How To Activate GoPay On Google Play Store

Activate GoPay on Google Play Store: GoPay is now not only a transaction to buy food, pay GoJek fees, or shop. GoPay can also be used for shopping transactions for those of you who have an endless hobby of playing games.

How to Activate GoPay on Google Play Store

Besides the easier way, GoPay provides transactions that do not torture your pockets, aka free of admin fees. To be able to make transactions to buy game items on Google Play using GoPay you need to activate it first, like other methods through mobile operators with credit, debit or credit cards and purchase balance at Alfamart.

Activate GoPay on Google Play Store

There are two ways to Top Up that both make it easier for you depending on your comfort. You can activate GoPay through the application in Google Play or in gameplay without having to exit various mobile games such as PUBG Mobile, Mobile Legends, Free Fire, and Call of Duty Mobile.

How to Activate GoPay through Google Play

  1. First enter the Google Play Store then click payment method.
  2. Select “Add GoPay” as the payment method.
  3. Enter the telephone number registered on Gojek.
  4. Enter the OTP code sent via SMS. Don’t share the OTP code with anyone else!
  5. If successful, then GoPay has now become one of the payment methods you can choose

Later you can buy various in-game items in the game using GoPay payments. In this case, I try to buy Monthly Epic Bundle on Mobile Legends. You can of course use it for other game titles.

How to use GoPay to buy items in the game

  1. Enter your favorite game, for example Mobile Legends.
  2. Make an in-game item purchase. This time I chose the Mobile Legends Monthly Epic Bundle for Rp. 75,000.
  3. Then the available payment method will appear.
  4. Click “Add GoPay”.
  5. Enter your cellphone number to get the OTP code and follow the next process.
  6. Select GoPay as the payment method and click “1 Tap Buy”.
  7. Payment is immediately successful and you will have the item.

Easy right? Now you can buy game items or game vouchers by simply doing the GoPay payment method. You can also get various attractive promos on Google Play to get additional bonuses.

Now with GoPay as a new payment method, you now have many choices to buy various things on Android smartphones ranging from applications, books, movies, to others. Of course the presence of GoPay makes it easy for you who don’t have a credit card to make payments.

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