5 Best YouTube Bots for Safe Automation

YouTube Bots for Safe Automation: YouTube is one of the leading video streaming platforms today and more so, the second largest search engine. No wonder why content creators are after this platform for getting a wider reach on social media. Therefore, be it any niche, YouTube is quite a competitive network and for beginners, this competition can be daunting.

5 Best YouTube Bots for Safe Automation
5 Best YouTube Bots for Safe Automation

Even when you create content that is unique and original, it might not get its due recognition. This is why you would want to drive more engagement on YouTube from your community, however small it is at first.

When more people engage with your content, the YouTube algorithm recommends your videos on priority when audiences search for similar content. This is how organic growth propels on YouTube.

But, where to start is a perpetual question. How does one get a handful of regular visitors on their channel in the first place? The process is extremely gradual and requires consistent time, effort and sometimes, endless waiting.

But do not waste your precious hours in liking and subscribing to other YouTube channels and videos to boost your YouTube growth. Instead, check out some of the best YouTube bots for safe automation that will do just the task for you.

So clear your head to keep creating content that your audience will love and leave the promotions to these selected YouTube automation bots.

Best YouTube Bots for Safe Automation

YT Pals

One of the best YouTube bots for automation, YT Pals caters to the promotion of your YouTube channel for providing fast, organic growth. A complete YouTube marketing package, it brings more subscribers to your YouTube channel.

Further, it helps you get more engagement on YouTube videos by directing real views, likes, comments, shares to individual videos.

You can even get free promotions from YT Pals as a trial basis. But, for getting a wider reach among premium YouTube accounts, the paid plans are more suitable.

The prices start from $20/month for the Enterprise package and go up to $80/month for the Celebrity package. These plans include a certain number of subscribers coming to your channel on a per day basis. You can also buy packaged deals including watch hours, likes, subscribers and more.

Further, it is fully automatic and the plan reactivates itself each day until you manually cancel it. You will not be required to like or subscribe to other YouTube channels either.


If you are running on a tight budget, but still want to automate your YouTube growth, then with SoNuker, you are at the right place. Free to use, it brings premium and organic traffic to your YouTube channel for rapid growth.

However, the free version functions on an exchange basis and therefore requires you to manually like and subscribe to other videos and YouTube channels. You can also buy paid versions for automating YouTube promotions to bring premium traffic to your channel.

A packaged YouTube deal from SoNuker starts from $40 for 1000 views, 50 likes, 100 shares and 10 comments delivered to maximum 1 video. The prices go up to $290 for greater numbers.

So Nuker also provides other services for YouTube such as channel evaluation, SEO and custom YouTube graphics. Using these services, you can optimize your YouTube channel for optimum organic growth.


Jarvee is the most sought after YouTube bot for safe automation that is proven to generate a wider reach on YouTube. It brings massive traffic on your channel in the form of subscribers and viewers that drive more engagement on YouTube.

Not only this, this YouTube automation bot helps you boost your presence on social media through powerful visual marketing. YouTube automation from Jarvee includes, auto follow and unfollow, auto likes, comments and comment likes, auto video watch and more.

Further, it delivers full browser experience that simulates human behavior on your YouTube channel. This is crucial to make the marketing activity on your YouTube channel look more professional and credible.

With its Spin Syntax support, the text of comments on your videos will be unique and distinctly human. You can do a trial with this bot free for up to 5 days. The paid version starts at a monthly price of $29.95 and goes up to $69.95.


The best place to get YouTube automation is without a doubt, this provider called SubPals. It helps you to quickly boost your channel and get more engagement on YouTube videos. With this bot, you can skyrocket your presence, not just on YouTube but on other social media networks as well.

They do so by leveraging their vast network of YouTubers. By engaging within this community, you can get free subscribers and likes on your videos by liking and subscribing to other YouTube channels.

And this is not all. They provide a full YouTube optimization package for effective channel growth. This includes video file optimization, SEO optimization of titles, descriptions and tags, metadata, maximizing monetization potential, and analytics reports.

SubPals offers three YouTube automation packages, which are Basic, Pro Channel and Elite Channel. Since these plans are custom tailored for each YouTube channel, their pricing will also vary and will be mutually decided.


If you are looking for nothing but YouTube automation that is authentic, then Sprizzy is the best tool for you. This YouTube automation bot helps to make your videos go viral with super fast and targeted growth.

YouTube growth from Sprizzy is directed at the target audience that you choose so that it converts to bring more engagement on YouTube.

Moreover, you can filter your audience through keywords, and by entering the names of targeted accounts yourself. Following this, they will sponsor your videos through YouTube ads to help your content reach those audiences.

In effect, you get more engagement on YouTube from real audiences. Other features of Sprizzy include a real time analytics dashboard and filtering out of low engaging viewers.

The prices for buying YouTube automation from here begin at $50 and includes viewers, shares, likes and subscribers.


Boost the growth of your YouTube channel with some of the best YouTube bots for safe automation. With these YouTube automation bots, you can not only gain more subscribers, likes and watch time, but also get more engagement on YouTube. You can also optimize your YouTube channel for effective growth and strategic marketing to reach more audiences.

In fact, these bots are designed precisely to give your content a wider reach on YouTube. So, what more are you waiting for? Get started on YouTube like a pro with genuine YouTube automation bots and take your channel to the next level.

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