8 Life-Saving Apps And Software Every PhD Student Should Use

Pursuing your PhD is equal parts the most challenging, frustrating, and rewarding endeavour a person can undertake. It goes without saying that there isn’t a magical PhD app out there which will do it for you.

8 Life-Saving Apps and Software Every PhD Student Should Use
8 Life-Saving Apps and Software Every PhD Student Should Use

8 Life-Saving Apps and Software Every PhD Student Should Use

However, there’s a plethora of useful apps, programs to make your post-graduate studies much easier. Services such as the ones provided by these apps will help you stay focused, maximize productivity and avoid losing your mind during your PhD.

8. Google Scholar

This isn’t really an app, but if you need to find actual academic articles on Google, rather than just news and fluff pieces, Google scholar might be of some assistance.

This specialized version of Google filters your results to only include academic sources, such as university databases and scholarly journals. This alternative to regular Google is crucial for getting the best results from internet research.

7. Grammarly

There are very few tasks more excruciating, and more important, than proofreading. Whether you’re doing your PhD in Canada or Australia, all good dissertations must be grammatically correct without spelling or punctuation mistakes.

Grammarly is one of the best spellchecker services you can download. It will point out your mistakes, and even help you reword sentences that are technically correct but need streamlining to read better.

But we also admit that it’s truly hard to free up a schedule and proceed with such a time-consuming task being a PhD student. Do not hesitate to get your dissertation writing help before it’s too late and you are about to miss all the submission deadlines. Each of us may need someone to assist and to guide thought difficult times.

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6. StayFocused

If you’re concerned you may have a social media addiction, then here is an app to nip that in the bud. Facebook, Twitter and Reddit can take up an endless amount of time and aren’t going to assist you in completing your PhD. This app restricts how long you can spend on selected sites so there’s no risk you’ll procrastinate too much.

5. Headspace

Meditation can be an invaluable process for Post-graduates and undergraduates alike. As little as 30 minutes of meditation and self-reflection a day can greatly lessen stress and enable you to clear your mind. This app takes you step by step through the skills and techniques needed for effective meditation.

4. Spotify

A fluffy choice for number 7, it might seem irrelevant but don’t underestimate how valuable music can be for student life. While it won’t necessarily educate you, music can help us focus while studying or provide a method of unwinding after a hard day’s work. Find a podcast with music for writing or studying and enjoy!


3. Academia.edu

It’s like LinkedIn, but for students and professors. This app is for those who find difficulty in collating sources and papers to put in their bibliography. Academia.edu is an invaluable PhD app for researching and finding reliable sources written by fellow academics.

2. Zotero

If you got through your undergraduate degree by putting together your essay first and tacking on your works cited at the last minute, then this app will make your life a lot easier.

Zotero keeps your entire bibliography and collection of sources in a single easy to reach place, ensuring you’re never struggling to remember where a quote came from.

Having all your research in the same spot is extremely helpful for dissertation writing where you potentially have more than 50 sources to organize.

1. iAnnotate

Very frequently your professors will send you texts and essays in PDF format. Many scholarly articles are also available as PDFs. Normally to annotate a PDF you have to print it out and do so in pen or pencil.

This app provides an easy way to digitally annotate PDFs and highlight relevant sections for future reference. With the numerous PDFs one finds in academia, iAnnotate is definitely among the most useful apps for graduate students available on the internet.

Above are just eight easily accessible and useful dissertation apps which can make a PhD significantly easier. When dissertation writing services like the ones mentioned above can be invaluable for staying sane, focused and on track.

So why not try them out and see how they can make your Post-graduate life easier. The trick is to stay calm and remember there are plenty of options available to help you if you get stuck, such as hiring a thesis writing service. Good Luck!

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