How To Add Or Remove Users In Ubuntu Server

Add or Remove Users in Ubuntu Server: If you want to add a user to your Ubuntu server and don’t know the method, this guide will help you easily add a user to the server and also the removal process if you want to.

How to Add or Remove Users in Ubuntu Server

You may want to know about the method by which you can also add users to your Ubuntu server for some reason and while doing so it is not a one click method but you will have to follow some different techniques.

Here in this article, we have discussed the two different methods to add users on Ubuntu server. Both methods are simple and easy to apply and you will not need any advanced knowledge about the computer or the network, but you only need to know some basic navigation techniques.

Just follow the article below to learn about the method by which you can also add users to the Ubuntu server.

How to add or remove users in Ubuntu server

The method is quite straightforward and easy and you just have to follow a simple step by step guide to add the users on your Ubuntu server.

Steps to add users on Ubuntu server:

1. By default, if you create a new server on your Linux, then you are only given the default root account, but still if you want to add some more users, you can do it by logging in to that root account and then typing the command: “Add user new user”. Note that you can rewrite the command with your desired username instead of new user in the command.

2. Now, if you are logged in as a non-root user and have obtained study privileges, you should be aware that you cannot go with the same command and you will have to run the different command, ie “sudo adduser newuser”.

Like the previous command, you can rewrite the command with the username you want instead of the new user.

3. After you type and enter these commands in your Ubuntu, you will be asked a series of questions that will include the following:

# Assign and confirm the password for the new user (You will have to fill it in)

#The new user will be asked for additional information to help him in an emergency, etc.

#Now you will be asked to confirm that all the information provided is true and for this you have to write “Y” and then continue.

Steps to remove the user:

Now it might be necessary to delete the user and you can do it all by following the steps given below:

1. First, you will have to log in as the user “root” and then type the simple command: “deluser newuser”. There should be the username instead of newuser in the command you really want to delete.

2. Now, if you want to delete the user using non-root user access, you can follow the next command in sudo privileges: “sudo deluser newuser”. Like the previous command, you can rewrite the command with the username you want instead of newuser.

What you should keep in mind is that the users you delete will not erase their data or files, but only the particular path.

So at the end of the article, we will only say that if you have read this article carefully, then you can easily add and remove users on the Ubuntu server. And for all this, you will use only some commands that are very easy to implement in the Ubuntu terminal.

You can go step by step as indicated in the article and get you to perform the particular tasks exactly like adding users to the Ubuntu servers or removing them from it.

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