How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently Offline

After you install Microsoft Office 2010, there are still important things that you shouldn’t miss. The next step that you should not ignore is to activate Office 2010 which is already installed as discussed in this article.

Activate Officeis necessary both on the 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2010 installed on Windows. You need to do this in order to fully use Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently Offline
How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently Offline

How to Activate Microsoft Office 2010 Permanently Offline

Of course you already know that to activate Office you need aproduct keyorserial number. You can do activation by entering theserial numberorproduct keyin the activationformprovided.

However, if you don’t have it, you can activate Office 2010 using the software. With a note that if you do the activation usingcrack software, then Office 2010 will become pirated.

Office 2010 is one of the document processing software that has been widely used for a long time. Even though there are now many new versions of Office, such as Office 2013, 2016, and 2019, Office 2010 still doesn’t lose interest.

However, not a few also end up having problems when using Office 2010 because they do not activate. The reason many people don’t activate Microsoft Office 2010 is because they don’t have aproduct keyorserial number.

What Happens If Office 2010 Is Not Activated?

After you install it on your laptop or computer, Office 2010 can be used freely during the trial period. The trial period is usually valid for one month from the time it is installed. After the trial period is up, you must activate Office 2010. If you don’t activate it, the following problems will appear.

  • TheMicrosoft Office Activation Wizardwindow always appears whenever Word, Excel, PPT, etc. are opened. The window is an instruction to immediately carry out the activation which of course will be annoying.
  • In the title section of the Office 2010 document, a description ofnon-commercial usewill appear .
  • Office 2010 cannot be used to type Word, Excel, PPT, and other documents. You also cannot use it to edit documents that have already been created, because they cannot be saved.
  • Another problem that occurs after the trialperiod has expired.

So, so that you don’t experience these problems that will interfere with work, then immediately activate it even before thetrialperiod ends.

How to activate Microsoft Office 2010 for free without a product key

The best and legal way to activate Office 2010 is to use the original license. But, if you don’t have it, then activation can be done without a product key, using software that works the same as KMS Auto or KMS Pico. One of the activator software that you can use is theOffice 2010 Toolkit.

To activate Microsoft Office 2010 using this method is very easy and can be applied by anyone. To be clearer, please follow the steps below.

Steps to activate Microsoft Office 2010:

  1. Download the Office toolkit activator software if you don’t have one.
  2. Temporarily turn off the antivirus or Windows Defender.
  3. Extract the downloaded activator file.
  4. Run theOffice 2010 Toolkitas administrator file.
  5. Click Yes on theUACwindow that appears.
  6. ClickEZ-Activatorto activate Office 2010.
  7. If theWSAappears clickAllow access.
  8. Wait until the activation process is complete.
  9. When it is finished, a statement ofsuccessfullywill appear.
  10. Activation is complete, close the activator.
  11. Re-enable the antivirus that was previously turned off.
  12. Open and use an active Office 2010 product.

A complete explanation of the tutorial to activate Ms Office 2010 using the Toolkit along with an image is as follows.

Make sure you already have the software that will be used as a tool, namely theOffice 2010 Toolkit.

Turn off all Antivirus installed on your Laptop or Desktop PC. Including if you don’t install another antivirus and only rely on the default Windows, please turn off Windows Defenderreal-time protection.

This step is necessary because theOffice Toolkitsoftware will be considered a threat by some Antivirus. Now you can reactivate the Antivirus when the Office 2010 activation process is finished.

If Antivirus has been disabled for a while, please open File Explorer and look for the file that was downloaded earlier. After that, please extract theOffice 2010 Toolkitrar file so that it can be used.

When you open the extracted folder, you will find several files in it. Please run theOffice 2010 Toolkitfile as admin (right click then Run as administrator ).

In theUser Account Controlwindow that appears, please clickYesto grant administrator permissions. If theWindows Security Alertwindow appears , then please clickAllow access.

When theOffice 2010 Toolkitwindow opens , theactivateprocess can be done. Please clickEZ-Activatorto start the process of activating Microsoft Office 2010.

After that the activation process will take place, you only need to wait for it to finish. The activation process for Ms Office 2010 will take about 15 minutes, but it could be faster or slower depending on the specifications of the laptop you are using.

If the process is complete, the statementOffice 2010 was successfully activatedwill appear . This means that you have successfully activated Ms Office 2010 and changed it to thefull version.

The final step, please close theOffice 2010 Toolkitsoftware and reactivate your Laptop Antivirus. Thus in the future there will be no more problems that previously arose as a result of not being activated Office 2010.

You can also do the steps above by following the video tutorials on YouTube.

Overcoming Error Failed to inject memory!

While activating Microsoft Office 2010, it doesn’t always run smoothly and successfully. Sometimes there are also problems orerrorsthat cause the activation process to be unable to succeed.

One of the problems that often occur when activating Office 2010 using the Office Toolkit is theerror Failed to inject memory!that appears in theInformation Console.

If there is anerror likethis whenactivateOffice 2010, the process will not be successful. This means that you have to solve this problem first and then repeat the activation process if you want it to be successful. This problem can arise because of a clash between KMS and the Office Toolkit.

To solve this problem, please open the Task Manager on the Laptop or Windows Computer that you are using. Then, in theTask Managerwindow that opens, please click theServices tab to see programs running in the background.

Then, on theServicespage , pleasescroll down and search for “KMS”, please press the letterKon the keyboard to make it easier to find.

If you have found it, please right-click the KMSservice, then click Stopto turn it off. After that you can close theTask Manager window.

After turning off the KMSservice, then please repeat the Microsoft Office 2010 activation process again with the Office Toolkit as in the steps above. Because you have turned off KMS, there will be no more conflicts and there will be noFailed to inject memory error!.

Check Microsoft Office 2010 Activation Status

You can ensure that Office 2010 has been successfully activated correctly by opening one of its products, for example, Microsoft Office Word 2010, Excel 2010, Power Point 2010, or others. In the document window that opens, please click theFilemenu then clickHelp.

If the activation process has been successful and there are no problems, aProduct Activatedstatement will be written . This means, you will be able to use Office 2010 comfortably without experiencing interruptions oractivationcommands again.

That’s how to activate Office 2010 to become thefull versionby cracking using thetoolkit. The activation tutorial contained in this article uses activator software, which you can do if you don’t have a product key or Office 2010 serial number. You can do this for all types of Office 2010, be it Office 2010 Professional Plus, Home and Student, or those other.

As additional information, you can also use the Office 2010 Toolkit software to activate Office 2003 and Office 2007. So if you have another computer or a friend who uses Office 2003 or Office 2007, then you can activate by following the steps in this article. .

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