Twitch For Apple TV Is Available In Beta

Twitch for Apple TV is finally a reality, although currently only in public beta. Here’s how to download it.

Twitch For Apple TV Is Available In Beta

Players from all over the world here is the news you were waiting for. After having been able to download Twitch for consoles , mobile devices and various hubs, here is the app for Apple TV too. Finally available the native app, even if still in public beta version.

Twitch has released a trial version for Apple TV through Apple’s TestFlight program , allowing users to sync and watch their favorite livestreamer from tvOS-based devices.

The layout is familiar to all those who have already used one of the recent Twitch apps on any other platform: the user will have the same previews of live channels, on-screen chat, and many of the other features already known on other platforms.

However, in order to download the Apple TV app, the user will need to download TestFlight on both Apple TV and another iOS device to accept the public invitation. Twitch for Apple TV is still in beta, so there may also be problems watching some videos in live streams, but it’s still a step forward for the platform.

It is not clear how much Twitch for Apple TV will be officially released, but today it will be possible to enjoy the almost complete experience on the Apple set top box.

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