Top 5 Online Domain Authority Checkers

If you haven’t heard about Domain Authority then there is no need to worry because I got it covered. Well, if you ever Flip website or marketed an immediate ad on your own blog, you would know that SEO-oriented customers are absolutely considering the metrics like Domain Authority and Page Authority.

Top 5 Online Domain Authority Checkers

The reason why Domain Authority is considered very important is that websites with higher domain authority rank are higher on google. Then, those with less Domain Authority. Domain Authority checker simply computes the potency of a whole site. There are a lot of Domain Authority checker tools that provide detailed details of the site.

Top 5 Online Domain Authority Checkers

But what I have discovered is that lots of webmasters and bloggers do not have any clue about these free Domain Authority checker tools. Thus, to alleviate the pain, here is the list of free domain tools. And after you understand your siteDomain Authority score, it is going to be rather simple to proceed further and boost it by enhancing the general website SEO score.

Here is the list of 5 websites that provide the information regarding DAand PA


W3era Checks your site’s ability for you and offers you a score (0 to 100), the given number indicates the chance of being displayed by the Search Engines at the most appropriate place at the SERP. The greater the number the greater the capability of having a higher position.

DA Checker Toolis extremely beneficial and simple, the most important thing required is your website URL that you want to evaluate and the website will do the rest for you. After assessing the Domain Name the tool will return with domain authority rating.

It can also work as a Bulk DA checker. This website provides the score which will be helpful in quantifying the validity of your site. Not only advantageous to learn the domain name authority, but DA score can help you concentrate on bad links too.

Project Backlinks

Project Backlinks

This Domain Authority tool developed by project backlink. It provides free access for checking. If you do not wish to sign up to a website or undergo the first account set up before assessing your Domain Authority, then this tool is right for you. It takes a couple of moments to provide you domain authority, page authority.

The website is connected to MOZ. Which is a very powerful and accurate tool. The website is quite simple and can easily be navigated. The person who wants a rapid result should prefer this website. It also provides tips on how to improve websiteDA.


This website is among the most reliable DA and PA checker tool. This assists marketers, bloggers, and SEO experts in performing competitive analysis, rank evaluation, and site monitoring. Domain authority has a direct influence on search engine optimization and the natural health of the website.

When a website begins to get traction through social networking traffic, and SEO, the components like Page Authority and Domain Authority begin to get much better.

The more a website performs better in search, the greater the chances to enhance the Domain Authority. It also comes in extension for chrome which makes it quite easier for users to know about the website.

It also provides a Spam Score of the website. There is also a detailed summary on the website on how to increase the website ranking by increasing the domain Authority and Page Authority of the website

Seo Wagon

SEO Wagon is a Free Domain Authority Checker tool for customers without a captcha code. SEO Wagon is permitted to useDA Checker and gives a free assessment of Domain Authority and Moz Ranks alongside PA Checks as well. You can assess up to 200 regions in only one go.

This device for assessing DA also provides you with the upside of downloading the CSV record for your documents or checks. No customer sign up needed and simple to use. The user interface of the website is also very good and it provides a bunch of other services as well. This website is a complete package for bloggers.

Counting Character

Domain Authority Checker has always been easy with Counting Character.

It is one of the most useful and important SEO tools that you must not ignore. The great thing about Counting Character is, it allows you to check Domain Authority and Page Authority with just one click.

Whereas, there is a limitation as it cannot process URL in bulk. Well, other than this you don’t have to fill or enter any captcha or registration form. The website also contains some remarkable tools that are very hard to find on one website.


You have gone through a listing of the finestDomain Authority assessing sites. Most of the websites are free to use and can provide you with very quick and rapid information regarding your website.

Though MOZ established this domain name authority metric to present the domain authority score and its domain authority metric is broadly popular today.

Today, you have a listing of different domain authority assessing tools. Select your preferred one and have a look at your site’s domain authority straight away.

However, before leaving this site, read on this since the end is vital.

Trust Flow is important in ranking too. It is about the quality of the site. In case if a link pointing to a site is qualitative and authoritative, then there is very likely to maximize your traffic stream. Well, building quality or trust is rather hard.

No matter how you build links. For the linking approach, there is always a directory along with other types of backlinks which aren’t so qualitative. Well, they are regarded as spam scores.

Spam score informs a whole lot on your site. If your site has more irrelevant links, then there is a very good probability you will get penalized. The less the spam rating, the greater the opportunities to rate higher.

Do let us know which tool you like most and why?

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