Amazon Drive: A Free Cloud For Amazon Prime Subscriber

Amazon Drive: Amazon offers a free cloud service if you are a Prime customer. Amazon has been a company that has evolved over time to become a giant.

Amazon Drive: A Free cloud for Amazon Prime Subscriber
Amazon Drive: A Free cloud for Amazon Prime Subscriber

Amazon Drive: A Free cloud for Amazon Prime Subscriber

He is currently recognized for his product purchase service, has dabbled in streaming music with promotions and has also managed to manage his streaming video content service, which is increasinglygaining popularityand is filling his catalog of better quality , competing directly with Netflix.

But Amazonhas another tool, for many it is unknown and for others it is irrelevant. Its owncloud servicethat, although it does not have great features, is very functional.

Amazon Driveis the name of this cloud, which initially offers all registered usersa basic storage of 5GB. It has its own mobile application, desktop and can also be managed from the web.

The mobile applicationis very simple, because of this the use is not complicated, since the organization of folders, the visualization of what has already been uploaded and the control over the space is determined inonly 3 tabswithin the application.

Thedesktop version, as we have seen with other clouds, synchronizes the files froma local folder, which helpsto sharefrom photos, to documents and videosbetween mobile and computer. Also, the web version is similar to this.

Photo Service

Amazon Photosis the interesting thing about this service, because even if there is the possibility of expanding the packages for file storage for a price, Amazon offersunlimited space exclusively for photographs as a Prime customer.

This benefit is available to allthose who have contracted the service, which in addition to offering unique features and benefits in shipping purchases and access to Amazon Prime Video, you can also storephotographs in their original resolution without a limit.

I have tried the service for a couple of months and I can say that it has fulfilled its objective, maintains, programs and saves backup copies of my photographs, even beingin RAW format, they are available to be viewedat any time and devices, the loading and Download has no problems, and especiallyI have not had to spend moreas with other services.

If you are an Amazon user and customer, it is very common to have the Prime contracted, so this toolis an extra to your subscription, you can also access this other Amazon Kindle promotion .

In comparison with other services I can say that its competitors have added features that can leave it far behind, but it is for the simplicity that Amazon Drive and Photosis an excellent option and tool that you should consider starting to use.

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