How to Access Any Site Blocked With Unblocked (UnblocKit)

Just memorize the official Unblockit website to be able to access dozens of very useful sites without any blocking or impediment. You will find torrent sites, streaming, eBook downloads and much more.

There have always been websites that are obscured, blocked and closed but are often closed in Italy, activating the classic DNS block, which in fact only prevents you from reaching the website with the name we know.

Access Any Site Blocked With Unblocked (UnblocKit)
Access Any Site Blocked With Unblocked (UnblocKit)

How to Access Any Site Blocked With Unblocked (UnblocKit)

Most of the time it is enough to change the DNS but if we do not want to change them, here’s how to access anyway thanks to the Unblocked site.

In fact, if you frequent torrent sites, streaming movies and TV series, streaming sports, where to download free eBooks and other hot sites, you will have noticed that they are often obscured and are no longer reachable by typing the usual old address. This is why the Unblocked site, which is now called Unblockit, comes to our aid.

On Unblocked we find a series of super famous websites, which are therefore closed and blacked out all the time, which always change the main web address but which are active and running on a new domain. Here, blocked websites are always made accessible thanks to Unblocked.

What is Unblocked?

Unblocked is a normal website, completely free and that allows you to find the major streaming sites both movies, TV series and sports and eBook, Music or Warez download in one click with the new addresses always updated without any registration and waiting.

In a single home page you will find many squares with the name of the website and simply by clicking on it you will access without problems the website blocked in your country, without strange procedures or other things to change. With this site it will not even be necessary to change the DNS to access blocked sites.

What’s on Unblocked?

  • Best Torrent Sites Worldwide Among the best 20/30 Torrent sites in the world including the most famous PirateBay, 1337x, Limetorrents and many more.
  • Best Streaming Sites All the most famous streaming sites in the world where you can watch movies, TV series, documentaries, events, concerts and much more in streaming for free.
  • Best Sports Streaming Sites The huge section of sites that index working links to watch football matches from around the world, Bascket, NBA, Formula 1, Moto GP, Tennis and many other sports in one click.
  • Best Sites to download material directly Here, too, over 20 sites that allow you to download everything from movies to software with cracks, magazines, books, wallpapers, cracked apps for smartphones and much more.
  • Best Sites to Download Music Incredible section where you can download lots of fresh MP3s on the fly to listen to offline music on any device.
  • Best Sites to Download eBooks If you read digital books, on these sites selected by Unblocked you will find an entire library to download for free.
  • Best Adult Sites In the Adult section that you unblock by clicking on the link at the bottom, you will access all adult websites blocked in your country.

New Unblocked Address (Unblockit)

At the moment the last working address where to access Unblocked (Unblockit) is the following, if it changes we will update it with the last working address.

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