3 Ways Technology Can Help You Save on Food

There is no better time than now to talk about saving and cutting back on non-essentials since the ravaging effect the pandemic has left on most of us.

From adjusting to working from home, or not all in some cases, to facing difficult future budgeting challenges, and navigating uncertain economic conditions, we are all somewhat facing a financial setback.

3 Ways Technology Can Help You Save on Food
3 Ways Technology Can Help You Save on Food

3 Ways Technology Can Help You Save on Food

The last thing we want is to blow the little savings we have left, so here are some tips on how to save on food at least, using the technology we have around.

1. Shop online

The internet has made it easier for us, no need to walk around aisle by aisle looking for what’s on the grocery list that you end up giving up on and just grabbing what you can easily see.

With easily accessible supermarket websites or apps, and catalogues available on various promotional sites, grocery shopping online is a breeze.

Take for example, the Kroger weekly ad- specials here. You can browse the whole catalogue first to see where the big savings are. Besides the obvious price reductions, there is a further discount of 50c on each product if you buy using a card, and if you buy 10 or more of an item, or a mix and match combo.

Furthermore, on page 1 there is a digital coupon on the top right hand corner that you can scan using your smartphone and again, you are accorded more savings.

We have also found that there are rebate apps that you can use to earn yourself some cash back. Checkout 51 is a great example of such apps that let you save on the brands you love. This is a smart strategy that will earn you back some money to use on other things.

2. Use grocery delivery services

You may think this is no way to make savings because of service fees, delivery fees and tips, but, with a little bit of strategy, it is possible to save money through grocery delivery. Here are a few tips:

  • Check your local stores because many small shops and farms have had to get creative and innovative with supplying their goods. Although you may not be able to get everything you need, perhaps you can get a great deal on overstocked produce from a farm that will deliver for free, and you’ll support a local business in return.
  • Buy a delivery service membership that makes sense. If you’ve committed to doing most of your grocery shopping online, it pays to join the membership of one of the grocery delivery companies. For example, Instacart Express is $9.99 per month, and gets you no delivery fees on orders over $35 plus reduced service fees. Doordash is another one, and it offers a similar model of $9.99 a month for their newer grocery partnerships and convenience store Dashmart with a lower $12 minimum.

3. Use the good old slow cooker/crockpot

It may seem like an old invention, but the good old slow cooker is a dear friend when it comes to saving on food. This magic machine can whip up a healthy meal while you’re out and about and turn nearly any combination of ingredients into a delicious, comforting dish. How does it help you to save money, well, here you go:

  • Buy the slightly tougher, rougher and hence cheaper, cuts of meat because the hours-long, low-temperature cooking technique softens them right up. Once you add your beans and legumes and all the right spices, you will not be able to tell which grade your meat was.
  • After buying your ingredients in bulk because there was a great saving on the promotion, let the crockpot do the magic for you. Whip up a few batches of your favourite meals and freeze some for the rest of the week. This way, you will also save on cooking time, and the temptation to grab fast food will be much less if you know dinner is just a few microwave minutes away.

With our current environment, being frugal is the in-thing. These ideas will help you to save and make life a bit smoother.

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