5 Essential Apps To Make Your Household Tasks Easier

In this article, We will tell you about 5 essential apps to make your household tasks easier. Sweeping, scrubbing, dusting, doing laundry, cooking … We would all like to get home and find the list of domestic tasks, sometimes endless, done.

5 essential apps to make your household tasks easier
5 essential apps to make your household tasks easier

But the truth is that, if we do not want or can not afford a professional to do it for us, but we do not want to give up that feeling of well-being and tranquility that gives us see our home clean and orderly, we will have to mentalize and do it ourselves.

5 Essential apps to make your household tasks easier

Luckily, technology is on our side and there are more and more applications and tools that make our day to day easier, since they allow us to have everything we have to do and buy controlled and organized.

If you are one of those who always intend to have everything neat but can not do it, these applications are for you:

Clean House

This application is going to become your great ally for the organization of the cleaning of the home. It is a tool that works like a calendar and that reminds you in a very simple way what the pending tasks are.

All you have to do is enter in the app so simple orders as: clean the windows, vacuum, change the sheets, put a washing machine … and then set a period of regularity for each of them, for example: every week, every two weeks, once a month …

In this way, you will only have to open the app and you will have a list of things you must do that same day if you want everything to be in order.

Clean House is an Android application, although on iOS devices there is a practically identical one called Home Routines.

Out of Milk

This application replaces the typical piece of paper that you have prepared at home with the shopping list and that, magically, always gets lost in your pocket on the way to the supermarket.

With it you will be able to create your shopping list with all kinds of details: price, units or places where you go to buy everything. And the good thing about this application is that it allows you to order what you need by type of category, for example: drugstore, butchery, beverages, pharmacy products …

All this can be accessible to as many people as you want, so it is very useful on certain occasions, such as the case of a shared apartment.

In addition, Out of Milk allows you to create your own inventory on the things you already have at home and update it, and the same app will warn you when you think you need to buy a certain product.

This app works on Android, iOS and any web browser.

Big Oven

This is another of the essential app for the kitchen of an organized home. The main functionality of the Big Oven is that it is an inventory of hundreds of recipes according to the food in question: breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

It is also a great ally, as it allows you to plan menus for days and weeks and update them and as they generate a shopping list that establishes exactly what you have to buy to make the dishes.

Big Oven has applications for iOS, Android, Kindle and Windows Phone.

You need a Budget

This application allows you to keep track of household income and expenses. The operation is simple: we simply have to enter the amount of money that goes into the house and all the expenses that we have during the month.

The same app will be responsible for doing the calculations and display them for months, with the possibility of creating evolution graphs.

As an advantage, it can be synchronized with different devices and users. As a disadvantage, it is paid: around 60 euros (single payment). However, there is the possibility of testing it free for a month.


This last application is a very complete tool, since it allows to integrate, in the same platform, all the features offered by the previous applications individually. Thus, lists of household chores, purchases, control of income and expenses can be established … In addition, as a strong point, you can synchronize with Google Calendar.

There is a free version of the application and also a paid version with extended features such as the possibility of creating a shared contact agenda or set birthday reminders. You can also have an interesting article on garden tools that can make your garden tasks easier.

The only drawback of most of these applications is that, for the moment, they are only available in English. Even so, they can be great allies of our routine. Of course, we must be clear that it will be the attitude and willpower with which we face these tasks which will determine if we achieve our objectives.

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