How To Get Rayman Legends And Other Ubisoft Games For Free

Ubisoft Games: Ubisoft is making three games available for free to encourage its fans not to leave the house. Check out how to get them!

How to Get Rayman Legends and Other Ubisoft Games for free

Many companies are offering some of their services free of charge. One of them is precisely Ubisoft, which has three games for free, including one of them ends up being its most charismatic character, Rayman. Next, see how to get Rayman Legends and other Ubisoft games for free.


The games being given away for free by Ubisoft are for computers only. In addition, it is worth noting, they can only be obtained free of charge until the 3rd of April, however, once you have performed the process described below, the game is yours forever.

On the same page, it is also worth noting, Ubisoft offers the “trial” of some games, that is, you can play them completely, but only for a specific period of time. This time is generally no more than six hours.

Another new feature from Ubisoft is the Friend Pass. In it, a player can invite to cooperative missions up to three friends, who do not have the same game, as long as they download the trial version of the game.

How to get Ubisoft games for free

The process to obtain Ubisoft games for free is very simple and does not require many steps. Check out:

1. Access this Ubisoft page in your browser;

2. Below the game, you want to get, click on “Get free game”. In our tutorial we will be using Rayman Legends as an example;

3. On the next page, click on the “PC” icon;

4. Log in with your Ubisoft account, the same one used in Uplay. If not, you need to create one;

5. Now, you will see a message that the game has been added to your library.

After the game is in your library, of course, you only need to download it from Uplay, the Ubisoft launcher for games on the PC. To do this, just follow these steps:

1. Open Uplay as usual and enter the “Games” tab. In it, in “My games”, click on the title you just added to your library;

2. On the game page, click on “Download” and proceed with the installation process.

Ready! Now, you already know how to enjoy the games that Ubisoft is making available for free for the PC.

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