5 Best Drakor Download Sites

Best Drakor Download Sites: Drakor or Korean Drama is one of the entertainment that has been booming in recent years. We can see that on a number of private television stations, almost all of them broadcast Korean Drama as the main dish. Not only in Indonesia, Drakor is now also famous all over the world.

5 Best Drakor Download Sites

Well, along with the development of the internet world as it is today, there are also many sites that provide free Drakor. Unfortunately most of them use the streaming version more so for those of you who are quota-poor, you will object to that.

But just calm down friend because this article will discuss 5 sites to be able to download the best Drakor. What are you curious about? Come on, see the explanation below.

5 Best Drakor Download sites

1. SmallEncode.com

The first site is SmallEncode.com. Basically this site does not only provide Drakor. Inside were Dorama from Japan to Korean variety shows.

It can be said in this SmalEncode.com site users can download it easily with added download features. Unfortunately for the subtitles themselves separate from the video so you have to download it separately.

2. Drakorindo.cc

The next site is Drakorindo.cc.

Similarly, the first point is that Drakorindo.cc provides Drakor and various dramas from Japan, China, and other Asian dramas.

In addition, this site also provides Korean variety shows that can be quite popular in Indonesia. In this site also given a special button to download.

Plus, we don’t need to download subtitles separately because everything is integrated into the video. That way, we no longer have to bother with downloading Drakor.

3. Kshowsubindo

Kshowsubindo is one of Drakor’s sites which is pretty much recommended by many people. This is not despite the Drakor database which is quite comprehensive.

Moreover, the appearance of the site is also very simple and rarely have ads. This makes us who want to explore the Kshowsubindo site more comfortable.
In this site also provided download buttons with various resolutions as desired. Plus the information presented is quite complete. Starting from Drakor which is still running until Darkor who has finished.

Complete with the genre, making it easier for users to find films according to genre.

4. Dramaindo.co

Another Drakor site that is no less good is Dramaindo.co.

As the name implies, this site also has a fairly comprehensive and up to date list of Drakors. Moreover, the Dramaindo.co site provides Indonesian subtitles so that we don’t need to bother either.

Another advantage of this site is that it provides various download servers for users. That way, when there is a dead download link, users can use other alternative links. We can also watch it streaming if it has more quota.

5. Viu

The last site maybe some already know him, namely Viu.

This site, which specializes in drama and variety shows from Korea, is very popular with Indonesian audiences. This is inseparable from the promotion carried out with the cooperation of operators.

Viu’s site is also quite unique because there is a notification feature for users when following Korean dramas. Even this site also has its own Android application.

Do not forget also this Viu includes a download feature with English and Indonesian subtitles. Thus the 5 best Drakor download sites you can try. Hopefully this article can provide many benefits for you.

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