Evil King Media Does Not Work Audio: How To Solve?

Don’t you hear audio on Evil King Media? While you’re using Evil King Media, can’t you hear the audio? Here’s how to solve the problem of audio that doesn’t work

Evil King Media does not work Audio: How to solve?
Evil King Media does not work Audio: How to solve?

Evil King Media audio does not work

Let’s go back to talk about Evil King Media , the best IPTV Android program .

Today in particular we will see how to solve an error that many users have found with Evil King Media: the lack of audio and sound when playing streaming videos.

If you have also downloaded and installed Evil King Media on your Android smartphone or tablet, but sometimes you have audio problems and can’t hear anything while playing videos, then we’ll see how to try to solve the problem.

The guide is very simple, fast and affordable for everyone. I can’t guarantee that it will work, but in 99% of cases I’m sure the problem will be solved.

I don’t hear Evil King Media audio

Without wasting time, let’s see right away what you can do to get back to the sound of streaming video.

First of all, even if it may seem obvious, make sure you have turned up the volume of the smartphone and especially of the program you use to play the video streams. It can sometimes happen that the volume of the smartphone is at its maximum, but that of the program that reproduces Evil King Media videos is at a minimum: this obviously makes it impossible to hear audio while using Evil King Media.

If you already have all the volumes at the most but still feel nothing while using Evil King Media , I suggest you try these solutions:

  • close and reopen Evil King Media (sometimes a simple reboot solves the problems)
  • clean the program’s cache by going to Android Settings / Applications / EvilKingMedia ⇒ Memory / Delete Data / Cache
  • With these two solutions the problem should be solved and the audio should be back on Evil King Media. Can you confirm it?

If the absent audio problem persists, then I suggest you change the IPTV list you are using: since streams come from free and shared sources, it can happen that that particular video stream is without audio.


With this new guide on Evil King Media we have concluded.

I hope I helped you solve the problem. I wish you good vision!

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