How To Buy On Amazon With Android

Amazon with Android: It certainly does not need big presentations: after all, it has invaded the television with its advertisements for quite some time now. We are obviously talking about Amazon: in this guide, we quickly retrace what it is, we explain why you should know it pretty well and, above all, we find out how easy it is to buy from a mobile phone.

How to Buy on Amazon with Android
How to Buy on Amazon with Android

What is Amazon and why is it convenient?

Amazon has madeonline selling popular and safe. It is not only a company that sells goods of all kinds, but it is also a digital store with the best customer service in the world. It is so attentive to the consumer that it often leaves you speechless, especially if you relate it to other e-commerce companies.

As a result,the rumor that internet shopping is unsafe no longer makes sense to exist today, not least because, should something happen, Amazon will do everything it can to resolve the situation.

Amazon with Android

Like any self-respecting online service, Amazon also has itsAndroid appand just go to the Play Store to download it. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to thePlay Store
  • Type“Amazon”into the search bar
  • DownloadAmazon Shopping if you have a smartphone orAmazon for Tablet

Otherwise, touch the digital buttons below to download Amazon Shopping or Amazon for Tablet from the Play Store.With this application, you can do everything that Amazon offers, from order management to purchase, up to the return operations, which are very simple. You will learn in the blink of an eye and see how easy and convenient it is to use the app on Android.

Create an Amazon account on Android

To use Amazonyou need to create an Amazon account. It’s simple, free and you only have to do it once. After opening the app, tapNew customers? Create an Amazon account. Enter yourName, Mobile Number or emailanda password, then chooseContinue.

To verify the account,a codewill be sent to the e-mail or phone number left during registration: enter that code in the appropriate field. Once this is done,you will have an Amazon account!Follow the app’s directions to start using it.

Purchase on Amazon with Android

Buying on Amazon is simple, but buying with the Amazon app with a smartphone is even more so. It actually sounds a bit like a commercial, yet it’s really easy. We explain it to you in seven points.

  • In thesearch barabove type what you want to buy
  • Take a look at the search results andtouch the productyou are interested in
  • Did you change your mind?Go back or click on themagnifying glassat the top to start a new search.Do you like it and want to buy it?TouchAdd to cart.
  • If you want to buy more, do another search. If you are ready to proceed with the purchase, touch the cart icon at the top right and thenProceed to order
  • Now you need to pay attention. You will be asked forthe shipping address: you can choose the home address, that of a relative, or an affiliated center, from which you can conveniently collect the package by showing the proof of purchase. Don’t worry, everything will be explained to you carefully when choosing. You will then have to enter avalid payment method, such as a credit or debit card or you can take advantage of the top-up if you don’t have one. It is a method that allows you to load your Amazon account into Sisal points via barcode (more information here). Know that Amazon does not accept cash on delivery or Paypal.
  • Pay attention to the type of shipment. You must reach an amount equal to or greater than € 29 to take advantage of free shipping for items shipped from Amazon, otherwise you will have to pay it. Or you can subscribe toAmazon Prime, and we will talk about this in the next paragraph.
  • When you’re ready, tapBuy Now.

What is Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is amonthly or annual subscriptionthat you can activate to access many benefits. You can watch Movies and TV Series with Prime Video, unlock preview offers during discount days like Black Friday and Prime Day, get unlimited storage space for photos and, above all, have free and fast shipping for many products.

You will wonder if it is worth it: it all depends on how much you buy on Amazon and if you often buy items under the threshold of € 29. You can experience the benefits of the service on your own thanks to the free month offered to all new customers.

Tracking orders, offers and settings

At any time you can call up a pop-up menu by touching the three dashes at the top left, also known ashamburger button: from here you can take a look at the orders, your wish list, search by category, offers of the day, comfortable gift vouchers (they are always appreciated!) and much more.

We can assure you that you will often use it to checkyour orders: in this tab, you can take a look at the status of the shipment, or if an order is being delivered. Touch what you are interested in to find out more about it, if you want to cancel it or start a return procedure.

Returns and what the Amazon app does not have

Amazon is veryflexiblein terms of returns. Its policies allow you to exercise the right of withdrawalwithin 30 days of delivery of thearticle, a period of time that is extended during the festive periods (such as Christmas). You can return an item if you have rethought your purchase or if it has defects or does not reflect what you expected.

You will be reimbursed for all costs, including shipping costs if the error is not up to you. As we mentioned, however, Amazon is very soft in this sense: exercising a return is a right, it does not rain on this, but you have to behave civilly andnot abuse the softness of the policiesto make sure that the gear continues to work well as is doing now.

In any case, know that, after the 30-day period from delivery, you can still obtain warrantyassistancefor the items sold by Amazon by contactingCustomer Service, so that you can maybe send replacement products, if they have problems. Here’s how to do it:

  • Touch thehamburger buttonon the top left
  • Scroll down and chooseCustomer Service
  • After that, on the newly opened page, scroll again and selectContact Us

From here you can contact support for any eventuality bye-mailor you can becalled. In the first case, you will get an answer within six hours of sending (often even much earlier), while in the second case they will call you on your cell phone in the first sitting.

Unfortunately, from the Amazon app you cannot use the real-time chat service, available instead on PC or, possibly, also on Android via Browser: you will have to enter your account data and request the desktop mode to access the chat. Yes, it’s a bit of a geek operation, but it’s the only way! In any case, regardless of the mode selected, the operator will take care of you and you won’t have to worry about anything. Seeing is believing!

Before closing, we point out that products not sold to Amazon are covered by a special guarantee, called A to Z Guarantee, which protects your purchases for items sold and shipped by external sellers within 30 days of delivery. Beyond this period of time, Amazon will still try to help you in case of communication problems with the seller, if still under warranty.

If you feel any problem to buy on amazon with android, comment us in the comment box.

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