How To Activate Dark Display Mode In Outlook?

Dark mode has also appeared on In the evening you will not be so much sore. Here is How To Activate Dark Display Mode In Outlook?

How To Activate Dark Display Mode In Outlook?
How To Activate Dark Display Mode In Outlook?

Activate Dark Display Mode In Outlook

Dark display modes have been popular in recent months. Microsoft offers dark mode in the latest versions of Windows 10, but it gradually remakes its applications, which so far ignore it.

Windows Explorer is a series of Windows applications, but in the meantime, perhaps a little unexpectedly, the dark suit has also placed in its wardrobe .

On the web for designing and voting on new features, the dark display mode was marked as completed on July 25 , as Mehedi Hassan noticed . Only available in the new, which if you do not have it yet, activate it with the toolbar button ( Try Beta ).

In March, Microsoft pretended that the upgrade should only take a few weeks, but as usual, I still have an old postman version of the postman after the beta release, so the migration is not yet complete.

Activation and dark mode options

Activate Dark mode by calling up the settings menu and selecting the Dark mode option. The environment was designed to be compatible with appearance themes, ie it is not another theme . Currently, however, none of the themes offered is compatible with the dark display mode, but it will change over time.

Tip : Dark mode in Windows 10 is highly inconsistent

To be dark, white fonts with a dark gray background were also applied to the body of e ‑ mails. However, since this could sometimes break the message formatting, you can turn the white background back on only in the message .

Note that a new, unobtrusive sun symbol button has been added to the reply, forward, and more buttons in the email header.

Tap to switch the message body to the traditional combination of white background and black font. The mode switch button is now marked with the moon symbol to “turn off” again.

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