Best War Games Recommendations For Android, IOS Or PC

Is there the best war games of all time? Perhaps, this question has arisen in the mind of the reader. Especially if you are someone who likes this type of game; whether it’s via Android, iOS, or PC.

Best War Games Recommendations for Android, iOS or PC

The answer, of course, is there. You see, war games have become a genre that has many users. In fact, since the first video games became popular and were played by many people!

So, if you really like it, of course you want to experience the gameplay of the best war game, right? Don’t worry, our team has prepared it!

And in order to make it easier for readers, the author has also prepared the title and the download link for the best war games for each device. So, select and immediately download based on the type of device you are using.

Best Android War Game

Having the most users in the world, game developers are flocking to launch their best products. Likewise, developers who focus on types of war games. And the author’s search results from various sources here’s a list of the best Android war gamesthat you deserve to try:

War Machines: Blitz Force

If you want to experiencereal-timebattles with other players, try installingWar Machines: Blitz Force. As per reviews from most users, this game deserves to be the first choice for the listof the best war games on Android.

There have been many players who have proven that this game offers a tense feel. In addition, players are also required to quickly design strategies and then execute them in the game. So, try it if you want to find a tense game.

Download Game War Machines: Blitz Force

Gun War: Shooting Games

Well, if this is a gun war game that you can play without internet access. Yes, the gameGun War: Shooting Gamesdeserves to be called the best offline war game! Try reading user reviews, most of which describe satisfaction and enjoyment!

You can play this game with only simple tactics. Equipped with charming graphics and amazing visual effects, you can even forget the time when you play it. Interested? Justdownloadthe offline gun war game on Android.

Download Game Gun War: Shooting Games

World at War 2: WW2 Strategy MMO

Who would have thought that there wasa war strategy game that was easy to understand and addictive? Yes, that’s the sensation you will feel if you play thisWorld at War 2: WW2 Strategy MMO game.

Equipped with cool graphics, you will get the sensation of real warfare. Besides that, there are tons of tasks related to World War 2 that you can complete. It’s not boring!

IOS War Game

Indeed, there are many Android games that you can also play on your iPhone. It’s just that, there are also iOS game titles that you won’t be able to find on Android phones.

No exception for the type of war game. So, for iPhone cellphone users, the author has prepared the best iOS war game that you can try.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Like the old gameClash of Empire, you will be invited to build a civilization. But there is a difference; there are approximately 60 civilizations that you can choose and play! Yes, a lot more choices thanClash of Empireor Earth of Empire, right?

It’s just that, there are 6 game expansion packages if you want to play it longer. And each expansion package, only priced at USD 5. So, directly download this game via the App Store or tap the link that has been prepared below.

Download Game Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

XCOM: Enemy Within

Game development studio 2K, Inc. is popular for its flagship games; namely XCOM: Enemy Unknown. The game, which was launched in 2012, is even believed by many reviewers as one of the best war strategy games to date.

Well, for iPhone or iPad users, you can download a game calledXCOM: Enemy Within. In fact, this is an expansion pack of the first series. It’s just that, it has been equipped with several developments and changes. To be sure, the nuances and sensations offered are no less than the previous series!

Download Game XCOM: Enemy Within

FTL: Faster Than Light

The best iOS war game is better known by its abbreviation; namely FTL. You could say, theFTL game: Faster Than Lightis one ofthe bestand phenomenalwar games. Starting from the mechanics, gameplay, to music, it is loved by many gamers who have tried it.

This game asks you to control a spaceship. And when it comes to spacecraft, of course, consists of various compartments that have their own duties. Well, you are also asked to allocate aircraft resources to each part as needed. Interested in playing this war game?

Download the FTL Game: Faster Than Light

Best PC War Game

The gameplay is more complicated, the backstoryis more complex, and game mechanics are more demanding strategy. Perhaps those things are what make PC war games still popular today. It is still widely sought after and played by users from various countries. And according to the author, there are threebest PC war gamesthat you must try.

Battlefield 1

Without a doubt, this isthe best PC war gamethat you must try. This game consists of two game modes; solo games to complete prepared military operations missions and amultiplayermode that turns the World War I background into a PvP (Player versus Player) shooting arena.

However, what caught the eye the most was the solo play mode. The developer acknowledged that many reviewers have successfully reproduced the nuances and atmosphere of World War I. It’s stressful and can be addictive. So, if you plan to play it, prepare a lot of time.

Download Game Battlefield 1

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

Many gamers agree that 2008 is the turning point of a war-type game. You see, that year was the year the PC’s best game titledBrothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway was launched. And until now, this game is still being played by gamers from all over the world!

In this game, you will face issues ranging from PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), brotherhood, to leadership. You will get these things in tense gameplay and fun mechanics.

Download Game Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway

This War of Mine

There are only a few game titles that choose to focus their stories on war victims. And that’s what you will get from a game calledThis War of Mine.

In this game, you don’t play like a War Hero. You are just a character who tries to survive the cruel reality of the conflicts that occur in the environment. As a result, this game can bring you to feel the sensation of the Syrian people facing civil war, Libya which was in shambles thanks to ISIS attacks, to other conflict areas.

Download Game This War of Mine

So, those are the recommendations for the best war games for Android, iOS or the PC version of our team. Of the nine games above, have you ever played anything? Comment us in the comment box.

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