4 Ways To Block SMS Spam Messages On Android

If you receive a lot of spam messages on your Android phone, you are probably wondering how to block SMS spam messages from flooding your inbox. Here is a solution.

4 Ways To Block SMS Spam Messages On Android

4 ways to block SMS spam messages on Android

Let’s take a look at the best apps to install to block spam texts on Android.

1. Truecaller

The same company behind the popular Truecaller also once released an app called Truemessenger. This served as a spam blocker for your inbox. However, since version 8.0 of Truecaller, the main application has all the features of Truemessenger, which means that it now blocks spam texts as well as unwanted calls.

By installing Truecaller on your Android phone, you get a replacement dialer and an SMS application that searches for unknown numbers with names from its database.

In addition to identifying the sender, Truecaller also indicates the number of users who reported spam by SMS from this particular contact. The application automatically prevents the main spammers from reaching you by SMS. These automatic layers of defense make Truecaller one of the best SMS spam blockers for Android.

If you receive a spam SMS, clickBlock and report spamat the end of any conversation. If you have disabledNotifications for blocked SMSin the settings, you will never see notifications from this contact again.

You can also easily block senders by using quick action shortcuts in a text message notification. Otherwise, the application supports the selection of multiple threads from a list and the selection of the block symbol at the top.

Of course, Truecaller offers much more than just removing spam by SMS. If you dig a little further, you will discover amazing features of Truecaller that you can use daily.

Truecaller is free, but offers a subscription to remove ads and take advantage of some additional features. You should also be aware that, in addition to using public databases, the application also downloads your contact list to its global database. This is how names are accurately affixed to telephone numbers that are not publicly listed.

Download Truecaller(Free, subscription available)

2. Key Messages

If you’re wondering how to block a company’s messages, try Key Messages. Its blocklistallows you to block the texts of a sender, a series (for example, numbers starting with+1800) and even those containing a word (such as “offer”, “save” or “coupon”) . This feature makes it easier to stop spam by SMS from specific companies.

When you load key messages, it will automatically scan your inbox and identify spam messages. It will then hide these messages from your inbox. If that means that a sender you care about is spam, don’t worry; you can go to the spam messages section and whitelist this contact.

Similar to the block list, there is a whitelist for senders, a series of numbers and words that will always appear in your inbox. This makes key messages a great way to block spam text messages without accidentally catching your friends in the crossfire.

Key Messages is an ad-supported application. you can purchase the Pro version as a monthly, annual or lifetime subscription. With this, you can configure the service to automatically delete blocked or one-click messages. There is also no restriction on the number of entries you can have in the block list. Pro allows you to protect the application with a password and to save / restore your preferences.

You can also choose a separate SMS tone for messages that do not arrive in your inbox. You can even set up automatic responses to blocked numbers when they send spam.

If you are concerned that legitimate messages may be spamming, you can ask the app to provide you with a spam summary every day. This feature is an effective way to keep your inbox clean while keeping an eye out for false positives.

Download Messages key(Free, subscription available)

3. Anti-nuisance

AntiNuisance is a light application. It does not flood you with features and services and does not use any automatic spam detection. Instead, it gives you a whitelist and a blacklist to manually configure your spam defenses. This makes AntiNuisance a fantastic option for people who don’t want to entrust their messages to an algorithm.

You can blacklist SMS messages from specific numbers or names. You can also set a word on the blacklist, which is handy for capturing messages sent by a particular company. Just enter a name on the list and you will never hear from this entity again.

If certain spams manage to sneak in, you can report them by pressing the three-dot options button at the top right of each conversation. All messages that are intercepted appear in the log. You can therefore keep tabs to make sure that the application does not block legitimate messages from your friends or family.

The app displays ads from time to time when you switch tabs, but you can remove them for a few dollars a year.

Download AntiNuisance(Free, subscription available)

4. Microsoft SMS Organizer

Originally, this Microsoft offer only worked in India. However, it is now available for those from other regions, although the application is in early access at the time of writing. It is a messaging application designed to tackle the problem of SMS spam.

To do this, he moves what he identifies as a promotional message to a separatePromotionsfolder . Just like other anti-spam apps, you can choose to turn off notifications when a promotional SMS arrives. Text messages from numbers you have blocked appear in a separateBlockedfolder .

With SMS Organizer, you can also trigger conversations, which puts them in aStarredfolder (like Gmail). There is a folder calledReminderswhich shows you the information cards generated after reviewing your texts.

For example, suppose your credit card company has texted you on your monthly bill and its due date. All relevant information is clearly displayed in theRemindersfolder for easy recall. This feature makes it a must-have app for the forgetful .

Finally, SMS Organizer can also automatically delete promotional, blocked and single-use password messages after a predefined period (a week, a month or a year).

DownloadMicrosoft SMS Organizer(free)

Can you permanently get rid of SMS spam?

While these apps can help you separate wanted and unwanted people, you should still keep an eye out for blocked messages from time to time. Whether the application uses manual, algorithmic, or rule-based tagging, a legitimate message can be intercepted.

The worst part is when companies use the same sender ID to send you transactional and promotional texts. As such, you cannot block all correspondence for fear of missing a crucial alert.

Stop spam by SMS

Spam is a major problem, especially if there is no way to unsubscribe. Fortunately, there is a good range of SMS spam blockers for Android that will give you the peace you want.

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