4 Best Order Tips (CMD Tips) From 2023

Best Order Tips: The Promop command is a very useful tool in Windows OS. One might think that the command prompt would have disappeared long after the 30 years of Windows, GUI. But this is not the case and there is a good reason behind that. Since many of its features have been replaced by some icons, there are still many things you do with the Command Prompt.

4 best Order Tips (CMD tips) from 2019
4 best Order Tips (CMD tips) from 2019

So, before discussing the command prompt tips , just open the command prompt. To access the command prompt, simply click the Windows 10 Start button and select the command prompt. So, without further discussion, let’s get straight to the point. Here are some command prompt tips that everyone should know: –

Best order tips

1. Customize the title text of the command prompt

Tired of the text of the title bar of the command prompt? No problem, you can hack the command prompt to say what you want. For example, suppose your name is MultiAstuces and you want to show your command prompt property.

Then just follow the command below, then the title bar of the command prompt will change immediately. Do not worry, this change will not stay permanently. Once you have re-opened the command prompt, it will return to its original text.

Basically, this command prompt tip is used to give a custom look in script files and batch files. In simple terms, you should try the title MultiAstuces this command to see what it looks like!

2. Check your Internet connection

We all had this experience of trying to load a web page, but it will not connect and you want to check if it’s your fault or the fault of the site. So, in this situation, we try to ping Google to check if my internet connection can reach external destinations or not?

Open the command prompt and type ping www.google.com . This will send packets of information, wait for the response and show you how it takes to receive the answer. If your Internet connection is working properly, it will respond with no packet loss and in a very short time.

3. Stop or restart another computer on your network

Administrative administrators often use this command prompt trick all the time for many reasons. But, you can shut down your computer and restart another computer on your network just by using your command prompt. The easiest way to perform this trick is to run shutdown -i from your command prompt to open the shutdown dialog.

Now just enter the name of the remote computer, choose what you want to do, then click the OK button. In simple terms, this is one of the best cmd stuff that everyone should try to brush your command prompt skills.

4. Find a website IP address

Want to know the IP address of a website? Then you have to try this command prompt tip that shows you the IP address of a particular website. For example, you want to see the IP address of multiastuces.com.com, so just run nslookup multiastuces.com and see the result. Also, do not be confused with other IP addresses that also appear with the results of multiastuces.com.

Now, let’s try the ping command to see the IP address of a particular website. Run ping commentcamarche.com, and then check the results. It will show the IP address of commentcamarche.com in parentheses shown in the first line.


That’s all! Above are some of the best order tips that everyone should try to see how they work for you. I hope this message has helped you get the required information you are looking for. So, what are your favorite command prompt tips? Let us know about them in the comments section below. Finally, if you have any doubts, then connect with us through the comment box.

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