How To Search For A Dryer In Minecraft And Why?

Dryer in Minecraft: An impressive part of your time in Minecraft will be spent on battles with gangs that will try to destroy you. Therefore, you will need serious weapons, as well as knowledge of which gangs are stronger, which are weaker, and which are immunity or weakness for any item, potion, or spell.

How to Search for a Dryer in Minecraft
How to Search for a Dryer in Minecraft

How to Search for a Dryer in Minecraft

But among ordinary gangs, bosses that are much stronger and more dangerous than ordinary representatives of competitors stand out. They have more health, they inflict huge damage and have a wide range of dangerous attacks at once.

One of the scariest bosses can be called Dryer – you can’t actually fight it, but then you won’t get an amazing reward, the Star of the Sub-World, so you are deprived of the opportunity to create unique items.

What is a Seeker?

Seeker is the boss who frightens both his appearance and his attacks. You need to know how to collect the dryer in Minecraft, but also imagine where it goes.

This boss looks like a huge black skeleton without arms and legs, but he has the ability to fly with three skulls and makes him very dangerous.

When you just look for it, while it has only half the health, it doesn’t look particularly impressive. But do not think that this is a chance to kill him as soon as possible – you cannot attack him while he is passive.

It will slowly recover lost health, grow and when it reaches its peak, it will make an explosion that can damage everything nearby. Therefore, it will be useful to choose the right place for the interview – as you can see, it is not enough to know how to collect Seeker in Minecraft.

Call process

You have already learned what this boss is – it’s time to move on to the basic question of how to call Seeker in Minecraft. You can do this only if you create the right altar. To do this, you will need the sand of the soul and the skull of the skeleton dryers. This sand can be found in the Lower Earth.

You will find skeletons-dryers in the same place. You will have to kill at least three of them to get the desired result. In this case, a skull cannot fall from each of the gangs, and you will eventually need three.

When the necessary materials are in your presence, choose a place, and lay an altar. Remember that one of the skulls must complete the structure of the altar otherwise, it is not active.

Therefore, first place three blocks of sand spirit, then place one next to the more central one. You need to put the skulls on the other side along with three sand blocks. When the last skull is part of the structure, the Dryer’s call is activated.

You’d better survive, so you won’t be exposed to a strong explosion, and you should also be in the most advantageous position in attack and defense as this boss’s attacks can cause you serious damage. The skeleton seeker in Minecraft is a much simpler opponent, although it is much stronger than ordinary skeletons.

How to deal with the caller?

You should be glad that you don’t have to think about where to find the seeker in Minecraft. While you are calling it and also remain in a passive state for a while, you will find yourself in an advantageous position to renew your health. You can choose your location for a comfortable war, create traps, and all conditions.

In this case, attention should be paid to the importance of attacking the Dryer with the arrows in the most appropriate way, while maintaining a safe distance. But there is a warning – when the boss’s health reaches the level he reached this world, he will have a new armor.

It will protect it from arrows and other shooting weapons, so here you have to take the sword and go face-to-face fighting with the enemy.

Here it is important to pay attention to the skulls the Seeker throws at you – they can be dangerous. The black version is poisonous, although it does not directly harm, therefore, you will gradually lose your health. The blue skulls cause more damage and have a large radius.

Drop From Seeker

You don’t have to fight the boss directly – he is aggressive to all creatures except the immortal. Therefore, you can witness Minecraft’s big battle: Drapper – Dragon. You will be able to finish the Seeker and get a drop from it – the Star of the Sub Worlds, a rare material that is useful to you to do amazing things.

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