How To Turn Off Autoplay On Instagram On Android And IOS

Turn off Autoplay on Instagram: By default,Instagram preloading videos are started as quickly as possible. However, automatic video playback is a very risky setting because it consumes a lot of data.

How to Turn off Autoplay on Instagram on Android and iOS
How to Turn off Autoplay on Instagram on Android and iOS

This is not a problem if we are connected to an unlimited WiFi network, but it is what happens when we use the Internet using data from our mobile network and the operators offer a very limited amount of GB in their offers.

The risk is to lose all GB before the natural renewal of the active offer.

To reduce the amount of mobile data used by the Instagram app, you can choosenot to preload videos on Instagram via mobile connections.

And in this article, we will explain how to do it:turn off automatic video playback in the Instagram app for iOS and Android.The procedure is the same for the iOS and Android app, but the design of an icon changes.

By choosing to use less data, downloading videos over a mobile connection can take more time, but at least there is no shortage of all the GB of active offer.

While most other video apps allow users to turn off video autoplay completely, Instagram doesn’t. In fact, Instagram allows you to turn off video pre-download only when you’re connected to a mobile data network.

This is a big step forward compared to not offering an option to disable automatic video playback, but there are people who also have unlimited ADSL price plans at home.

However, let’s see below how to turn off automatic video playback on Instagram on Android and iOS devices.

How to Turn off Autoplay on Instagram on Android and iOS

Step 1:Open Instagram, then access your own page by pressing the user icon in the bottom right.

Step 2: –Enter your profile, you must enter the settings screen. To do this, press (≡), then on the settings icon in the lower right, on the settings icon.

Step 3: –In the settings screen, select “Use of mobile data”.

Step 4: –Select “Use less data” to prevent Instagram from pre-downloading videos when you are connected to the Internet via the mobile network.

Procedure completed.By checking the “Use less data” box, you have chosen not to preload videos on Instagram via mobile connections.

On the final choice page between ‘standard’ and ‘Use less data’, Instagram warns you that using less data from your mobile phone may affect your app experience (e.g. photos and videos may load more slowly), but I guess it is better to wait a second or two longer than finding yourself without GB or renewing their offer in advance.

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