How To Install Evil King Media On Fire TV Stick

Download Evil King Media on Fire TV Stick. How to install Evil King Media on Fire TV Stick. Evil King Media on Fire TV Stick download and installation: complete guide.

How to Install Evil King Media on Fire TV Stick
How to Install Evil King Media on Fire TV Stick

Evil King Media on Firestick (or Fire TV Stick)

By popular demand, today we see together how to download and install Evil King Media on Firestick ( Amazon’s Fire TV Stick ).

In the past we have seen how to install Kodi on Amazon’s smart key , but today we see how to directly install Evil King Media , a fantastic program that lets you watch everything in streaming for free (movies, TV series, digital TV, satellite TV, sports events, games , Formula 1, MotoGP and much more).

Yes, that’s right: Evil King Media is a spectacular program, completely free and always up to date, which allows you to watch anything in streaming for free on Android.

Unfortunately the app is not optimized for Amazon’s Fire TV Stick, but thanks to this guide of ours we will see how to install Evil King Media on the flash drive anyway and watch everything in streaming free on the TV or on any screen.

Thanks to our instructions, you can also download, install and use Evil King Media on Amazon’s Firestick (Fire TV Stick) and you can then watch all your favorite programs, movies and TV series for free.

Having said that, let’s not waste time and immediately start with the guide, also suitable for less experienced users, who in a few steps will take you to install Evil King Media on your key, making it even more powerful and indispensable.

Evil King Media on Fire TV Stick: how to install it

  • Turn on your Fire TV Stick and go to Settings / Device / Developer Options
    Then click on Applications from unknown sources , set it to ON and confirm by clicking OK
  • Now go back to the Home and click on Categories / UTILITY
  • Then install the Downloader program
  • Once the installation is complete, start the Downloader program , enter the address and click on Go
  • On the next page you will find the list of APK files that you can install from the source: I recommend downloading and installing at least Evil King Media (it could also be renamed as EKM to shorten the name), Mouse Toggle, Web Video Caster, CetusPlay and Wuffy Player
  • To install the apps in the list you simply have to move between the menus with the cursor> click on> wait for the file to download> confirm by clicking on Install

In a matter of moments you will have installed Evil King Media on Fire TV Stick.

Now all you have to do is start Evil King Media, choose the movie, TV series or channel to watch in streaming and enjoy the live.


We have concluded with this new guide related to Fire TV Stick.

Now, thanks to our indications, you can see Evil King Media and all its contents on Fire TV Stick without major problems and difficulties.

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