10 Tricks For Bing To Improve Searches

We already know that Google is the king of search engines in Spain and part of Latin America. But there are other engines and Bing is next on the list.

10 Tricks to Improve Searches with Bing
10 Tricks to Improve Searches with Bing

Tips for searching with Bing

1. Accelerate the loading time of the Bing homepage


When we reach the Bing home page, where we find the text box to perform our search, a background image appears.

To many it may seem like something that does not make much sense to avoid it but in a device such as mobile phones , where you may not have coverage greater than 3G, for example, 2G -GRPS-, can make the wait desperate.

Then adding a command to the url ,? Rb = 0 , we can already enjoy a blank page like Google.

If we want to retake it, we only change the parameter to 1 ,? Rb = 1

2. Search for pages by IP ranges


If we enter the command in the text box it will result in ranges close to the IP entered, and we will know which websites have that IP range.

3. Searches in RSS format


If what we need is to obtain Bing searches in the news reader format , such as RSS feeds, just by modifying the domain we want, we will obtain an XML-compatible feed and in RSS format to load it into any RSS reader.

4. Search for pages containing a specific format

Imf Formation contains: pdf

If we look for documents within the web of imf-formacion.com we can indicate the format that we want, for example to look for some “white paper” or information of all its extensive educational offer. We will launch pages that contain that type of document. Something different from Google, which launches only the links.

5. Know the local time anywhere in the World

new york time

With this simple command, “time”, we can know the local time of any important city, not so provinces or states, but if we know the capital of that province we will know the time of that locality.

6. Search for a specific image format


Entering the format that we want to obtain in the “Images” tab we can search for all types of images with the desired format. Something that can help and much if you are looking for an unconventional format. And it works for any format, .gif, for example.

7. Know the state of the roads in your City


What is the weather bad, the roads collapse and you are looking for an alternative route? Well, Bing Maps helps you in it.

Enter the indicated URL, or the link that exists on the first page of Bing results. In the text box enter the capital where you live or are closer, the map and its borders will appear.

Just clicking on the “Traffic” link will show you by color the density of vehicles, if there are any cuts or roads closed. And even if there are traffic problems due to an accident or damaged vehicle.

8. Search for pages of a specific website

site: imf-formacion.com

Many websites do not have sitemaps because of the large amount of information it would contain, such as a newspaper or portal. Since search engines contain almost all those pages we can rely on the search engine. They are the “site” command will launch only results that are from that domain, which is very helpful.

9. Bounded searches in a single format

site: imf-formacion.com pdf

Very practical if we do not know, and very fast if we know we delimit the document.

10. Preview a video without loading the page

If we go to the link “Videos”, when we perform a search of our favorite group, for example “The Beatles”, we will launch the results in grid format.

Just leaving the mouse pointer on top of any video will be pre-loaded and we can listen to the preselected song.

This comes in handy for those who don’t remember exactly the name of the song, or are trying to create a playlist.

We hope to facilitate your searches with these tips!

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