Steps to Activate Windows 11 for FREE

Do you need to activate Windows 11 but don’t know how to do it? Looking for a method to activate Windows 11? Here is the simplest and fastest procedure.

Steps to Activate Windows 11
Steps to Activate Windows 11

How to activate Windows 11

Today in particular we are going to see how to activate the copy of Windows 11 you just installed on your PC.

That’s right: even if Windows 11 has not yet been officially released and it is not even possible to buy the operating system, there is a tool on the net that still allows you to activate Windows 11 and make your installation genuine.

This way you will be able to use the operating system as if you had bought it regularly, without any limitations or otherwise. Without getting lost in small talk, let’s see how to proceed and how to reach your goal.

Activate Windows 11 for FREE in one click

As you can see, the guide is very simple, very fast and suitable even for less experienced users. A few clicks will be enough.

Here’s all you need to do:

  • Download  WOW21 from HERE
  • Temporarily disable Windows Defender Antivirus / File Checker
  • Extract the WOW 21 program  on your PC desktop and start the .exe file located inside it
  • The program will open
  • Select the one you want to activate, in this case Windows 11 and press the corresponding GO button
  • Continue by pressing on  ACTIVATE
  • Wait a few seconds/minutes without doing anything and, as if by magic, Windows 11 will be active
  • Restart your PC for safety

Upon reboot your Windows 11 operating system will be active and genuine. You will not have to apply any crack and you will not have to enter any serial code.


As I promised you, activating Windows 11 is child’s play thanks to the program I indicated to you. It is a safe, simple, fast procedure and also suitable for less experienced users.

And absurdly, it allows you to have an active copy of Windows 11 even before the operating system is available for purchase.

I hope I have helped you to reach your goal, but in case of doubts or problems, just leave a comment at the end of the article: I will help you as soon as possible.

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