TheWiSpy – One of the Most Affordable Parental Controls Solution

Teenage is a sensitive period for kids; it’s when they either make their life better or destroy it. Everything has an influence on them, significantly advanced technology such as smartphones and the internet. Excessive or insufficient use of technology can lead kids to make bad choices.

TheWiSpy – One of the Most Affordable Parental Controls Solution
TheWiSpy – One of the Most Affordable Parental Controls Solution

TheWiSpy – One of the Most Affordable Parental Controls Solution

Back in the day, when there were no smartphones, it was easier to monitor kids. But our parents had no choice but to trust us. Things are changing in the modern age. If children have smart devices, then folks have parental control software to spy on them.

If you don’t want to take away your child’s smart devices, then choose an alternative and install a controlling app on their phones.

The problem is that not everyone can afford a spy app because if you go for a quality result, you’ll have to pay the price.

But not particularly; in this article, we are going to review the high-quality android spy app that offers exceptional results in low pricing. is a top-ranking tracking platform that is the dream of every parent in need.

TheWiSpy- An overview:

TheWiSpy is the best app to track kids remotely;the app will be on your child’s phone. It works in stealth mode that means you can secretly fetch all the information from your child’s phone without letting them know.

The fetched information is stored on an online portal that only you can access. You can view the data, reports and control their online activity remotely.

TheWiSpy is a highly affordable and secure hidden call recorder app. Only an authorized person can view and control the target device, and the strict policy of TWS saves your sensitive data.

It has excellent features that are helpful in quality spy results. You can get real-time results in seconds through the advancement in technology of TheWiSpy.

Why TheWiSpy is the best parental control solution for you?

You can’t make decisions rationally; that’s why read the following qualities of TheWiSpy and get to know the best parental solution.

Affordable plans:

Every parent needs a spy solution at some point in their life because of increasing cybercrimes. But spyware is expensive, and the price gets higher when you start to use it regularly. TheWiSpy solves every tracking problem, such as parental and corporate, because it has numerous features.

It offers the most affordable price plans for the end-users. However, low pricing doesn’t mean that the quality of results gets down. TheWiSpy offer promising and authentic results under your budget. Feel free to choose a plan that you can afford rather than compromising on a high-priced spy app.

Real-time results:

There is no need for delayed results when it comes to spying; for example, if you want to locate your child in case of emergency, you would like a quick update. But unfortunately, you can’t expect every android spy app in the market to offer you quality results with real-time speed.

But TheWiSpy is an exception; it offers correct information with real-time results. So you can rescue your child from dangerous situations without wasting any time.

User-friendly interface:

It is a plus point for a spy app if they offer an interface suitable for users of all backgrounds. TheWiSpy has a user-friendly interface, it doesn’t matter if you don’t have technical experience.

You can easily spy on any device like a pro. All the advanced and remote features are listed on the online portal, where you can get spied information with a few clicks.

Web interface:

Another reason why TheWiSpy is the best parental control app for you because it has a web interface. It means you don’t have to install TWS on your phone.

Download the app on your kid’s smartphone. The app will get you every piece of information you need for tracking.

It uploads recorded information on the online dashboard. Login to your account through any web browser and start spying remotely.

Remote controls:

Providing a daily report of the target device activity is an excellent achievement for a spy app, but TheWiSpy is one step ahead.

It offers remote controls for you, and it means you can change files and restrict the target from using certain websites or application remotely.

What are TheWiSpy price plans?

TheWiSpy has made your life convenient by offering different price plans for parental control software. TWS is the top priority of folks because everyone can find their ideal subscription package within one place. Here are the three excellent plans you should know about.

1. Standard price plan:

If you are looking for day-to-day tracking of your children’s online activity, you must check out the standard package. It got all the advanced functions that can keep you updated on the life of kids.

For example, you can get social media updates as well as the current location of the target. Here are some primary features that are offered in the standard price plans.

  • Monitoring application activity
  • Monitoring messages
  • Monitoring calls
  • Tracking location
  • Wi-Fi logger
  • Easy installation
  • Stealth mode
  • And many more

One-month subscription:

TheWiSpy offers a one-month subscription plan for a standard package to avail of all these features mentioned for $19.99 only. So forget all worries and start tracking your child remotely using this hidden call recorder app.

Three-month subscription:

It has an easy 3-month subscription offer, so you don’t have to update your plan every month. Figure out your needs and enjoy unlimited services for $49.99 only.

Six-month subscription:

It’s a cheaper option if you want to spy on kids for a long time. This way, you can save many dollars from re-subscription. Instead, you can choose a 6-month plan and use all the advanced features without any restrictions for $79.99 only.

2. Premium price plan:

It’s every parent’s dream to control what their kids are approaching through intelligent devices. TheWiSpy is here to fulfil that dream by offering the premium plan to the folks.

It includes an advanced and remote-control feature that will allow you to make changes to the target phone. For example, you can block apps, websites, and accounts from social media with these controls. Here are some promising features included in the premium plan.

  • Video recorder
  • Audio recorder
  • SMS tracker
  • Surround recorder
  • Call recording
  • Remote commands
  • Photo capturing spy
  • Location finder
  • And many more

One-month subscription:

All these services are available in a 1-month premium plan, and you can subscribe to this specific period from the official website for just $29.99.

Three-month subscription:

You can get the same plan for 3-month; all you got to do is select this option from the official website and start monitoring. Then, you can avail this plan for $59.99 only.

Six-month subscription:

Extend your package period with your increasing needs; TheWiSpy offers a 6-month subscription for $89.99 only. It includes all updated features with 100% quality results.

3. Starter price plan:

You can start small by getting the best app to track kid’s phone with starter plan. It has all the crucial features that will help you get updates on your teen’s life. Here are some highlighted features that you’ll get.

  • Call spy
  • Message monitor
  • GPS tracking
  • Multimedia monitoring
  • App monitor
  • And many more

15-day subscription:

The starter package is available in a 15-day easy subscription plan for $9.99 only. After that, you get to test the app and ensure a good fit for you.

Unbeatable features in reasonable pricing:

Video recording spy:

You can record any video stored on the respective device with the help of TheWiSpy hidden call video app. You can view and save the video on the dashboard of TWS anytime you want.

Remote camera spy:

If you’re worried that any harasser is forcing your child to meet in private and blackmailing them, then you can help them. Use TheWiSpy remote camera spy feature that will click pictures of the scene remotely.

You can save proofs of harassment and file a complaint in the police. No matter how bad the situation is, you can always overcome it with precautions.

Call recording:

TheWiSpy offers advanced features that have made spying supreme level; you can now record ongoing calls of the target phone remotely with hidden call recorder app.

In addition, you can command the app to start the recording that you’ll get on the online portal of your TWS account.

Call log monitoring:

Track the history of who your child contacts through their cell phones using parental control software. It will provide you access to the call logs and send reports on the detailed information such as the call duration, caller’s details, etc.

GPS locator:

It doesn’t matter which corner of the world your child is in. TheWiSpy best app to spy on kids will locate them. It has modern functionality that you can use to find the real-time location in seconds.

App monitor:

You can keep track of all installed apps on the target device using a mobile tracker; from gaming apps to social media apps, you will have complete control.

In addition, you can view exchanged messages, online activity, and the history of visited accounts on the entertainment apps.

Web browser control:

Do not let your child watch inappropriate content just because they have access to the internet. Instead, control their online approach through a web browser control feature. For example, you can view the history of visited pages, saved cookies, and block age-rated pages remotely.


There is a wide variety of android spy apps in the market because of huge demand. And you can get any tracking app you want, but the big question is, “is it best suited for me?” But there are things you need to check before getting spyware, such as the budget, features, and quality.

And you can’t find all of these in one app, but TheWiSpy can offer everything in the most affordable pricing. In addition, you can enjoy the advanced features of TWS for $9.99 only. So don’t wait around for an expensive app to loot you and get yourself the best parental control software.