How To Remove Arrows From Shortcuts On Desktop

How to Remove Arrows from Shortcuts on Desktop – By default, the ” shortcut arrow ” sign will be present when installing the Windows operating system. The sign in the form of this little arrow, is in the lower corner of the shortcut icon on the desktop and this will always be adorned when using a computer.

How to Remove Arrows From Shortcuts on Desktop
How to Remove Arrows From Shortcuts on Desktop

For some people may not care about this, and just ignore it and think it’s okay. But what about those who care about the look, of course the existence of the arrow or ” shortcut arrow ” will be the thing that makes the desktop display less ” beautiful “, or looks dirty.

Unfortunately Windows does not provide settings so that users easily remove this sign. Now on this occasion I will share a little trick, about how to remove the ” shortcut arrow ” on the icon. By slightly changing the registry, you can remove this sign.

Before following this tutorial, you should first backup your entire registry. Yes just in case just in case an error can be restored.

How to Remove Arrows From Shortcuts on Desktop

Please click ” Start ” and then click ” Run “, or by pressing the Win + R key combination on the keyboard. Until it appears like the following picture …

Please type “regedit ” without the quotes in the column, then click ” OK “.

Then the Registry Editor (regedit) will appear . Please open the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT folder.

After opening ” HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT “, please look for the ” lnkfile ” folder as shown below.

Look on the right, there will be ” IsShortcut “. Please right-click on IsShortcut and select rename, change it to ” IsShortcuts “. Just add the letter ” s ” behind it.

Well until this point is actually finished. Please restart or log off and then log in again to see the results.

Congratulations, your best friend’s desktop is prettier with the disappearance of the shortcut icon on the icon. If you are still confused and have difficulty following this tutorial. Please ask via comments.

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