How Technology Helps SME Accounting

SME Accounting: Today we are talking about SMEs, or Small and Medium Enterprises: in Italy alone there are more than 4 million, of which the vast majority of them are defined as micro-enterprises.

Unfortunately, 20% of these businesses are unable to stay in business for more than 3 years, and another 40% barely drag on into the 5th year.

How Technology Helps SME Accounting
How Technology Helps SME Accounting

How Technology Helps SME Accounting

The factors involved in this enormous series of failures are many, and include both the family and the professional sphere: entrepreneurs capable of carving out time to spend with their loved ones or who have already had previous experiences are more likely to succeed. , being able to better assess and deal with risks and unforeseen situations.

The key to success, however, often and willingly lies in the ability to admit one’s limits and find valid and trusted allies along the way.

In fact, in a good percentage of cases, entrepreneurs whose business has exceeded five years have turned to accountants and have established a solid relationship of mutual trust with them.

Furthermore, a good help is certainly provided by modern technology which in many cases simplifies and speeds up a considerable number of operations.

It is precisely here that Fatture In Cloud intervenes , a management software able to quickly create invoices and estimates, to send payment reminders (even automatically) and to improve the relationship with the accountant by providing him with direct and free access to the account. FIC is also equipped with a schedule and an App for Android and iOS, allowing use even on the move.

FurthermoreFatture in Cloud has launched an offer dedicated to all those who operate on a flat-rate basis which consists of giving away an account with all the best services included (except electronic invoicing to which the flat-rates are not obliged) for a total value more than 200 € + VAT per year.

To date, 4,000 flat-rate schemes have already joined the FIC promotion; in the unfortunate event that someone does not have a trusted accountant, then, FIC will help him find him based on the area and previous experiences.

FIC was born in 2014 as a young Italian StartUp. Thanks to his innovative ideas, within a few years he manages to reach and exceed 300,000 customers. Are you still convinced that keeping all invoices in Excel is a good idea?

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