How To Record Gameplay Or Stream The Game Live

Are you a video game enthusiast? Would you like to record your games played live? Do you want to record gameplay share and publish video game recordings on Youtube. Then you are reading the right guide in fact I want to explain how to record gameplay or how to broadcast the video game in live streaming.

How to Record Gameplay or Stream the Game Live
How to Record Gameplay or Stream the Game Live

How to Record Gameplay or Stream the Game Live

To record the computer screen there are some specific software such as XSplit  valid program to record a video composed of multiple sources, but in this guide I explain how to use the excellent program OBS Studio (Open Broadcaster Software) a free open source software is compatible for Windows, macOS and Linux which once installed allows you to record games of video games or to broadcast them live on YouTube or Twich a site similar to Youtube specialized only in video games.

How to record gameplay with OBS Studio

If you want to record the screen of a Windows, macOS or Linux computer and record a video game like the famous YouTubers do where you see the game in the background and the face of the video player transmitted by the webcam with its voice that explains the level of a game then you will I recommend downloading and installing the OBS Studio software on your computer.

For Windows (all versions)

If you use a computer with Windows and want to install and use OBS Studio open the browser connected to the main page and click on the button you see with the word Download OBS Studio  then select Windows 7+ to start downloading the OBS- Studio installation file-  18.0.1-Full-Installer.exe (the version number may be different).

At the end of the download, double click with the left mouse button on the file you just downloaded to start the installation of OSB Studio on Windows, then from the first window that opens select Yes> Next> I Agree> Next> Install> Finish> Ok to start the first screen of the software and record gameplay with Windows.

From the first OBS Studio screen to record your desktop computer or record a video game as a first step click the button Settings placed in the menu on the bottom right, then from the menus that appear on the left select General, and check in the right card entries Ask confirm when starting a live broadcast and  Ask for confirmation when ending a live broadcast.

As a next step, select the item on the left  Stream then on the right side click on the drop-down menu  Sevizio select the service in which you want to broadcast and broadcast the recordings of live streaming video games, for example you can choose between YouTube, YouTube Gaming, Twitch, Facebook Live and many others, at the choice made under Server select which one you want to record gameplay on.

Now positioned on the left Output option then on the right side under Record path using the Browse button select the destination folder where you want to record and save videos on the computer, while in the other items on the left menu you can set the quality to Audio audio and microphone devices Video the base resolution and the output resolution of the video recording of the keys set the shortcut keys from the keyboard to start and stop the transmission or start and stop recording.

Once you have finished and made all the various adjustments in the OBS Studio Settings menus,  click on the button you see below Apply and then Ok to confirm and save your preferences.

Once the configuration has been saved, click on the symbol of a + in the Origins box located below on the main screen and select the item Capture full screen window (Game) and then Ok , then click again on the + and select Video capture device then in the window that opens select the webcam installed in the computer through the Device drop-down menu and Ok to confirm and place the famous square with your face.

Also set the audio then always click on the + symbol located on Origins and in the drop-down menu that opens select first Capture the audio output and set the sound card on  Device and confirm with Ok, then always from the + select Capture the audio input and set the microphone to Device and confirm with the Ok button , at the end if you want from the main screen in the Mixer tab you can adjust the volume of both the sound card and the microphone with the two sliders that you see available.

Well after making the various adjustments and setting the various devices you are ready to start recording gameplay or broadcast the video game in live streaming to do it click on the button you see located at the bottom right Start transmission or Start recording or alternatively press the keys keyboard shortcuts you have set before.

For macOS (all versions)

If you use a macOS system and want to record gameplay with OBS Studio open the browser connected to the main page of the website then click first on the button that reads Download OBS Studio  and then on OSX 10.9+ to start downloading the obs-mac installation package  -18.0.1-installer.pkg (the software version may be different at the time of download).

At the end of the download to install OBS Studio on macOS click on the file you just downloaded with the right mouse button and in the menu that appears select the Open item , then press the Continue button three times and then Install , at the request type the access password to macOS and proceed by pressing first on Install and then on Close.

Once the installation operations are complete, start the software and in the first window that appears select the button with the word Accept to open the first screen with the OBS Studio command console, then to proceed with the configuration of the program read the previous paragraph. dedicated to Windows (the same doesn’t change anything).

In conclusion

If you are reading this paragraph then it means that you have found this guide how to record gameplay or broadcast the game in live streaming. If you have any questions, comment us in the comment box.

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