Download And Install Shazam For Windows PC

Here is the complete and detailed guide on how to download and install Shazam for Windows PC. Download Shazam for PC and run it hassle free.

Download and Install Shazam for Windows PC

The Shazam app is great but it only works on smartphones, right? False! Not anymore. The Shazam app is one of the best ways to find out the details of playing this song right now.

Download and Install Shazam for Windows PC

Shazam is one of the coolest and most original apps on the market. It provides an exclusive service that allows its users to quickly identify an assortment of media.

And while it’s easy to think that the natural habitat for such software should be on mobile devices, there’s no denying the fact that a web-based Shazam can also be helpful. The Shazam app was originally used to discover new music, but it’s now part of something bigger.

The application can now be used to identify advertisements, television programs and films. For convenience, Shazam can instantly redirect users to Spotify so they can stream the full audio version of a track after it is identified.

Therefore, the Shazam online service has been developed to better meet this broader objective. Shazam is no longer located exclusively on mobile devices. Read on to find out ways to get Shazam for computers.

How to get Shazam for Windows PC

There are actually several ways to put Shazam online, but we will highlight the most reliable ones here:

1. Get Shazam for computer using Bluestacks

For those of us who didn’t know, Bluestacks is an emulator for Android that you can run on a Windows operating system or a Mac PC. It is a simple way to install and run Android apps and games on your PC and in this case we are referring to the Shazam app.

All you have to do here is go to the official Bluestacks web page to download and install the emulator software. Next, you will need to log into your Google account, then launch the Google Play app to install the Shazam software, and you can start using it normally.

You have to remember that most low-end PCs can have a hard time dealing with an Android emulator. In addition, you will need a microphone for this configuration to work; a pair of headphones could also be useful.

2. Get Shazam online with Memu

The Memu approach to bringing Shazam online is very similar to Bluestacks – it’s yet another Android emulator. MEmu and Bluestacks are actually two of the very few decent Android emulators that are compatible with Shazam.

MEmu works very well with Shazam. So if Bluestacks doesn’t quite work for you, then MEmu is the second best option. To install Shazam online using Memu, simply visit the official MEmu website and download it directly or via the offline installer.

The two methods are quite similar, but people with a slower Internet connection may prefer the offline alternative. Just follow the instructions on your screen to install the Memu software.

Once ready, launch Google Play, then log into your Gmail account using your username and password, install Shazam and that’s it!

3. How to run Shazam on a computer in native mode

Most of you already know that Shazam is not supported by the Windows operating system. However, this does not mean that you cannot run the Android version of Shazam natively on your PC.

You should now be very careful, as we will not discuss emulators in this section.

Here we are referring to running Android applications as if you were running them on Windows, Linux, Mac or any other computer operating system. Remix OS is one of the easiest Android ports to reconfigure Windows desktops.

To bring Shazam online and run it on your PC using Remix OS, all you have to do is download the software from the Fosshub web domain, then unzip the files for installation on your PC.

Note, however, that you will lose all information on this drive.

Restart your computer in the newly installed BIOS. After restarting, your computer should boot into the Remix Android operating system which can support online editing of Shazam.

Obviously there will be some changes in the user interface to make the system more user friendly for the PC. But, on top of that, it’s an authentic Android platform.


Here ends our article on the best ways to get Shazam for computers. Once you have followed the simple steps identified above, installing Shazam, social media applications or any other Android based software on your PC no longer really matters.

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