Easy Ways To Access Android Notifications On PC

Access Android Notifications: Smartphones today are so important in our lives. Everywhere you have to bring a smartphone, including to the bathroom, right? Maybe it’s not so strange anymore, of course we use smartphones for the reason of playing games, to chat with the him.

Easy Ways To Access Android Notifications On PC

But when you’re concentrating on a task on a computer / laptop, we often ignore notifications from a smartphone sounding. Maybe once in a while we can check the notification, but the tasks that are on the computer / laptop will be interrupted or may not be completed quickly.

Therefore, for the solution you can make your computer / laptop bring up notifications that are on your smartphone to make things easier. Just look at the steps below.

How to view and access Android notifications on a PC

What you have to do is easy, just by using an application called Pushbullet . This application allows you to sync Android or iPhone notifications on a PC by using the Chrome browser, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or download an application for Windows.

First download the application below:

Pushbullet v17.7.2 apk
Pushbullet Pro v17.6.1 apk

By using the pro version , you can get more features and flexibility. For example, the free version can only send files up to 25 MB per file. While for the pro version, it can send up to 1 GB per file.

How to Use the Pushbullet Application

1. Download the application contained in the link above, then install on your android smartphone.

2. Furthermore, you only need to log in or register, you can also log in using a Google or Facebook account.

3. Then click Enable . Then my friend will go to the Notification Access settings , and activate the Pushbullet.

4. Next, grant the requested application permission. Just follow the steps.

Until this step, we have not finished doing the way. Buddy, just install Pushbullet on PC.

How to Install Pushbullet on PC

1. Visit the official Pushbullet website , download the application by clicking the ‘Windows’ logo and install the Pushbullet on your PC.

3. Also install the Pushbullet extension in the browser used, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera. Friend, all you have to do is click on each browser logo found on the site.

In the settings, you will be given the flexibility to adjust notifications for each application. For example, you can choose not to receive social media notifications such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

You can add more than one Android device to the Pushbullet application. So if you want to access it through the desktop, you can choose which device you want to enter data remotely.


Not just limited to notifications, my friend can send links, images, files, lists, notes, and even addresses on Google Maps via Pushbullet. This application can receive and send files easily and quickly. So, you don’t need to use a data cable anymore. This method also works the other way around, which is to transfer from a computer to a smartphone.

By activating Remote File access , you can even access files on your computer remotely via a smartphone and vice versa.

There is also a universal copy and paste feature , and an actionable notification that allows you to reply to messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, or other chat applications directly from your computer.

How cool and easy right? In this way, you can find out and access all notifications coming on your smartphone via a PC. And if you want to transfer files, you no longer need to use a USB cable. Good luck and hopefully useful!

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