How To Use Two WhatsApp In Single Android device?

Use two WhatsApp in one phone : 2 WhatsApp numbers can be used simultaneously on one device using the methods mentioned here. You can use them as many times as you want while keeping all the other features.

How to Use two WhatsApp in Single Android device?

This means that the availability of multiple numbers does not come after sacrificing existing functionality. Many users have more than one number on their phone. Especially in the countries of South Asia, dual SIM phones are present in abundance.

But as much as we wanted, there was no inherent option to run double numbers in WhatsApp. However, there is a way around the barrier and we will talk about the same thing here. At the end of this tutorial, you will be able to run 2 WhatsApp numbers on a single mobile phone.

How to use two WhatsApp numbers in one phone

There are several methods to get the status with two WhatsApp numbers on the phone. We are going to outline the most effective and simplest solutions for less brain fuel to be burned during the process. From there, we suggest that you follow each instruction as described, the omission of any instruction preventing you from producing the desired results.

  • To use the two WhatsApp features, we will need to use a third-party tool. FM WhatsApp is a very capable in this case. How it will work is that you will have the original WhatsApp in your phone and this mod will act like the other.
  • Download FM WhatsApp from the mentioned link
  • Install the APK file normally
  • Make sure to enable installation of unknown sources from the settings
  • Finish the process and open FM WhatsApp
  • Then verify your number via OTP
  • That’s all you have now 2 WhatsApp on your Android phone.

FM WhatsApp MOD comes with a multitude of cool features like you can change your theme hide typing, online status and much more, you can also lock your personal conversations with a pattern, password or PIN code.

This short tutorial clearly showed that the method is actually a way around the system – and that’s fine. There are no perverse effects involved in the results. The reason why WhatsApp doesn’t support double numbers is shockingly cynical and we’ll talk about it at the end.

Follow the tutorial as is and let us know if you are satisfied with the final game. If not, we will be happy to help you out of any technical test you may be facing: comment on your problems in detail, but be sure to follow all of the methods mentioned above.

You can also try to change the method if the latter fails. Nevertheless, all of the dual WhatsApp methods mentioned here are quite capable of providing you with the functionality in question.

Benefits of Dual WhatsApp numbers

First and foremost, having more options is always better. Whether or not there is a need for two numbers at the moment, the very possibility of having only one in the future makes the choice of this feature logical.

  • The double number facilitates the division of professional and personal life
  • We can remain anonymous when we want to use a telephone number that does not circulate
  • Different versions can work at the same time, which gives you a unique taste.
  • There are no hidden costs in the process of obtaining duplicate WhatsApp numbers.

In addition to offering options, Dual WhatsApp simplifies your life by helping you separate your work from your personal life. It could be a mess to have family and business discussions lying on top of each other.

In professional mode, you have to focus on the state of mind to make logical decisions. Having informal discussions around the work conversation can negatively affect the cognitive abilities surrounding work ethics.


As mentioned before, Dual WhatsApp is a crucial feature that many of us find ideal. Even after a huge uproar over the restrictions imposed by the original WhatsApp, things remain unchanged.

The reason for this cannot be stated with one hundred percent certainty, but chances are it is a money-driven reason. When we look at society’s past, it has been known to keep people waiting for new features until they start begging.

This reinforces the feedback following the introduction of this feature, making people more grateful than ever. Such tactics are used from time to time to ensure the fluidity of the product. By learning this, it only becomes justified and logical to use your way around the fences.

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