How To Create A Perfect Facebook Page

Create a Perfect Facebook page: Each holder of a Facebook account can create one or more pages on the social network. Each one responds to different communication needs, even if each page has the same functionalities to communicate: sharing of publications, promoted publications (paid), cover photo (header), adding tabs, etc.

How to Create a Perfect Facebook Page
How to Create a Perfect Facebook Page

How to Create a Perfect Facebook page

You will have to choose a type, then a category of pages for each page created. The type and category of pages are used to classify them.

To create a page, two choices are possible:

  • From your Facebook account: select the gear icon at the top right, then choose “create a page”. You can then access your page via this menu once it has been created.
  • Or go directly to this page.

What type of page to choose?

  • Local or local business: this page is dedicated to bars, restaurants, and shops that want to promote their images/products on Facebook.
  • Company, organization or institution: this page dedicated to “corporate” communication makes it possible to develop the presence of your company on Facebook, to federate a community of fans and customers for example.
  • Brand or product: this page is often used by companies wishing to specifically develop the image of a brand or a product in relation to their activities.
  • Artist, group or public figure
  • Entertainment
  • Cause or Community

What name, description, and categories to choose?

Once the page type has been chosen, you will have to choose a category, and name the page. You can also describe it, and enter a URL if the page is linked to a website.

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