get an advantage in the form of additional stats. This will later be displayed on the left side of the screen while in battle mode.

Make sure you have some synergy heroes from various races or classes so that you will have more strength to resist when receiving an opponent’s attack or finish off your opponent when attacking.

5. How To Get Extra Crystal And Mana Bonus

Last is how to get which mana Crystal and which extra Crystal bonus.

There are several easy ways to get Crystal where, such as completing stages, selling heroes that are no longer needed, and winning stages. These three methods are the ones you can use to get mana crystals.

Then how do you get the Crystal bonus? The method is quite easy, you only need to save the Crystal where each stage. For example, if you have 1 – 10 crystals, you will get 1 extra mana. But if you have 11-20 mana crystals, of course, you will get 2 mana crystals. And this will also apply multiples of up to 4 Crystal mana.

The Final Words

Now those are some tips and tricks to play Chess Rush that can be good at sharing with you. If you have other tips about the Chess Rush game, please share in the comments column, guys!

The Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4

PlayStation 4 has become the platform with the highest number of video game releases in recent years, given its undeniable commercial success. In addition to the well-known triple-A versions, including the independent ones, one aspect that has been very successful in recent years is that of free to play, that is, those games that do not require a payment just download and get started.

The Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4
The Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4

They are free titles belonging to all genres, such as shooters, action adventures, MOBA, MMO and even sports titles, which include purchases within the game but whose entrance door is free for all console users.

The large catalog of video games that we can find for PS4 is thanks to the interest of video game developers for the Sony platform since millions of units are sold every day all over the world.

Within the  PlayStation Store website we can find many PS4 games, many of which are paid and others in Free2Play mode, or we can get them for free.

Below, we show a complete list of free PS4 games of different genres such as action, adventure, shooter, role-playing games, strategy, sports, etc.

Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4

With a fairly large list, only a few of them deserve to be in the following list of the best free games. Battle Royale, MOBA, strategy or combat are just some of the genres that players can choose to spend their free time without spending money if they wish. Here is a list of the best free PS4 video games.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends
Apex Legends

Battle Royale has established itself as one of the revolutions of the current generation and the most recent, Apex Legends, has been a huge success since its release. Developed by the well-known Respawn Ent study.

A series of legendary characters with powerful abilities come together to achieve fame and fortune within the borders of the Frontier. The cast of legends continually expands as players unite tactically to discover great innovations in the Battle Royale genre.

Despite being a completely online game, Apex Legends does not require a subscription to PlayStation Plus, which is usually required to play online. Currently, PS Plus owners can download a free game package that adds a number of items that allow you to customize specific weapons and legends with PlayStation-inspired equipment.

Play Apex Legends



Fortnite is arguably the most popular game in the past year. A video game belonging to the Battle Royale genre, which was developed by Epic Games and is one of the free PS4 games or titles that we can get from the PlayStation Store.

Fortnite has up to 100 players and we can try to win individually, in pairs or by forming a team of maximum 4 players.

In all cases, the goal is to become the last survivor and finish the rest of the players. During the battle, players must search for weapons to gain an advantage over their opponents, although it also includes the fortress element.

Goal to destroy to get resources and be able to use them to build and improve your strength based on your strategy. You can download Fortnite for free for PS4 from the same link on the PlayStation Store.

Play Fortnite

Destiny 2

Destiny 2
Destiny 2

The creators of the legendary Halo saga decided a few years ago to create an ambitious multiplayer shooter with role-playing elements that had difficulty convincing players, but which over the years has perfected its formula to offer an action game very complete and with exquisite gameplay, which also offers a free version for everyone to check their excellent proposal.

Play Destiny2



Known by many players as an alternative to Overwatch, Paladins is a free-to-play shooter game that takes place in a vibrant fantasy world with a varied cast of champions, such as humans, goblins driving mechs, mystical elves or dragons with their backpack self-propelled. Each type of champion has its own combination of skills on the battlefield.

Play Paladins

World of Tanks

World of Tanks
World of Tanks

World of Tanks is another of the free PS4 games that couldn’t be missing from this list. This is a gaming experience with epic multiplayer battles, 15v15, with tanks from different eras. It has different game modes, over 450 vehicles from 8 nations designed in HD, over 80 maps, tanks and exclusive maps for consoles.

A title in which you will have to make the most of your strategy and your steady hand to fight against all your enemies surrounded by incredible scenarios.

World of Tank or also known as WoT is a game developed by Wargaming and is the first company game to be released with the Free2Play model.

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A third-person shooter video game based on cooperation and support with other players that takes place in a futuristic world in search of certain answers about our past. Allows you to play in multiplayer mode with up to four players.

With over 30 types of wireframes with unique abilities, players must explore and fight fearlessly in this winning proposition on PS4.

Warframe has earned the reputation of one of the most complete free-to-play games that can be found without spending money, offering a fun and exciting proposal of third-person action in which we not only use firearms, but also all the types of swords in a game now huge, and with a lot to discover.

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Neverwinter is one of the best MMOs you can enjoy on consoles, in this case, for PlayStation 4. Set in the world of Dungeons and Dragons, in Neverwinter we will immerse ourselves in a huge online role-playing game full of content.

One of the great advantages of Neverwinter compared to other competitors of the genre is that its constant content updates, expansions, are free. Although it has micropayments, these will not be necessary to enjoy huge hours of fun in the world of dice and paper from start to finish.

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DC Universe Online

DC Universe Online
DC Universe Online

Not everything is medieval fantasy universes in the MMO genre, and there are also proposals like DC Universe Online, a role-playing game based on the universe of superheroes and criminals of DC Comics.

Create your characters with a great variety of superpowers and fight side by side or against great characters such as Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman or Joker, in all types of adventures set in the emblematic places of comics, such as Gotham, Metropolis or Atlantis.

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This is the list of Best Free Games You Can Play on PS4. If you know more games, tell us in the comment box.

Call of Duty | Warzone: How to Find and Open Bunkers

In this guide, we will explain how to find and open the mysterious hidden bunkers throughout the Call of Duty: Warzone map.  Since very little Infinity Ward has released a new patch 1.21 Call of Duty: Warzone and with her many innovations have come.

Call of Duty | Warzone: How to Find and Open Bunkers
Call of Duty | Warzone: How to Find and Open Bunkers

Call of Duty | Warzone: How to Find and Open Bunkers

Most of the new content has been carefully documented in the patch notes, but apparently some little secrets have also been added.  With the new patch it is finally possible to open the mysterious bunkers that you can find throughout the Warzone map and in this guide we will explain how to do it.

The cave of wonders

Finding ways to open a bunker in the midst of a ruthless Battle Royale like Warzone might sound strange, but we guarantee it is worth it. Inside these vaults you will find a lot of supply boxes and many of them will even be legendary.

With all this loot you will have enough weapons to best equip a team of four players, not to mention the money you will accumulate.

With all that extra money you can safely buy any item sold by the buying stations and still continue to own a nice sum. Also, if you’re really lucky, you may even find the key to another bunker inside the crates.

Finding the key – Call of Duty: Warzone, how to find and open bunkers

Before trying to open a bunker, you will need to find one of the rare hidden red access keys for the Warzone map. These keys are extremely rare and can only be found inside legendary equipment cases.

For the uninitiated, these speakers are characterized by bright orange color and inside they contain the most useful loot of the game.

These chests do not have a fixed position and can spawn in place of any normal equipment chest. To maximize your chances of finding one, we recommend that you go to places where there are normally many objects, such as prison, and hope for the best.

We remind you that, even if you find a legendary chest, the percentage of obtaining the access card is very low and consequently it is not said that during a game you are lucky enough to get one.

In search of riches – Call of Duty: Warzone, how to find and open bunkers

After you have managed to find an access key, all you have to do is try to open a bunker and collect the best Warzone loot. These places are well hidden, but they can be distinguished by the presence of a large metal door and a numeric keypad with which you can interact. To open these vaults, simply approach the keypad while holding the access card and interacting with it.

There are 12 bunkers hidden in the Warzone map and it is not easy to find them all. For this reason, we will describe below the place where they are located and then we will also show you their position on the map.

  • 00: This bunker is located on the west side of the coast south of Verdansk and to find it you will have to go down the hill towards the sea as if it were trying to go off the map.
  • 01: To find this bunker you will have to go north of the kart track and check the left side of the main road.
  • 02: If you continue to go north from the kart track for too long, you can reach the hidden bunker near the landfill.
  • 03: This bunker is located next to the number 02, but to reach it you will have to find a trap door and drop into it.
  • 04: The number 04 is located southeast of the dam, above the billboard written in Russian.
  • 05: This bunker is located on the east side of Crash Site
  • 06: Bunker 06 is hidden on the northeastern border of the map, roughly between Quarry and Lumber.
  • 07: Northeast of the stadium you will find a hidden trap door that will take you to this bunker.
  • 08: Going down the stairs on the opposite side to bunker 07 you can find the number 08.
  • 09: Northeast of the prison, on the right side of the bridge hill, you will find access to one of the game’s most visible bunkers.
  • 10: This bunker is located south of Tavorsk Park.
  • 11: Finally the last bunker is located in the upper northwest of the military base.

On the hunt for treasures

Thanks to our guide, you now know how to find and open the mysterious hidden bunkers throughout the Warzone map. Now all you have to do is go hunting for treasure in these gold mines. Our article ends here, but if you are a hardened Warzone player looking for some advice.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One. If you are interested in keeping up to date with all the news on the world of video games and much more.