10 Free And Subtitled Anime Download Sites

Are you an anime fan who is looking for anime download sites ? Congratulations, it means that you are reading the right article! The reason is, this article has a number of recommendations on anime download sites that might suit you.

10 Free and Subtitled Anime Download Sites
10 Free and Subtitled Anime Download Sites

10 Free and Subtitled Anime Download Sites

All anime sites here are free and have Indonesian subtitles. This is certainly good news for you who want to find Indonesian-language anime and can be accessed for free. Intrigued by a number of these sites? Immediately, see directly below.

1. Samehadaku

This is an animedownloadsite that is quite popular among anime lovers. The site that first appeared in 2012 has a minimal display of ads. Samehadaku allows you to choose and download your favorite anime comfortably.

The choice of anime is also quite diverse. Starting from a somewhat older anime to the latest anime release. This site also has a collection ofsoundtracksongs from a number of anime that you candownloadfor free.

2. OpLoverz

This site is as popular as Samehadaku. As the name implies, this site is a special site for lovers of One Piece (OP) anime. Even so, this site also has other anime that you can download.

This site also has a complete tutorial, both for downloading anime or just watching anime on OpLoverz. This is certainly very helpful. Moreover, if you really first download the anime on the site.

3. AWSubs

If you want to download several anime episodes at the same time, this site is worth trying. There are several advantages on this site. One of them is the Release Schedule feature. This feature really helps you to know when your favorite anime was released on this site.

The anime collection on this site is quite complete. From the most popular ones like One Pice to anime that you can’t find on other sites. If you have the desire to go to Japan, you should visit this site. The reason is, this site is now opening anopen tripprogram to Japan.

4. AniBatch

For those who want to download anime that has finished, this site is worth a visit. On this site, all the episodes in an anime that you have finished downloading once.

All anime here can be downloaded via the server provided by this site. If the downloadlinkon this site cannot be accessed, you don’t need to worry. You just have to report to the site manager via the chatbox feature on the right side of this site view.

5. Animeindo

This is an Indonesian subtitles anime site that is no less old than Samehadaku. A number of the latest anime are alwaysupdatedon this site. Starting from Boruto to Boku no Hero Academia. You can download all the anime here in various formats, whether it’s PC or smartphone format.

Like several other sites, this site also has a Release Schedule feature. So, before you download, you can also know when your favorite anime is released and can be downloaded. Besides downloading, you can also watch your favorite anime directly from this site.

6. Nekonime

If you are anantimainstreamanime lover,this site can be visited. Some of the less popular anime in the public ear can be found on this site. Not only anime, you can find a numberofJapaneselive actionhere.

This site with a whitebackgroundhas an interesting feature. Recommendations are these features. When you click on that feature, you will find a number of recommended anime from Nekonime. That feature is certainly very helpful when confused about which anime you should download later.

7. Watch

When you first enter this site, you will be presented with several anime recommendations along with detailed ratings and genre. Different from other anime sites, this site featuresdarkandlightmodes.

Through this feature, you can adjust the appearance of this site as you wish, whether in dark or light / white mode.

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