How to Access the Movistar or Telefónica Webmail

Accessing Telefónica’s email is simple and you can do it directly from the company’s website. However, you should know that, currently, what you know as Telefónica now is Movistar.

How to Access the Movistar or Telefónica Webmail
How to Access the Movistar or Telefónica Webmail

This can lead to errors if you previously used an email linked to Telefónica, as the webmail service is not currently offered, although it has been respected for users who previously used it. Below you will learn the step by step to easily access the email account and take advantage of all its advantages:


In this article you will learn how to easily access your Telefónica or Movistar account, either through your computer or your mobile phone, step by step so that all users can access configuration information, invoices, control of monthly expenses, personal data and all to be able to solve all the needs you have.

Step by step to access the Movistar or Telefónica Webmail

If you are a new Movistar customer (formerly Telefónica) you should know that the email service is no longer available. However, if you are a Telefónica customer and once you were able to create an email account with them, you do have the possibility of accessing it.

How can you access your Telefónica email account?

The first step is to access the direct link that will take you to the page where you must enter the credentials of your email account.

How to recover the password?

If you have problems to access because you do not remember the password, you must follow the steps indicated:

  1. Click on the option“Forgot your password?”
  2. Fill in your email address and resolve thesecurity captcha
  3. An email address or question with associated answer will then be requested. If you do not have any of these data, you must enter your access data from the option My Fixed Movistar including: type of identifier, person identifier and password
  4. If you have an alternative email account, an email will be sent with a link through which you can reset the password and configure a new one, or send a message to your mobile phone number
  5. Ready, account recovered!

How to unblock the Movistar email account?

In the event that you have problems with the Movistar email account and cannot use its functions, you must follow the steps indicated:

  1. Access theWebmailpage and enter the access data to enter your email account
  2. If your account is blocked and does not allow you to send emails, you must accessSettings> Change password
  3. In this case you must change the password from the optionI cannot access my account

How to configure Movistar and/or Telefónica email on Android

It is important to emphasize that both accounts support both IMAP and POP protocols, so you can add different accounts in the protocol that is of your preference. Depending on your selection, you will need to have the following information on hand:

For Movistar and / or Telefónica accounts :

  • The user: corresponds to the email account.
  • Password: the password set for the account.

If you select the IMAP protocol, you will use the following data:

  • IMAP server:
  • Security: none.
  • Port: 143

If you select POP protocol you will use the following data:

  • POP server:
  • Security: none
  • Port: 110

For Movistar accounts, the SMTP server is as follows:

  • SMTP server:
  • Port: 25

For Telephone accounts, the SMTP server is the following:

  • SMTP server:
  • Port: 25

Set up email on Android device

You just have to enter the “email” section, then enter the “email configuration” box and follow the following steps:

  1. Enter the email address and access password
  2. Select preferred IMAP or POP protocol
  3. Depending on your protocol selection, complete the form with the data given above
  4. At the end of the configuration and in the box ”Account options“, you must select the frequency of synchronization of emails and also activate the box ”Notify me when I have a notification“, click next to go to the next window
  5. To finish, you just have to assign a name to your account if you wish, and place a signature on outgoing emails, if you also prefer.

Ready! the configuration is complete, wait for the account to be synchronized, this process may take a few minutes depending on the speed of your internet and the device used.

To configure Movistar and/or Telefónica email on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod, etc)

The first thing you should do is go to the settings window on your iOS device, then locate the box “Mail, contacts, calendar”, in the window that appears click “Add accounts” and select “Other” then choose “New account ”, And continue with the following steps:

  1. Name: the one that will be displayed every time you send an email
  2. Enter the email address along with the access password
  3. Description: name that you will assign to your account, this is in case you have several accounts and want to differentiate them
  4. Once the form is complete, you must press the ”Next” icon, which will only be activated if all the boxes have been filled out correctly.
  5. An error message will appear in the next window, do not worry, it is normal because you must indicate the type of protocol to work ( IMAP or POP )
  6. When you make your selection, you must complete the form with the protocol data that we provided at the beginning of the post and remember to establish the SMTP server depending on the type of account (Telefónica or Movistar)
  7. After completing the fields, click on the Next button and verify the data. A sign will appear stating that the connection using SSL is not possible, when asked if you want to try setting up the account without SSL, press ”NO“. Then touch ”Next” again and choose the ”Save” option.
  8. Leave the Mail and Notes options checked
  9. Then, in the account screen, click on the new email that you have associated
  10. In the outgoing mail section you will see the SMTP and advanced option. Enter the first of these and make sure that the server option is activated, and that the option to use SSL is deactivated
  11. Finally, check the port, which must be “25”, and in the authentication field ”Password” must be selected
  12. Go back to the previous screen and select the ”Advanced” option. There you must check that SSL is disabled, the port must be “143” in case of being IMAP, or “110” in case of being POP. Then we go back to ”Account” and click on OK

After all these instructions, you just have to select the email account by accessing the email and test that everything works correctly; or recheck each step, in case it throws an error.

What functions can you carry out with your Movistar email account?

Once you have accessed your Movistar email account, you will be able to access numerous functions.

Avoid spam

  • You can avoid unwanted emails, such as Spam, by choosing what type of emails you want to arrive and which ones not. To do this, click on the options button and follow the pathConfiguration> Mail> Filtering rules> Add new rule
  • Then you can choose the senders that should be marked as Spam fromConditions> Add condition> Option From
  • To host it in the Spam folder you must follow the pathActions> Add action> Archive in option
  • You can save the settings for future emails

Add contacts from Webmail

  • You can add contacts fromAddress Book> My Address Books> Contacts
  • Add a contact by clicking onNew> New contactand fill in the fields

Forward emails

  • Click on the Options button and follow the pathConfiguration> Mail> Automatic forwarding
  • Then put the email address and click onForward

Create a signature or an absence email from Webmail

You can create a signature or an absence email. You must follow the route indicated

  • To create a signature:Options button> Settings> Mail> Signatures> Add new signature
  • To create an absent message:Options button> Settings> Mail> Absent notice

Keep in mind that if you have canceled Movistar services, you will not have access to the email account. It is possible that this is one of the reasons if you find that your accesses do not work. Also, email account details are not recoverable, so make sure to save all important information before you unsubscribe.

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