7Zip – Save Time By Compressing Your Attachments.

7zip: I explain how to save a lot of time, by creating a single attachment, containing all the photos.

7zip - Save Time by Compressing Your Attachments.
7zip – Save Time by Compressing Your Attachments.

7zip – Save Time by Compressing Your Attachments.

How? ‘Or’ What? Compressing your files under one archive.

Multiple files = only one archive = One attachment!

To do this, I present 7zip, a small utility for compression and decompression free.

Available for Windows operating systems, it is the ideal tool for archiving your files and folders.

In particular, it is capable of extracting and compressing “.ZIP” archives.

Download 7ZIP

First of all, I invite you to download 7zip:

Donwload 7 ZIP

Then install it.

How 7zip works

Once 7zip installed, a new line appeared in the context menu of your right click:

Compress with 7Zip

1. Create a folder in which you want to archive files:

2. Right-click on the folder, go to 7zip and click on “Add to (the name of your folder) .ZIP “:

The software processes your compression request. The duration of the compression process depends on the size of your file.

3. 7ZIP creates your compressed folder:

4. “Double-click” to see the contents of your Zip archive:

Your archive can now be emailed! Simple no?

Decompress with 7zip

Now that you know how to compress your files, I explain how to decompress them.

It’s even simpler.

1. Once your zip file received by email as an attachment, right click on it, go to 7zip, then in “Extract files”:

A new window appears, click on the button at the top right:

Window asks you where to extract the files from the archive:

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