How To Solve Forgot GoPay PIN

Besides being used to transact Gojek services, Gopay is now also digital money that we can use to buy various kinds of goods and services at partner companies. To use Gopay is quite easy. We only need to scan theQRcodeby using theQR scanneravailable on the Gojek application. After that we are required to enter our Gopay PIN.

How to Solve Forgot PIN GoPay
How to Solve Forgot PIN GoPay

How to Solve Forgot PIN GoPay

Touch-lesspayments like this really make it easier for us in a pandemic situation like now. Because besides being practical, we can minimize contact with other people, either directly or indirectly.

By using Gopay, payments will indeed become more practical. However, the problem is what if we forget the Gopay PIN? Then what if the Gopay PIN is blocked? How to solve this problem? Check out the explanation below.

GoPay PIN keeps wrong?

If the problem is the wrong Gopay PIN, stop for a moment and try to remember again. Maybe we have previously changed the PIN, or maybe the PIN entered is the PIN for another account (for example, we enter the e-banking PIN here, because all that is remembered is the PIN).

The next step is to try to reset the Gopay PIN first before it gets blocked.

To overcome forgetting your Gopay PIN, you can reset your PIN via your cellphone number. However, if the cellphone number is no longer active, we can still take care of it by calling Gojek’scustomer service number. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Reset PIN gopay that forgot via SMS

The easiest way to reset your Gopay PIN is via SMS. Before doing this tutorial, make sure the number you registered on Gojek is still active. We are required to have access to this number because Gojek will send an OTP code to our number.

For more details, please check the following steps.

  1. On the Gojek main page, tap the “ more ” icon on the Gopay menu. Next open ” settings “.
  2. In the Gopay settings menu, we can set the payment method, debit card, and PIN. To solve the problem of forgetting your Gopay PIN, tap ” forgot PIN “.
  3. Fill in the column with the new PIN . Then re-enter the PIN that you have created.
  4. After creating a new PIN, Gopay will send an OTP code to confirm it. Fill in the OTP code received and send.
  5. Done. After entering and sending the OTP code, your Gopay PIN will be successfully reset.

Overcome forgot PIN gopay through customer service

If you don’t have access to your cellphone number, you can still overcome forgotten passwords by contacting Gojek or Gopay customer service. You have the choice of contacting him by phone or via email.

Besides serving the problem of forgetting passwords, CS Gojek also handles other problems related to the use of the Gojek application.

GojekCustomer Servicetelephone number : 1500 304

GojekCustomer Serviceemail address :

Gojek users may be asked about their personal data and email. Just introduce yourself and tell us about the problem of forgetting your Gopay PIN, then we just have to follow the CS directions.

The process may not be as fast as resetting the password via SMS. However, Gojek will try their best once the identity of the user and account can be confirmed.

From the author’s personal experience, Gojek users can even apply for an account reset if their Gojek account is hacked. Gojek customer service is quite responsive in dealing with the problems that were complained of. Most importantly, don’t forget to answer if there is a reply from Gojek.

For those whose Gopay PIN is blocked

Gojek strives for transactions that are as safe as possible for the convenience of its users. Therefore, Gojek will block suspicious activity from your account. One of them, if you enter the wrong Gopay PIN for 3 (three) consecutive times, your Gopay PIN can be blocked.

Then how do you solve a blocked Gopay PIN?

First, the user must wait 1 (one) hour for the transaction to be carried out . After 1 hour, try to repeat the failed transaction. Usually, transactions will return to normal and you can use Gopay again.

However, if it’s been more than 1 hour waiting but it hasn’t worked, you can contact CS by phone, email, or their official Twitter account as previously explained above. Telephone calls are not toll-free, but the services provided are also relatively faster when compared to other platforms.

Gopay PIN is not much different from the debit or ATM card PIN that we usually use. Although the problem of forgetting your Gopay PIN can be easily resolved, it would be even better if you remember carefully your Gopay PIN from now on.

Finally, if you have questions related to this topic, please write them down in the comments column.

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