How To Overcome Delayed Downloads On The Google Play Store

Do you own an Android device? If so, surely you often download applications and games from the Google Play Store. It’s only natural because the Google Play Store is the official digital distribution tool found on Android.

How to Overcome Delayed Downloads on the Google Play Store

You can get applications in other ways such as searching for APK files that are widespread on the internet. However, this method is rather dangerous considering that the files may contain dangerous viruses that can make your device error.

In addition, the Google Play Store also functions as a provider of application information needed. You can see a row of the best applications for certain keywords and directly see the reviews given by other users for consideration.

Not only that, the benefits can be obtained. Thanks to theauto-updatefeature that is brought by the Google Play Store, all the games and applications that you download must always be in the latest version.

But, the Google Play Store is not flawless. It is not uncommon for users to be troubled by obstacles that hinder the download process because of the words “download pending” or in the Indonesian language, “Download delayed”.

This problem occurs after you tapthe Install button and the installation process displays the text above. Normally, you only need to wait a while until theprogress barshows the percent. But if you’re bad, the words “delayed download” will not disappear no matter how long you wait.

It’s frustrating, isn’t it? Fortunately, Caris Signal has provided several ways to overcome delayed downloads on the Play Store easily and quickly.

Why the “Download Pending” Constraint Occur?

What’s strange is that this obstacle is difficult to guess when it will come. Sometimes you can download smoothly, sometimes you can’t. Although it seems that this happens randomly, you need to know that there are several causes that allow this to happen.

1. Non-Current Connection

Downloading applications from the Google Play Store certainly requires the internet. If your internet is smooth, chances are the download process will run smoothly.

Therefore, if the problem of “delayed downloading” occurs with you, it might be necessary to re-check whether your Android device is connected to a strong internet.

Check that you are connected to the correct WiFi, if you still have a quota, and whether the FUP(Fair Usage Policy)usage limit is up. You can also check your internet condition by trying browsing. If when browsing smoothly but you are still experiencing problems “delayed downloading”, maybe you need to consider other reasons.

2. There are Other Applications Downloaded

When downloading an application on the Google Play Store, you can press the Install button on any application. However, keep in mind the download process will still be done one by one.

So, if you are confused about why the writing “delayed download” is not lost, check whether there are other download processes that have not been completed.

3. Not Enough Internal Memory

Each downloaded application consists of elements such as images orscripts. That is why applications will take up space when installed. If you are trying to download an application and the internal memory is full, this could be the reason why the constraint “delayed download” can occur.

How to Overcome “Pending Downloads” on the Play Store

After knowing the reasons above, you probably already know how to overcome them. But, not a few constraints “download delayed” this still occurs even though you already have fast internet, enough internal memory, and no applications are being downloaded.

If this problem still occurs on your Android, no need to be frustrated. Try the following methods to deal with “delayed downloads” on the Google Play Store.Oh yes, for information, the author uses Xiaomi Mi A1 (Android 9) when writing this tutorial. Navigation may be different on each device and version of Android.

1. Turn on Airplane Mode and Turn Off Again

Even though you feel your browsing speed is normal, not necessarily the problem lies not with the connection. Sometimes there are just interruptions that occur in connection without you knowing. To be more sure, try toreset yourconnection in the following way.

  • Make swipedown the notification bar to open thequick setting
  • In general, there will be a choice of airplane mode menu. Tap once to activate the mode.
  • Make sure cellular and WiFi networks are inactive. Then, tap once again in the airplane mode menu to turn it off again.
  • The cellular network will turn on again. If you use WiFi, reconnect the device to the active WiFi name.
  • Try canceling the download on the Play Store and tap the Install button again.

Wait a few seconds until the words “delayed download” disappear and replace with MB information and numbers in the form of a percent. If it hasn’t been gone for a minute, you can try another way.

2. Perform Clear Cache

Please note, the application that you have opened on an Android device will save temporary files. This temporary file is stored in acache called storage. This temporary file is useful so you can open the same application a second time faster.

However, sometimes the cache also contains dataleftoveror “leftover” from downloads you’ve ever done. This can affect the next download process, so you should do aclear cachewith the following steps.

  • Open theSettingsmenu on your Android device.
  • Select theStorageor Storage
  • Select theOther Appsmenu
  • There will be a list of applications installed on your device. Look for it and select the words “Google Play Services” on the list.
  • Select theClear Cache menu, the Cache size information listed will change to 0 B.
  • Remove the Google Play Store application from the list of applications that are running in the background (running background), reopen the Google Play Store, and try downloading again.

Hopefully thiscache removal method can solve the problem of “delayed downloads” on the Google Play Store. If it hasn’t worked, don’t worry! There are still other ways you can try.

3. Restart the Android Device

If you have done these methods but succeeded as well, it’s time to do a solution that is quite effective to overcome various problems: byrestarting.

Almost all devices (PC or Android) will have a variety of applications running in the background. This then gives an effect to the device which can make it slow, unresponsive, or problematic.

Whenrestarted, the device seems to turn back on with a state that is still “fresh”. The trick is quite easy, you just need to press the oldpowerbutton until the option torestart appears.

4. Perform a Factory Reset

Still not successful either? Be patient, ok. Fortunately, there is still the last way that I guarantee will solve your problem, namely with afactory reset.

As the name implies, the factory resetwill restore the condition of the device to its original state when you first bought it. This method is not recommended because it will erase all applications, contacts, and data stored in the internal memory.

If you really must use this method, you canbackupall your contacts and files. If your Android device uses microSD, you can move all files such as photos, videos and documents to external memory.

Your contacts should also be synchronized to a Google account so you can easily restore them later. Are you ready to do afactory reset?Here it is the steps.

  • Open theSettingsmenu and select “Reset options”
  • Then, select the “Erase all data (factory reset)” menu
  • You will be presented with information about what data will be deleted. There will be a series of accounts connected to your Android device.Scrolldown andtapon the “Reset phone” button
  • Wait a few moments and follow the next instructions displayed on the screen (if any)

After the Android device has beenreset, please reconnect your Google account. Download some important applications and applications that you previously failed to download.

Now, that was a few ways that you can apply to overcome the constraints of “delayed downloads” on the Google Play Store. Try to do the first way first, then do the next ways if it still doesn’t work. Good luck to you!

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