20 Tips: Make Your Everyday Life More Beautiful

Often the little things are enough to make our everyday life more beautiful and to be able to live better. I’ve put together 20 tips to help you fall asleep more relaxed, work more productively, and lead a better life.

20 tips that will make your everyday life more beautiful
20 Tips That Will Make Your Everyday Life More Beautiful

Usually I’m more concerned with the big issues. I write that happiness is possible, how you can change your life, what life wisdom you should know, and the power of thought.

But you do not always have to start big. Even small things we can achieve a lot. There are so many small screws that we can use to help us live better, for example by adjusting our daily lives to enjoy ourselves.

I just realized this last week. I discovered something new. Something that makes it easier for me to fall asleep and make everyday life so much more beautiful (see Tip 2).

And those tiny changes are often enough to push your well-being and give you new energy. That’s why I want to give you 20 tips to help me live better every day.

Here we go….

20 tips to live better in everyday life

1. Put fresh flowers in the room

Not for nothing it has brought this point in my fortune. Flowers are not only pretty to look at. They smell, they energetically or reassuringly affect you with their colors and make everyone shine, who takes the time to look at them.
So simple and yet so beautiful …

2. Hear the sound of waves falling asleep

Usually we go to bed, turn off the lights, turn to the side and try to sleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. Do you know what makes the whole process so much nicer?

Get wave noise, whale song, birdsong or what I know to fall asleep.

I discovered the sound of the waves, because they put me back in my Thailand holiday where I slept in a cabin right by the sea. This is not possible here in Berlin. At least that’s what I thought so far.

Now I know better and every night I imagine falling asleep while lying in a hammock by the ocean.

3. Go for a walk

Turning around the block has been shown to help you better digest your food, clear your head, blow your lungs, recharge your batteries, and get some vitamin D.

In addition, you see something different, feel something different, do something different and hear something different. A small reboot for your body and you. That’s why walking is one of the positive habits that make you happy.

Walking isn’t just beneficial for your health, it’s also a great bonding activity for you and your dog. Invest in a sturdy leash or harness and let the walking begin!

4. Meet friends also during the week

We always have this concept of what our everyday life should look like and during the week we only work.
But why? You can easily meet a good friend for 1-2 hours after work and still get to bed in time.

Every day it would be too exhausting for me personally, but once a week … that reminds us that life consists of more than work.

5. Breakfast at the weekend something special

Are you one of those people who eat the same bread at the weekend as during the week?
How so? It is weekend?

Treat yourself!

Do it differently. Make it special.

My husband brought me the scrambled eggs (maybe that’s why he’s my husband today?). Since we have been together, we have enjoyed breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays in bed.

6. Keep you warm

Freezing is disgusting. I hate to freeze. My comfort then drops by a felt 95% and I just can not feel well anymore.
The good news is that there are ways and means for us chilblains. We only need to benefit from it.

What that means? If you have cold feet, make yourself a hot water bottle . It also fits when working under the desk or at night in your bed.

After a frozen day, jump into the bathtub. There are pocket warmers on the way. Of course, the right clothes are self-evident.

7. Make unpleasant things easier with your favorite music

If I have to clean, that’s only possible with music. I then turn it up loud so that I can sing along and move the cloth in time.

Even some other unloved activity is much easier with my favorite music from the hand. So why torture, if you can sing too?

8. Wake you up with an appealing alarm

Never again Brrr and Ring and what do I know for a horrible ring. It’s so much more beautiful.

Browse through the options and choose the most comfortable wake-up tone you can find. Or even better: get your favorite song, download it and wake up with the most beautiful sounds you can imagine.

Living better 2.0 would be the way to completely abolish the alarm clock …

9. Set up your workplace comfortably

Most of the day we spend at our workplace; that’s the office, your notebook or your delivery truck. If you spend so much time there, make it as nice as possible. Make personal photos, get flowers (see point 1), ergonomic keyboards, motivational posters , decoration etc.

10. Issue notifications

There is really no reason why you should receive any notifications at all.

If you need to check emails, you can do so without popping up an annoying noise every time you receive something new. Neither do you have to be notified that you have a new message on Facebook or that you played Tanja Quizduell and it’s your turn.

Every beeping, every red number on the edge of your field of vision only creates stress. Away with it.

11. Get noise-canceling headphones

Such headphones are a great idea if you work in the open-plan office or are constantly exposed to a lot of noise. Put it on and you have your peace.

And not just acoustically, but also often from annoying colleagues who bother you less so once.

12. Stick a starry sky over the bed

As a kid I had such a starry sky over the bed and loved it. And recently a friend of mine got a starry sky lamp. When turned on, she projects small, glittering stars into your room.

Especially for all romantics and city dwellers, not a bad idea to live better, right?

13. Write your To Do List for tomorrow today

A tip that makes life really easier and perfect for me. So I do not have to worry about it any more and in the morning I can always go straight to work.

14. NEVER check your emails in the morning and /or evening

Honestly! In the morning, the first thing to look at in the emails brakes you totally out. Then you deal with others’ problems, respond to 10,000 hotspots (which might have settled on their own during the day), and totally lose focus on what matters most to you.

And check emails in the evening can spoil your mood.

It’s best to set up fixed times to look in your mailbox. It stays closed at all other times.

15. Come to rest

At least once a day, you should find yourself in some way. Whether you achieve this through meditating, painting or building model trains does not really matter.

The main thing is that you can turn off the world for a few minutes and calm your mind. That gives you new strength and energy.

16. Write a diary

You do not have to write a half a novel every day or tell us in detail what happened on your day. But putting your thoughts, ideas, worries, and fears into a few lines every day can be extremely beneficial. In this way, you get the thoughts out of your head, so they do not burden you further.

Important flashes of thought are not forgotten and many things you may be aware of by writing. By the way, the notes help you to understand yourself better.

17. Get a morning ritual

A morning ritual not only helps you to wake up. It ensures, above all , that you have a good start to the day . Instead of quickly rushing down a coffee on the way out the front door, you better get up half an hour earlier and pick a suitable ritual.

How about a hot cup of tea (or iced tea in summer) followed by a little workout, stretching routine or meditation session? Maybe you always go doggy with the dog before there is a full breakfast with newspaper? You can also check dog insurance at Fuzzy Rescue.

18. Get a after-work ritual

Just like a morning ritual, you can also think of a ritual after work. So it is easier to finish with the work and start with a clear mind in the closing time.

Maybe you want to tick off your To Do List for the day and write it for tomorrow? Maybe from now on you will always hear your favorite song while you are going down the PC? Maybe you stretch for 5 minutes or do a lap around the block before heading home?

19. Put a water bottle within reach

Drinking water will gladly be forgotten. But we need water to live better, to be fit, healthy and capable. If you drink too little, fatigue, headaches and dry skin are at risk.

Make it as easy as possible and always put a full water bottle within reach.

20. Air regularly

If you’re sitting in a closed room on your computer the whole day like I do, make sure you open the window as often as possible.

Let air in, let in light, let life in!

If I get stuck, I like to stand by the window and breathe deeply several times. That gives you new energy in an instant.

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