5 Basic Abilities To Become A Programmer

Some Basic Skill or ability to be owned by A Programmers – Programmer is someone who does the job of analyzing, editing, testing programming code notation. Programming code is usually called a programming language that will be processed to produce a system or program that aims to carry out certain tasks automatically.

5 Basic Abilities to Become a Programmer
5 Basic Abilities to Become a Programmer

During the Industrial Revolution 4.0 era, the need for computer programming experts in Indonesia began to surge. Not only needed by private companies, but also there are needs in the government sector. Now many startups have begun to emerge that provide a brief education to people who want to become programmers.

To become a programmer does require a lot of skills and requires lengthy training to become a professional. For a beginner who wants to be a programmer, it will be dizzy to see a lot of skills needed to become a programmer. But among many of these skills, there are basic skills or abilities as the most important provision for becoming a programmer .

Basic Skills For A Programmer

1. English

What must be done first to become a programmer? to memorize some syntax? Learning C ++? All of that is not true, you don’t have to memorize the syntax to become a programmer and you don’t have to try the simplest programming language to become a programmer, C ++, but you have to learn English first.

Why do you have to learn English to become a programmer?In essence, science is coherent with its origin, as we want to deepen the science of Islamic religion, it is advisable to learn Arabic so that, because Islamic science comes from the Arabian peninsula and uses Arabic. Vice versa with the programmer you are required to understand English. The following are some reasons why being a programmer must be able to speak English.

  • Understand error messages from the programming language that you are processing
  • Look for study references from overseas sites or books (More complete and detailed explanation than local books or sites)
  • Ask questions about the unknown or error in the global forum
  • Read the documentation as a guide
  • High-paying clients are generally from foreigners

No need to force yourself to be proficient in English, just be able to speak English passively and take a little time to understand more broadly.

2. Reading the Documentation

The second is to read the documentation which is an explanatory document on how to use a technology. Many programmers skip the documentation of a technology, and immediately try to practice it. Documentation does tend to be boring to read. Because it is packaged in a boring technical language, not a lot of picture explanation, and use English.

To be able to read and understand the documentation of a technology is learning English first. In addition to understanding English, you also need to read the documentation several times. Documentation is usually available in the form of tutorials, references or explanations, or FAQs (frequently asked questions).

You can read the documentation of a technology through Google. For example, if you want to read documentation about MongoDB, you type it in google with the keyword “mongodb documentation”.

3. Reading the Program Code

Reading the program code or source code seems easier. It’s really easy if we write the source code that we write ourselves from the beginning, because the logic is the result of thinking alone and can be understood. Usually in the realm of education, especially in schools majoring in IT, we are often told to make new projects, after the new project is finished there will be another new project.

Unlike the reality in the world of work, novice programmers are usually not told to make programs directly from scratch, but to develop programs made by others. Well of course the skill of reading the program code here is needed. To make it easier to read people’s program code, there are a few tips AyGek has heard of, including:

  1. Read the program code from the bottom up.
  2. Reread the part you understood first.
  3. Read the description in the comments.
  4. Get used to stalking on Github and Stackoverflow.

4. Debugging

Debugging is an activity to look for errors or bugs in the program code. This debugging process may require a longer process than writing code. It can even take weeks to find the source of the problem.

When you become a programmer and find a problem or error in the program that you make, then do not immediately throw the problem to be asked in the forum. But you need to analyze it yourself first. You need to understand the meaning of the error message and deal with it yourself, if it has been stuck and spent several days you can ask in a forum. The more problems you overcome, the more your experience will increase.

5. Googling ability

The skill of searching on the google or googling site is needed to understand the problem or get stuck while debugging. Before you ask the forum, you need to find the reference on Google first. In finding the best references, you need to use the right keywords and speak English.

Examples of finding solutions to solve problems with debugging on Google:

The final word

Those are some tips on how to become a programmer for beginners or the requirements to be the right programmer . The conclusion about what must be done to become a programmer is to frequently read the knowledge of programming languages ​​and often practice them.

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