How to Activate New App Drawer Features in MIUI 11

App Drawer: MIUI 11 is the latest system interface modified by Xiaomi that has rolled out on several smartphones. Actually, MIUI 11 itself has a basic operating system Android 9 Pie or Android 10 which depends on the class and hardware specifications of an Xiaomi smartphone.

How to Activate New App Drawer Features in MIUI 11
How to Activate New App Drawer Features in MIUI 11

Sometimes Redmi or Mi series smartphones that can be said to be old will be given MIUI 11 based on Android 9 Pie. While the latest release of devices that are still warm will use MIUI 11 based on Android 10.

Even so, usually Xiaomi will present some of the same MIUI 11 features even though the base of the operating system is different. Interestingly, Xiaomi has just launched the App Drawer feature on the MIUI 11 Global ROM system.

In 2019, this feature was not yet available in MIUI 11 Global ROM because it was only available for MIUI China ROM only. You could say MIUI 11 became the first Xiaomi interface system to offer App Drawer.

App Drawer itself is a page or menu that serves to display a collection of applications that are installed on a smartphone. This is certainly different from the previous generation MIUI which directly presents the application installed on the Home Screen like an iPhone device.

Then how do you activate the App Drawer feature on MIUI 11 that has just been rolled out.

How to Activate App Drawer on MIUI 11

  1. Download the latestMIUI Alpha Buildsystem launcheron this page
  2. Open theInstallation Package
  3. EnableAllow frow This Sourceon the InstallUnknown Appssettings page
  4. After MIUI Alpha Build is installed, you can visit theHome Screen
  5. Press the old Home Screen until three menus appear and select theSettingsmenu
  6. Next enter theHome Screensettings
  7. Select theApp Drawermenu from the list
  8. Activate theWith App Drawerfeature on the page
  9. Return to the Home Screen to check whether the feature is active or not
  10. Sweep or swipe from the bottom to the top of the screen on the Home Screen to bring up the App Drawer

If successful, then you will see all the applications that have been installed in the App Drawer. In other words, the application icon seen on the Home Screen is just a shortcut that can be removed easily without fear of removing the application itself.

However, if you feel that this App Drawer doesn’t suit your taste, then you can restore it by going back to the steps above and selecting Regular view on the App page. What do you think? Prefer to or without App Drawer?

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